A Conversation with Jim Caviezel

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Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving. This conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews ever done. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest. This…

Catholicism Pure & Simple   Catholicism without compromise A Conversation with Jim Caviezel

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“I was Given an Epiphany.”

by Lawrence Morra


I really like Jim Caviezel as a fantastic actor but more importantly I see him as a fine human being and servant of God. Jim isn’t a famous movie star who portrayed the greatest and only perfect human being to have ever walked on the face of this earth so masterfully because he wanted to be famous and remembered for this magnificent imitation of Christ Jesus in a movie; with the likes of another fantastic artist that I equally admire Mel Gibson; who himself was not deterred by all of the flak from Hollywood and other enemies of Christ who didn’t want Mel to succeed in producing The Passion of The Christ, which to me is the greatest film ever made; why else do I sob like a child each time I watch it.

But, as we know he did succeed and there is one reason; it was “the will of God” in heaven that both of these men succeeded in their work doing His will on earth at a time when the true story of Christ needed to be told in this way, because we are approaching the Latter Days or if I may be so bold to say, that the Second Coming is before us and close at hand, so anyone who wants to be saved had better make up his or her mind now.  These two men who seem so iconic to many are truly blessed and chosen by God to be who they are, and accomplished such work all in accordance with God’s plan.  Many religious scholars and figures weighed in upon the film’s release to mainly sing praises and to respect the accomplishment which I totally agreed with then and now, not just because I’m a Catholic born and raised like Mel and Jim; but, the more profound message to me from any theologian or critic about the film was from a man I admired and still do tremendously as being a Saint, because he actually is, Saint John Paul II, who not only appreciated the film and these men for their work in serving our Lord God, but, he gave the movie his blessing! Here is a statement from catholicleague.org published about it; “Critics of the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” are confounded.  That’s because the pope has seen the film and has extended his blessings. “It is as it was,” Pope John Paul II said.  Thus did he drive Mel’s adversaries into a tizzy.” So, my perception about the remarkable clearly inspired plan and purpose from above at work before and during the making of this historic masterpiece was self-evident to me and many others! But, I could also see the will of God at work in this event in a unique way having been a man who went to Hollywood thinking I should be a filmmaker/actor since my teen years, only to find that remarkably by my packing a few suitcases and driving there not knowing a soul, I sure enough was given an opportunity in short order to walk right into the studios where both Jim and Mel had worked, because again God’s will at work, and in my case, His will was that I would see firsthand what I needed to, giving me a special grace to know that direction wasn’t what God wanted for me, and was rather my own desires taking over; so I was to learn by God’s love for me that I should invest my time and life at that point in time, into my own family back East. I soon found out that if God wanted me to stay there and do something special for Him then I would have, but, I was given an epiphany that clearly pointed out it wasn’t for me and I decided just as fast as when I left home spontaneously at the crack of dawn one day, I just packed up and left it all behind just when some VIP’s took an interest in me and were ready to give me a leg up on starting a full-fledged movie career. So then, to me the point that is driven home here in this blog article is that just like in all walks of life there are those individuals that are doing God’s will and humbly serving His purpose and designs for our lives in their work, just like there are those self-serving type of people that think the world revolves around them and are on their own self-designed ego trips. This is why to me, it’s so good to see that Jim Caveizel is following his faith devoutly with his wife and children as he continues to be following God’s will in his work during this great unprecedented time of world conflict that obviously requires divine intervention soon! God bless you all and may you feel God calling you in your own hearts to be strong and follow His will for each of you; whatever that is. Amen.

Lawrence Morra

I must tell you that my reblog commentary was made before watching the interview with Jim.   But, now later I want to say that he is right about it being time to be ready to take a stand for Jesus; in other words we must be willing to give up our lives as truly faithful in this judgment time before us, and, many will be martyred.  I know this firsthand because of how I’ve been fighting the very agents of hell the Illuminati and others for some years now since being attacked by the system that is thoroughly corrupted as you should plainly see by now.  Even a family member was ruined and eventually martyred by the corrupted system, his death occurring just when the attack on me began to intensify.  I’m only alive right now because God wants it this way and I am willing to suffer or take anything this wicked corrupted world can or will dish out to me ahead; all for Jesus Christ my Lord, Savior and Redeemer; He is who I owe all to without any doubt; and, I’m so grateful to have this opportunity, my life by trial, to hopefully be with him in heaven.  Amen.  I added this paragraph nearly 5 hours after writing my reblog.  I may have more to say later about all of this.



Very significant and timely how all of this has come about. I hope this relog will address well enough why.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving. This conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews ever done. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest. This week, his new movie, Infidel, releases.

Inspired by true events, the powerful movie explores the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Don’t miss the last part of the interview. What he shares will blow you away. He specifically asked to share something with all of you that Hollywood would never allow him to do. Jim gives a powerful quote from President Regan that we MUST Stand Up for Christ, Live for Christ and most likely we will Die for Christ. We must set ourselves apart from this evil generation. We must be Saints and not be afraid! It is time to…

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