Attending Mass has become a CRIMINAL OFFENCE in Ireland

My great concern now is that far too many are caving or giving-in to this diabolical evil that is attacking not only the people of Ireland, the Church and humanity but Jesus Christ himself! I continue to hear so much about how the Marxist devils of the world are behind so much of this worldwide fraud and conspiracy to take away all freedom and hope to be replaced by totalitarian control but it should be obvious by now that this is not just a battle between peoples and ideologies or nations but is most definitely a Spiritual Warfare upon all creation being orchestrated by Satan himself.

All people had better wake-up to this truth quickly and start devoting their lives to Jesus Christ while they have their wits and he time to work toward Salvation before it becomes too late! The affairs of this world are of negligible importance now when one considers that our immortal souls are at stake because Satan wants them in hell for eternity suffering beyond imagination! Look around and you see the corruption and vile sin right out in the open like never before! Cardi B a crazed hound and minion of hell being possessed by demons performed a mock sexual act on stage during prime time TV for the whole world to see, and countless children did see which is just want the plan is; and that is to corrupt minds and hearts turning them away from God and Jesus toward Ways of the World decadence and sin to eventually serve Satan in Hell.
We must all pray fervently with all our hearts that more people than not will awaken to the truth in time to be seeking the Lord and be saved in the name of Jesus Christ; and not lost forever.

Dear Lord Jesus this is such a travesty and totally built upon diabolical lies to injure your faithful in Ireland and elsewhere. Please protect and guide your faithful children in Ireland who love you in your Holy name of Jesus the Christ so much! Help these good people now I pray!..

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

CP&S comment. If this is not a tragic sign of these wicked times we are living in, then what is? The country, once known as the Island of Saints, Catholic Ireland, has locked the doors of her churches to the celebration of Holy Mass and other sacraments. She held out for centuries under great persecution and suffering from the cruel Penal Laws imposed by Henry VIII and his brood, during years of famine, strife and sorrows, but when the 1960s arrived with its growing prosperity and Vatican II, Catholic Ireland started to collapse. So now, after 50+ years of backsliding into consumerism and worldliness, together with an aggressive revisionism and growing antagonism towards her heroic Catholic heritage, Ireland has become a secular country. Some say, even a mostly anti-Catholic one!

The godless Irish government considers priests who celebrate Mass and faithful who attend it, as criminals. (March 28)…

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