My COVID-19 Meltdown

we are on the precipice without any doubt in my mind

Anyone not aware of the highly toxic partisan political atmosphere in our nation’s capital with the likes of Pelosi leading the charge with her point man Schiff to take down the United States of America’s duly elected President since the day he took office, would either have been sleeping under a rock in a deep coma or tripping somewhere beyond the outer reaches of the Galaxy, not able to get any radio contact from earth since 2016!  This situation has gone from bad to worse and still hasn’t even begun to abate in the slightest as Pelosi now uses the COVID-19 outbreak, notice I don’t call it a pandemic regardless of what anyone else is trying to sell because I say it’s still way too early to be sure what the eventual outcome and statistics for deaths resulting from the virus will be, so of course anyone in their right mind should want to avoid saying anything in the mainstream media that would be akin to shouting fire in a crowded movie theater in a manner of speaking, is the appropriate way to speak to the world population about such a health issue!  But, no as usually the Dems and MSM waste no time to politicize the spreading of the illness making weaponized accusations from unclear data or any actual projected viability of the virus being anything worse than the typical flu or perhaps possibly like the past Swine and Spanish flu’s.  Pelosi was quick to insert into a current emergency congressional bill in the eleventh hour, before a recess of Congress which the GOP majority Senate had already planned sensible measures and provisions being laid out for Medicare, Medicaid and Private insurance to wave any copay for testing and or treatment of COVID-19 to ease the public’s expense and ability to be tested sooner rather than later, along with some adequate measures for quarantining some populations, and or restricting travelers from target countries with known high level case statistics reporting on COVID-19; and curtailing other major public gatherings or activities for example.  But, Pelosi slipped in some funding for abortion, and let’s be blunt, more money for killing unborn babies and promoting the Planned Parenthood agenda of making abortion easy and free for so many more young either immature or foolish women that will go with the sex, pagan culture of please self and don’t worry about any consequence mentality or physically because you can get rid of the problem so easy!

Pelosi schiff evil sm printThis wicked demonically influenced sadist Pelosi worries more about the destruction of innocent unborn babies than dealing with a current general public health concern that must be addressed now not when the political BS is over; so she basically throws a cog into the wheel to put everything at a standstill for partisan politicking purposes while she will go off on vacation!  This was just one more thing lately coming into view that made me so depressed and angry with leadership around the globe on top of all the secular paganism materialism running rampant all over the planet causing me to actual have the worst opinion of the human race I’ve ever had!  I saw how during the eight long dark years of Obama everything was being perverted, twisted, corrupted and outright ruined under the worst Presidency this county has ever had, an outright Liar and Fraud in Chief!  Now we even have the loony Dem party putting forward the demented, corrupted, career politician former henchman with Obama, VP Crazy Joe Biden, who says he’s a Catholic but is fine with full term abortion and same sex marriage, which is a complete contradiction and has to be a lie; and that is what the Dems would want as the commander in Chief; this is just sheer lunacy or in my book actually seen for what it really is; EVIL!  This country and the world have slid into a darkest of periods in human history and we are on the precipice without any doubt in my mind.  This all came to a head last week and I was so distraught I couldn’t sleep properly.  A couple of fellow bloggers had just written articles about abortion and the Covid-19 matter which when I responded to them I wasn’t offering any sugar coated ideas or hopes about what sort of reactionary things are going on or any illusions about the situation changing for the better; much like the whole enormous fiasco over the top, leftist nonsense about climate change, with some little punk kid Greta as the point person to get all kinds of MSM attention and push the hidden agenda of NWO!  Things just seem to go from bad to worse with the human race each passing week; especially if we stay plugged into the MSM, New World Order “media appendage,” or propaganda arm for the ruling class, elite and some of the most wicked despots on the planet, AKA, Killery, Soros and even sympathizers for Evil Iran, after the terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleiman was taken out in the “theater of terrorism war planning!”  It makes me want to puke when I see the leftist, wicked, perverted minded Dems and MSM catering to such brutal evil monsters and the regimes they are part of namely Iran’s mullahs running that country based on a totally false, fabricated, political ideology masquerading as a religion of Islam, but yet people in the millions continue to push the “kill the babies agendas” that’s become a cottage industry and has total diabolical roots and purpose here on earth!  And yet we hear Pelosi’s rant this week that she and her party of “lost souls” want to save lives from COVID-19, but she has to have more cash to kill babies?   The idea that all the Leftist and Elites on the “Dem Crack Pot Pipe Party” side of American politics via garbage producing New York Times sewer publication and most MSM acted like they lost their great hero and mentor; a most evil, demented devil of terror, Soleiman, but not one of them will make a peep about babies being left to die in closets, full term, or young women having abortion parties!  Do I seem mad? Damn straight, and I figure if I wasn’t there would really be something wrong with my noggin!  I never have been nor will I be a pot smoking blown away, weak minded dumb-ass!

