Basic Human Rights Infringed Upon

Right to Breathe Freely Card: Canada and USA

reblog :  Zero Lift-Off      Only The Beginning   by Lawrence Morra

I was initially very suspect about the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus COVID-19 originating in Communist China as to its being a for real natural event or not some Global scheme being deployed to control populations and manipulate the global community into submitting to some level of totalitarian control that was being designed by the Globalists here in the United States with the even Presidential candidate the infamous wicked Joe Biden’s cozy arrangements with the CCP, in coordination with this predominant foreign partner in crime the Communist China Party to advance their ultimate goal of defeating and controlling not only first and foremost the United States, but, actually all Nations.  We’ve seen clearly how boldly the Democrat Party has been working blatantly in the open now in concert with the CCP, and, basically sold out the American people, as well as the human race!  This is nothing short of a diabolical nightmare spawned from hell itself , one in which elite powerful citizens here in the USA have joined together with their counterparts aground the globe to design and implement this global takeover to establish the well know agenda of the New World Order.  I plan on fighting back any way I can even if it means giving up my life because I will not submit to any tyrannical government power ever, and for now I gather data as well as allies I can trust because at this point there is no way to know how difficult things will get for we global citizens who are being looked upon as statistics in need of being eliminated quietly, like a surgical operation to remove a growth, and thus in the process depopulate the planet of massive numbers of humans.  My recent article “The Invaders; The Seen and Unseen” delved into the matter of ulterior designs by evil inflicted upon mankind whether like the science fiction we’ve read about in novels or watched as films are potentially more likely to actually happen to us and our planet at the present time, only not wreaked upon mankind by aliens, but, actually demonic forces implemented by many of our fellow humans!

This reblog from this topnotch research publisher is very timely; as well being imperative for anyone that values their freedom and indeed life to be aware of and share with as many others as they can.  Its a beginning and step in the absolute right direction to RESIST this heinous EVIL that’s come upon us all.  God Bless You.

Lawrence Morra


Thanks to Cindy for the card and Tweet video below.

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The Police Services Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.15, Section 1.2, mandates the police to safeguard the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code.


Thanks to Alicia for the following, from Anna von Reitz

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Face mask expansion card?

Inferior mask and serious hygiene issues


It’s time to become more aware, guard your CONSent with your life, and inform others so they can do the same. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

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Author, Radio Host, Researcher, Editor, and synthesizer of facts, for people to rescue themselves from unawareness, fear, and limitations.


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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

22 thoughts on “Basic Human Rights Infringed Upon”

  1. Wow, Lawrence !
    Thanks for sharing.
    Of course, wearing a mask is problematic for many people.
    Even psychologically, if someone has claustrophobia for example.

    I love that picture, 2020 – 2023 !! 😁
    I think the make-up and face cream market will be losing profits !

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    1. You’re right on all counts I believe! Yesterday on the way back during a bit of a drive on the main road from the shopping center then unto the Interstate Highway I noticed a few drivers with masks actually on in their cars! That was happening in the very beginning but obviously some people are freaked out and developing phobias and even one of my sisters was over the top thinking she can’t go out and about for a while there, thinking it was a matter of hibernating and being totally isolated! I had to try working on her a bit but it got me too frustrated and it proves that some people can’t handle fear or falsehoods very well! This is definitely a diabolical thing the world leaders or responsible bureaucrats have done to people and they did cause massive numbers of deaths not from any virus but complications, wrong treatments or protocols like putting highly contagious sickly people in nursing homes with very frail elderly who have a hard time just with a common cold and some people have ended up in the streets dying in some parts of the world. To me this was mass murder and genocide! What else and how much worse they are capable of do we dare to imagine! What wicked evil human beings some are. But, we know from history they can be unbelievably evil.
      That photo is my favorite out of the ones with the article and even others I found. I have more clips and photos I located standing by in case!😁

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      1. That photo is a favourite of mine too.
        Lawrence, we are wise to take the best precautions that we can, to be prudent, but this fear that you describe is coming from ‘The one who sends fear’.
        God never gives us a spirit of fear, but he grants us discernment to protect ourselves, and others. 🤗

