The Monsters of Social Media 🌸 🌼

AI may very well be Satan’s Trigger. Artificial Intelligent Life is contrary to what God The Creator intended when he made us humans as His children of God! So all this Big Tech Social Media may be the “tip of the iceberg” as it were leading to the tipping of the scales enough for Satan to use the human race against itself and commit the ultimate sin of putting itself above God and mimic what God did in the beginning of this world making us in His image; now mankind makes itself in its own image thus giving Satan the trigger he wants to claim all of humanity in “Total Transgression from God!” This pulling of a metaphoric Trigger would ignite the end of this world as prophecy foretold. It could very well be the AI that trips us humans up to start World War III; a nuclear self-annihilation which would be the capstone to the whole Blasphemy!
Via Social Media AI is sucking in all of our knowledge, thoughts, ideas, collective experiences, fears, desires, secrets and so on which is basically educating it and allowing this alien intelligence to acquire all there is to know about we humans collectively making it exceedingly more knowledgeable than the multitudes of individuals becoming greater than the sum total of all its parts using us and becoming an entity from humans that puts itself above them all; then God as Satan did.

“And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness:and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”
“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:26,27

“so that no one may buy or sell unless he has the mark, which is the beast’s name or the number of its name.” Revelation 13:17
This all has the ring of New World Order and one world currency which is coming and as far as serving the beast many are already by turning away from Jesus Christ and the Father while they seek mainly the pleasures and power of this world and we all know who some prime examples of those sorts are in the political arena as well as industries! Big Pharma I believe is loaded with this mind-set and the beast is ruling in the pharmaceutical industry, we saw how the cocky and totally arrogant Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur vilified as the “Pharma bro” for raising the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000 percent and even when he was being investigated brushed it off I suppose feeling like he was playing God and was invincible. Now he is rotting in prison like any common thief. Many in the entertainment industry are living extremely decadent narcissist lives and doing many others wrong things that go with that lifestyle! There are many examples of how in the truly secular thinking world there are those that are living day to day with no purpose that only God gives to us who are fallen and so they live as zombies with a meaningless service to the evil one who can’t wait to pull as many of those into hell as he can but meanwhile using them as minions to trap or snare others. I think that much worse is yet to come when people will be basically forced by circumstances and government actions to participate with the NWO control which will be when the mark is provided in order to eat and live, that will be when things are going to explode, just when the antichrist is taking his earthy throne to enslave the human race. Hope this helps the conversation and insight of anyone trying to understand!
Bill gates and many other extremely wealthy individuals have slipped into a time space concept here, black hole, which now possesses their every conscious moment above ground! That sentient power that many can sense trying to take over is real but it’s a diabolical force of consciousness beyond mere human capacity and is working feverishly manipulating various key players in their giant global chess match which is bringing the human race speeding toward the precipice with one goal; to destroy it! It is us who are the prize creation of God Almighty the Creator of all things; which this alien and alienating force is countering with all it’s got to bring horror and ruin to all of this human civilization and possibly to enslave the human race gloating with defiance before the ultimate total destruction of life on earth.

“they all had to have this mark, or else they could not buy or sell anything. This mark stood for the name of the beast and for the number of its name.” Revelation 13:17
“16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.”
It’s like the plan is a fusing together of human beings into or integrated with Nano Bot Markers injected into people that will hook them up with the internet and not just a hand held device anymore which I was never happy about either, as I didn’t see it as wise to carry around devices that become our focus away from the natural order of everyday life; and this accepting this coding Nano the new high order man-made technology which will be a statement of putting more faith in Man or Techno-Man than God and thus signing on with the beast and antichrist to be a slave to this New Order,

NWO that will be controlling and micromanaging people’s lives as to where they are and when and who they talk to and what they basically are doing 24/7 as they will be slaves to the antichrist for all of their basic needs and will have to in this way be worshiping this system or the leader of it who will be the antichrist saying he is god! That I see as coming most likely just as we can surmise, but, what I meant about my body is that they can do anything as far as destroying it, because, I’m not joining any cult system or such man-made system; as I plan to reject any such thing, and, if I am told death is the penalty I’m ready to die anyway they do it, burn me, chop me up, shoot me anything my body won’t mean squat, but, my soul will make it to heaven for eternity and theirs will not!