Then, this came along, how China’s Communist Government wants to project blame too, just like our own sick, demented Dem party, “Dem-Commie Party,” on anyone other than “themselves!”  Go figure they think and behave alike!  Next, I include this brief commentary of mine which was my reaction to an article that pointed out what Tucker Carlson had to say about the COVID-19 outbreak and who China is trying to blame, the “US military;” so here I leave this for you to consider when looking at any matter involving the Chinese government.  Now it appears there’s a greater likelihood of a Chinese/US Dem-Traitor party in the works!  Commie Minds think alike; and where there is power and money to be grabbed they both are the hungriest!  They sell their souls to the devil!

COVID 19 photo2

Tucker Carlson has the goods and is spot-on!  We’ve been dealing with the “atheist dragon” the Chinese Communist Party which is not a friend but truly an adversary who would squash America like a bug if they had the opportunity!  They’ve been proving this for many decades now as America has become more dependent on their cheap manufactured goods all the while they were rigging the system and also stealing intellectual properties while continuing to be two-faced with us regarding North Korea, playing us for the fool; while buying into anything and everything they could in America to have us totally economically beholding to them, over the proverbial barrel!  If this isn’t a recipe for dominance and control then I’m a madcap twinkle toed leprechaun sailing by the outer reaches of the solar system somewhere past Pluto!  The good news is our president Trump has locked horns with them and said enough already, and the bullfight began in 2016 when he was elected President, rather than what we had for eight lost years under OBOZO, of rolling over on our backs and saying we will kiss ya butt China; all the while they robbed America blind under the useless team of Obummer/Biden, the same two creeps that are supper wealthy now and for what?  Public servants that served themselves; not you and me!  Nothing but legalized top dog criminals that fed off the US Taxpayer, while selling us out to socialism!  Like Harry Truman said, the givem hell Harry after WWII; “the buck stops here!”

truman web

He and the Talented Broadway/Hollywood star Doris Day were good friends.

harry truman new doris day docuHe didn’t coin the phrase but was spot-on in using it as the President!  Famously, the plaque on his desk stated “The Buck Stops Here,” his promise to take full responsibility for all of the actions of the Executive Branch.  That is exactly what President Trump is doing!

Tucker Carlson Carpet Bombs the China-Apologist News Media
DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon

Posted on 3/13/2020, 9:51:10 AM by EyesOfTX

“Watch this and remember it, because it is absolute truth, and the Democrats and media will ultimately pay a price for it. – In his opening monologue last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a brilliant expose’ of how our corrupt news media and leading Democrat politicians are conspiring with China’s propagandists to smear our own country as the “source” of the coronavirus.  Below is a clip of the monologue, followed by a transcript.”

First, the clip:

Benny ✔ @bennyjohnson China is trying to blame the Coronavirus on the US, and our Media is helping their efforts.

tucker-carlson-screen- small print 2

Here’s The Transcript:

“Carlson: As the death toll rises it is important to never forget how we got here.  This pandemic came out of China, and it came out of China for a reason.  That is a country with poor health practices; it’s a country where government officials covered up the early impacts of the virus, when it could have been stopped, before it spread out of control.

In fact, the outbreak may have begun not in a public meat market, but in a poorly-run Chinese laboratory.  Now, that is not our ‘theory’; anyone who raises that theory on American television is attacked as a ‘conspiracy monger.’  But this is a theory from a now-censored Chinese paper.