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      2. Fear has always been a tool of not just Satan’s but his many earthy human minions who know full well how to orchestrate it as Hitler did and that is what is happening so the hear is understandable but the ignorance and lack of fortitude isn’t! They are playing us Sally and I’m not going to put up with it as I said I will be prepared to take a bullet from the tyrants over living the way they dictate to me, no way Jose, I will never be a slave to evil and fear mongers, which is what’s driving this whole charade. It’s a giant fiasco. I’m nobody’s puppet on a string and these people behind all of this even some of the US Congress are vile demonic creatures now! God’s on our side but nothing says to lie down and let them stomp on my life, I will resist totally to the death! They will burn in hell, I will leave this hell on earth they are creating; to be with my Maker! The old Union Jack Motto, Live Free or Die!

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      3. All induced upon the general population intentionally and that is the opposite of what a government if for and supposed to do let alone human beings upon one another. From the Pandemic to the riots its all been planned and staged to manipulate billions of people, if that isn’t a high crime what is; to not just mankind but most importantly to God! Remember what God told Moses and what happened when Pharaoh continued to oppress the Hebrew people!

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      4. These are interesting times, Lawrence, and things are happening that we never expected. Interesting though that the priests and clergy of today did not show the same bravery that priests showed in previous centuries during times of sickness.
        Sounds like the clergy has been very fearful too. Just the people that, for sure, should not be. 🌷

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      5. Sign that they lost or had no faith and that is very bad for them as well not helping the flock when the shepherds run from the wolves or worse join them and become wolves in sheep herders clothing!

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      6. That’s how it would be in the latter days its in Scripture but its very academic and obvious to anyone if they carefully discern and seek the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. Too many people are too caught up in the cares of this world and mostly just getting ahead or more things! Like the evil politicians that would rather fill their pockets with millions but let the Holy Spirit be devoid in them! That which they seek is a void and empty lies!

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      7. You’ve seen Pelosi and Biden among others enough to know they need way more than prayers Sally! A miracle would fall short at this point with them! There are the condemned walking the earth at al times he Bible says so! Beyond any repair or hope I’m sure if they were going to it would have happened long ago! Now the have the audacity and blaspheme God Almighty calling themselves Catholics! While they promote murder, mayhem, Infanticide and all manner of debauchery of the wickedest kind! I don’t live for poppycock ideas and think of such things!

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      8. He could have slam dunked the whole Kit and Caboodle but is so merciful He waits I guess to hold out hope for some to return to the fold. Like if we were shepherds and could go off to the comfort of home before nightfall just to leave being satisfied with most of the flock intact, but, some are out lost among the wolves you would want to wait for them or seek out those strays and give as much time as possible, because if they don’t come back they will be gone forever.

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      9. That is a really good analogy, Lawrence. God is merciful, and much slower to anger than humans are.
        We can’t expect non-Christians to show ‘Christian’ behaviour, but then again, we don’t know who is just at the point of repentance, but God does.
        Despite the chaos and the fallen nature of the world, God still loves the world. It is his creation and he loves it.
        God loves sinners, but hates sin.
        Yes, he could for sure have slam dunked the whole kit and caboodle (funny expression), but he has chosen not to.
        May he continue to let us work in his great vineyard in this time of the harvest of souls. 🐑🌷

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      10. Exactly how it is with God we know from His Holy Scriptures this is the truth! His mercy is greater than his judgment! It’s really obvious anyway! My mom would always say He keeps giving each of us chances until like you said He knows, and, when it’s hopeless she would say with a certain person, then He let’s go! ✝️ 💞🤗❤️

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      11. Yes, your mom had great wisdom. He gives each of us more and more chances. However, some people do develop hardened hearts, as they continue to rebel and not follow him, until, as your mom said, he lets go, with sadness.
        These are mysteries of course , that we cannot fully understand. 🤗

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      12. 🤗 Understood! In His hands and what did Jesus say when He drew his final breath, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last. Luke 23:46

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