Engaging the Dragon

Engaging the Dragon
Posted on June 29, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple
Dan Burke, founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction, wrote about a recent webinar conversation he had with Fr Dwight Longnecker concerning spiritual warfare.

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Only The Beginning by Lawrence Morra
Technology and Tepid Theology
These lines strike me clearly so powerfully and compelling: “Our mission is to stand in stark contrast to the culture, even, sometimes, the culture within the Church herself. To challenge complacency and cowardice. To reclaim and protect everything that is good, and beautiful, and true.”

This is where we are and it took many decades and indeed through the millennium to arrive at this juncture which to me is the edge of the precipice because not to be cliché but we are literally heading to hell in a hand basket now! The cataclysmic and total annihilation of humanity and this earth are moments away if certain steps taken are allowed to be completed, which is the crux of our faith that we Trust Always in the Lord God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, that He is in control; and will either allow or take measures one way or another to bring about His will, now and until the end of this world.  I have to admit that with some things that happened to me personally over the last 15 years and what I see ratcheting up in the world now, tell me this is heading toward Armageddon, or some unexpected miracle from above will come to forestall the inevitable!  The world as we know it has never been in such a madcap out of control condition in modern times, and, because of the enormous weapon power at the fingertips of humans now coupled with AI and the digital technologies this is the most unprecedented time to have ever been, as far as life on earth; and the teetering on the brink situation we all are facing now.  I want to include several article/essays I published recently to hopefully supplement this fine work in a minor way to perhaps further inspire anyone who as you mentioned here is hiding behind “tepid theology and a feel-good gospel,” or even those who are lost presently in need of a bit of enlightenment. Thank you for this opportunity and may God bless you greatly.  Amen.
Lawrence Morra

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Dan Burke, founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction, wrote about a recent webinar conversation he had with Fr Dwight Longnecker concerning spiritual warfare.

“World events can feel oppressive, especially right now, but every now and then I have a discussion that’s so clear and convicting it re-energizes me for the battle.

Recently I had such a conversation in a webinar with Fr. Dwight Longenecker. We spoke about spiritual warfare and the lies and tactics of our common enemy, an enemy who has— for far too long — hidden himself in our everyday lives under anxious whispers and infiltrated the Church behind tepid theology and a feel-good gospel. The essence of the devil, said Fr. Longenecker, is that he is a liar. “Everything is a lie,” he said. “He is constantly lying.” He called it the “deep deception which is the sin of the world.”

Fr. Longenecker reminded us that when the…

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