A draft paper posted in mid-February, scientists at the South China University of Technology suggested that the coronavirus outbreak began at the Wuhan Center for disease Control, where an animal may have infected a researcher, who then spread the disease outside the facility.  The paper is explicit about this – we’re going to quote it: “The killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

Now, we have no idea if that’s actually true; but again, those were Chinese researchers making an evidence-based argument about the origin of this virus.  That paper has been taken down, no explanation has been offered for that, but you can guess.

Instead, China, the same country that controls 96% of the antibiotics we use in this nation; the same country that has been warning to cut off drug exports to the U.S. to kill Americans; is now trying to hide the reality of where coronavirus came from.  In fact, they’re doing worse than that.  The communist party of China is trying to blame the virus on America.

Lijian Xhao is a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry.  A week ago, Xhao attacked anyone who dared to link the virus to China:

Xhao: “Certain media say that this coronavirus is a China virus.  This is extremely irresponsible and we firmly oppose that.  We are still tracing the origin of the virus and there is no conclusion yet.”

Carlson: That was last week.  Xhao has evolved since then.  Today on Twitter, he accused of creating the virus: “When did patient zero begin in U.S.?   How many people are infected?   What are the names of the hospitals?  It might be U.S. Army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan.  Be transparent, make public your data.  U.S. owes us an explanation!”

Keep in mind, these are the people, the Chinese leadership, that our media class has allied with, has sucked up to for years, has made every excuse for, endlessly.  Even when China blamed the United States for a plague they unleashed.  Even when the Chinese government threatened to murder our citizens by threatening to cut off drugs, our media continued to take their side.  Watch this.

Jim Acosta: “The President referred to coronavirus as a, quote, ‘foreign virus.’  And I think it’s going to smack, uhhhhh, it’s going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of, uh, um, xenophobia.”

Carlson: That was CNN’s Jim Acosta, a poisonous moron.  Amazingly, though, it was just two months ago – and we keep track – that Acosta was sending tweets himself about the ‘Wuhan coronavirus.’  He hadn’t yet received his orders from Jeff Zucker, who receives his orders from China, so that was ok.

But now, the word is out: They must protect China at all costs.  Even presidential candidates are playing along – watch this.

Joe Biden: “Down-playing it; being overly-dismissive; or spreading misinformation is only going to hurt us and further advantage the spread of the disease.  But neither should we panic, or fall back on xenophobia, labeling cova-19 [huh?] a foreign virus does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration.”

Carlson: So it’s our fault.  Just to be clear, describing a virus from Wuhan as the ‘Wuhan virus’ is not xenophobia: It’s accuracy.  And anyone who says otherwise is lying, and probably for a reason.

[End Transcript]

Now, there is no question that corrupt media outlets like CNN – a subsidiary of AT&T – are utterly corrupted by Chinese money.  China has invested heavily in U.S. media outlets over the last 20 years, and uses its positions in those corporations to influence media coverage.  Carlson is absolutely correct that Jeff Zucker takes his orders from China, and that flows right down into the on-air hacks like Acosta.

And CNN is far from alone in this situation.  All of the major networks and most major newspapers are similarly influenced by Chinese corruption.  So are many of our country’s top politicians, like Quid Pro Joe Biden, who made more money selling his influence to China while serving as VP than he did from Ukraine.

As Carlson points out, that money flow from China to our media and corrupt politicians explains why they are all eagerly lining up to blame not China, but America, for the origination of this virus.

Despicable people, plain and simple.

That is all.”    (freerepublic)

While all of this madness has been developing and I got fed-up over this wickedness I see in humanity, especially lately with the Dem party and other operatives associated with them ever so closely; I began to feel and then think maybe it’s too late for the good to wake-up and get a grip on things along with suppressing all of this corruption here and abroad, in time to do any good!  Then I had an epiphany which will be explained in the very next Blog Article coming up today.  There is always hope!

God Bless America and its Citizens like you!

Lawrence Morra


Post Script 3/18/2020

Steady and true is our course!  If our focus is truly upon the Lord, then our destination is a certainty that nothing can change!  One day at a time seeking His will we move closer to Him. “For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7.  Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ, for your faithful efforts in serving our Lord! 🙏

Second Post Script 4/9/2020

My Bat connection which was indicated is now being proven and top officials are saying so.

Lindsey Graham SLAMS China: “STOP EATING BATS!”



Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

35 thoughts on “My COVID-19 Meltdown”

    1. Sally, 🤗 you have me laughing my butt off here! It is a funny photo and it happened to come to me out of the blue and I think because we can take that literally as a vector for viruses that sometimes transfer between species, rabies and others for example, or as a metaphor that speaks distinctly to how I was feeling lately, Going a Little Batty! The world or more specifically, some people, can do this to us very well, they are just so caught up in causing misery and suffering and they need to get bit my a BAT, a giant one, that fixes them but good! But, alas I have my work cut out for me now if I’m to get the happier positive message to fly today, hopefully not away like a bat, and certainly before I go batty again, lol! I better get back to my own bat cave to address the imperative matter! Thank you for the humorous observation; these things just take on a life of their own sometimes I reckon!


  1. Here is a very interesting update to a video that speaks about COVID-19 being created to control human populations which is partly what I was saying when I wrote this article. By LifesBiggestQuestions on in Weird & Entertaining


  2. I had a very important conversation on this matter and its related underpinnings; that I share a small sample of what I said; for you here.
    Yes Brother Matthew you are seeing clearly into the heart of the matter. I also think of it this way, a man like Bill Gates who was a pioneer into Gateways or Paths into people’s minds then hearts on such a global scale would certainly be a prize for the Devil to manipulate and control with some nefarious designs which obviously would get more bang for the buck as far as corrupting souls of as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This tool we use has its amazing benefits as we are experiencing this moment, but what about the larger picture of someone or something taking possession of it and many of the minds and hearts using it with direct and subliminal manipulation. And who in the scheme of things is looking to contain this genie out of the bottle or Pandora’s box as it explodes exponentially into new uncharted territory? Who can we trust but the Lord to watch over our affairs! Yes these self-anointed demigods that have risen to such levels of wealth and power practically overnight are they truly benevolent and are to be trusted with warding off dark forces that seek to destroy humanity? I think not; and we know it’s the opposite that man cannot be trusted with such enormous influence over the lives of the populations as we see throughout the world so much corruption, exploitation and abuse of power, by the powerful. There are those with totalitarian designs to enslave and oppress for their own drunken power or megalomania! Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We can only maintain our faith in the Lord, being vigilant and genuine in that faith to shield us from all foes; knowing He will deliver us, His children, from anything that may befall us here on earth. Blessings and His grace to you!
    Brother Lawrence; in Christ Jesus. Amen.


      1. I saw that movie back then and yes this was rigged, powerful evil people in unison with the NWO agenda. Evil destroys itself that is what we all must remember! God will only give so much rope to the evil so it will prove out who all the guilty are and then they can hang! Many evil people on this earth right now! Keep hope and faith, to be strong and saved.

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  3. I personally endorse everything you say here Lawrence. And to think you wrote this post on 14th March (with an update four days later) is just amazing! Everything you said then has become increasingly more evident as the weeks have gone by.

    Our Blessed Lady at Fatima warned us that if men did not stop offending God terrible calamities would befall mankind, and “the errors of Russia would spread across the globe”.
    We know now she was talking about the evils of atheistic Communism, which today can be seen as displacing the teachings of Christ the Sovereign Lord and King with that satanical One World Order of Death they are trying to brainwash us into accepting.

    We shall resist the lies of Satan (spread by his human minions), even if it costs us our lives.

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    1. Hi Kathleen! Thank you very much for taking the time to express these inspired concise and insightful thoughts on this matter! This is what I needed to reestablish my train of thought yesterday morning when I woke early at 3 AM feeling compelled to write more about the last article I wrote about the Little Sisters of the Poor, but other matters distracted me from writing about yesterday’s insight which again started when I saw that I had Word Press notifications, three in particular which were grouped one after the other from other bloggers that like you are very insightful and always doing their best to serve our Lord Jesus. As I replied to the third comment or posting from a devout Catholic woman who does pray the rosary daily who had just written an article stating that in her country the government had just mandated any non-resident or tourists seen should be reported to the police as such persons aren’t allowed now. I’d like for you to see a specific portion of that comment I was writing to her which to me again is a confirmation that God is quite active via the Holy Spirit in allowing those who do their best to serve Him in this most unprecedented conflicting time in human history to gain insight or perhaps even revelation into what is unfolding currently on the world stage.
      “I see a lot of government intervention around the globe that doesn’t enhance human rights or civil liberties but rather waters them down or in some cases striping them completely away! Secularism has now gotten to a new wicked level where man is put above God and worshiping seems to be headed becoming people can do in only alone! The worst case scenario of this already occurred in of all places China where the Communist Atheist Government just told a Christian group to stop doing so over the internet! I see with this action along with the Wuhan Corona Virus a pattern emerging of totalitarian rule coming for many peoples if not the world and this only spells antichrist to me! I didn’t plan this but I just typed that statement at exactly 3:33 AM, which has been a profound time for me to awaken and start my day having many things come into focus regarding Christ, This happening when I typed the word “antichrist” is to me an affirmation of the fact that the number 3 being the symbol associated with the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit while symbolically antichrist being 666 as stated in the Holy Scriptures; that what this whole epiphany means in my eyes is that we are indeed in the prophesied time! What else does this mean; we can’t be sure because this could be a protracted series of events or a swift escalation to a more cataclysmic period in human history like no other. Prayer is greatly needed now and so many people are secular and depending on government or science to answer all their ills, like cattle or sheep ready for the slaughter they follow the crowd or herd!
      I truly hope I’m wrong and that my own worry and even fear of the unknown ahead is causing me to exaggerate the severity of these many earth shaking events and behaviors by governments! But, if we Christians living in the West who consider ourselves a free people are having a more difficult time can we imagine what they are doing in North Korea, Russia, Iran or China where human life has been treated with as much respect as a bunch of fish in a barrel at times over the course of history!”
      Another matter that came into view with these three comments I addressed was reading another Christian woman’s appeal in her previous blog post regarding all of the calamities in her life over the last few years to which I sent to her a copy of the Prayer of St. Jude to which she replied that she only prays to God through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. I want to share my commentary to her upon receiving that response from her which I actually called a priest I know well and who I consider a true friend with all he has done for me over the last several years spending hours talking with me about the severe trials i had gone through due to secular political government corruption that I had to get caught up in due to my circumstances when I was being targeted and attacked physically and spiritually by many minions of Satan. I was able to only briefly speak with him on this occasion to give to him the basic gist of what i wanted to tell this nice lady in India about that prayer message and her subsequent reply, which follows.
      “I understand but as a theologian once explained to me the Church is God’s family on earth until such time we are in the heavily kingdom, but the Church through Christ and the Holy Spirit is a beautiful jewel and those facets reflect on one another to create the beauty and brilliance of the jewel into this case the eternal family that begins for us here and hopefully if we are judged worthy ends in heaven. And, along with those many facets including you and I we have guardian angels who watch over us every day via God’s will through His Holy Spirit and all of the saints and martyrs who are saints or elect as shining examples because they chose to live as God instructed them to putting His will above everything else making them saintly, they are now wonderful examples for us to emulate while we are still here in this fallen state, and knowing they are with our heavenly Father asking them to pray for us is just like asking each other here on earth to pray for one another but saints are already in heaven so their prayers are special in an intercessory capacity and only doing what God wants them to do not what we tell them to do, and it is only God who will decide any given outcome, but the saints can pray for us to our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ because they are with him! If the saints prayers are meaningless then why are yours or mine anything useful when we are the sinners and fallen? I know I want all saints to pray for me if I ask them to just as I can ask you or my family members or friends to pray for me! God certainly has them working or serving a purpose as part of His family who are with Him and with His Holy Spirit and Jesus carrying out His will; and their showing us by their beautiful example of their lives of genuine faith that it is good to take them into account in our lives on earth in order to make ourselves more saintly in our conduct as they are working on the spiritual level out of our reach to serve God and carry out his will all attuned to His Holy Spirit at “ALL” times never a glitch as we do and falter as mere earthly fallen sinners!
      I’ve given these matters great thought over time with prayer; that was why I spoke to those who understand Scripture extremely well but also have lived very devout genuine faithful chaste lives serving God though Jesus Christ while on earth and I have spoken directly to many such persons over the years, so without any doubt in my heart or mind I know I was speaking to individuals who were truly following God’s will and have a degree of saintliness about them. I only offer this as my perspective from my lifetime of trials and tribulations knowing I have allowed Jesus into my heart fully at times and then at other times I was trying to think I knew enough or best, but was wrong! So, my only reason for being compelled to explain, is that I only want to share what I know God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given to me over time and I think I see how I’m doing His will in this capacity, even right now. God Bless You!
      I’m sorry for this long letter but your message today came to me at a moment when I was contemplating how things went yesterday morning while I was gathering my thoughts to write about the numbers reference, secularism running rampant as people turn to science and government for answers rather than God at an alarming rate during such a critical time and how the antichrist is tied into it all while specialized minions of Satan like Bill Gates, Soros along with many powerful political figures in the US government are obviously to me ushering in the antichrists appearance and the enslavement of the human race to capture many souls just as the Blessed Mother warned in the Fatima message if Russia didn’t turn from its error that the government has propagated but instead we see the most morally corrupted powerful atheist nations like Russia, China and Iran joining together while many of the Western nations are allowing or even advocating secularism with socialism as a main agenda in their governance of their peoples.
      I love that you encapsulated this matter in this great simple but powerful statement of truth hat everyone should be made aware of, “We know now she was talking about the evils of atheistic Communism, which today can be seen as displacing the teachings of Christ the Sovereign Lord and King with that satanical One World Order of Death they are trying to brainwash us into accepting.”
      Thank you very much Kathleen for this inspiration and consideration from your heart! I will try my best later this morning after some duties to compile my perspective on this overall subject which will certainly need to have incorporated into it your wonderful poignant insight along with the other Christian women’s observations that helped like you did to sharper our collective focus on what God’s telling us day by day! The warning should be clear and we can continue to serve Him to that end; as well resist this evil until the end. Amen.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,
      Lawrence Morra

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      1. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment Lawrence… you have a very insightful awareness of the attacks of pure evil our beloved Church, and thus the whole of Holy Christendom, is being subjected to in our times. Forgive me that I don’t have time right now to come back to you on all the great points you make; (it’s late evening here and I have a family to attend to). Just want to say though that the great suffering and many trials you, and many good and valiant “knights for truth” like you are undergoing, is a sure sign you are on the right path. Rejoice in your suffering, and keep fighting as you do, knowing you are fighting for Christ against His enemies. There are far too many cowards in the Church who want an easy life and prefer to bury their heads in the sand rather than call out the many errors and outrages perpetrated against the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Most Blessed Sacrament, the holy aborted innocents, etc. One day all your suffering will be turned to great joy. God bless you Lawrence.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much for this most thoughtful and insightful commentary Kathleen…all of which is inspiring and I couldn’t agree with you more about what has happened to the Church and presently continues due to the lack of genuine commitment by all of its members who have far too long sat idly by and watched as many attacks were foisted from the outside but most regrettably even from within the Sacred Body of the Church itself! Thank you again for these genuinely kind thoughts and consideration which is very heartfelt by me providing real solace, in that, like you said being on the right path, and that all the suffering will lead to the greatest joy; as it can do nothing less being in service to our Lord God in, by and through the Son Jesus Christ our Savior! Also, I must say thank you for your great love and devotion to the Church, the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus. God bless you and your family now and forever! Amen.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,


  4. Thank you Lawrence. Knowing there are many other faithful souls out there, some like you thousands of miles away, who are also “fighting the good fight” for Christ and His Holy Bride the Church, is both consoling and greatly inspiring.
    I wish you a blessed Sunday.

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    1. Thank you Kathleen! I just happened to wake early and checked online for a link for a news clip regarding the Little Sisters of the Poor to later update my article about the case; but in the cue of notifications there was only one new listing for today and that was this message! I’ll take that that God wants us to see that what you said it absolutely truth and important! We will keep up the “Fighting the Good Fight” and Good will always overcome evil!
      I wish you also a peaceful and happy Sunday! Amen.

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