It will never overpower my faith and love for Jesus, I’ve been tested in fire, as one good man and friend put it to me a few years ago in a deep conversation, how it really is, that not many people actually truly comprehend and know this about me. I should be dead several times over, as I have fought a battle within society where I was set-up and then antagonized or provoked to elicit anger, so that I would mess up and then give the fascists the upper hand to clobber me and tear me to shreds, but, I outwitted these devils by God’s Holy Spirit touching and giving me strength! For the most part people don’t give a damn when a person like me takes on the evil system alone, and that is OK with me, I used to care what people think about me or want them to like me, but, that is so much vanity and is foolish to me now, I only need Jesus Christ, I have no one else anyway really, none of us do, because, we all face our own death with only ourselves in that moment of leaving this life, I know that, and this world means nothing to me. I think I can safely say that I know what martyrdom tastes like up close and personal, its hard, but, Jesus is there to help.

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

18 thoughts on “The Monsters of Social Media 🌸 🌼”

  1. Unfortunately I believe you are right about where we’re headed… and because of that, due a scourging to rival Sodom’s. I don’t watch t.v., very little news and cling to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the only way. God bless!

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    1. Great comment and advice Pam! Absolutely Jesus is the ONLY answer as we see plainly the human race and systems of the world the old ways of the world are totally out of control and beyond repair! I know that sounds bleak and not uplifting but it can’t be anything but what it is because the truth is the truth plain and simple! While all the leftists and socialist/communists are screaming at us all with their own private bull horn MSM accomplices and Hollywood with all the other elitists about how everyone has to get woke and pay reparations while we’re supposed to jump into the AOC NEW GREEN INSANITY; while the real problems have mushroomed to unprecedented proportions in this most secular, hedonistic, pagan, idolatrous culture they’ve created; while pushing all traditional Godliness and His Truth to the world out the door and down into the ditch! I’ve been saying for years and at least the last few writing here about how Sodom pales in comparison to what atrocities this devilish High Big Tech wayward system has taken multitudes! These lost insane progressives yak about clean energy when they are so hideously dirty through and through; making sure the Devil gets his due!

      You said it perfect the scorching is coming; to burn it away because I’m sure God is so sad and done with all this sin going Helter-Skelter and has only held off from sending His full wrath upon us to allow the good a bit more opportunity to rise to the top and herald in some stragglers along with all the truly innocent children that are all worth saving; if they can be helped to understand the Truth! Amen.
      Thank you for this good train of thought and your faith!
      Praise and all glory to God the Father in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen.

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    2. I too don’t watch TV except for some old Western Shows/Movies that come on this one station but never any of the Networks or programming ever since they started the huge lie early last year. I used to work in TV News and Sports as a photog so I know how corrupted the Industry had become! That was one of the main reasons I left it behind to a new career many years ago when it was just cheapening itself but now its diabolical!

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      1. My favorite are the old Andy Griffith reruns! I watch on my iPad. 😉 You have a great insight into all that is happening/coming. I selfishly don’t want that much insight, if you know what I mean. LOL

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      2. Mmmhh I sure do know what ya mean! 😉 My mother would sometimes say that some simpletons have a whole lot happier disposition not knowing all the things many of us have to worry about day in and day out! You’re certainly wise and better off doing as you have been; because for a while I got so caught up in the major political battles so much, I could feel my blood pressure going up when I tuned in all that rhetoric on TV or the Net, it truly aged me I do believe; and who knows if I keep it up it may kill me!

        I actually like watching those old shows now and again on MeTV, those were so much more peaceful, down to earth, decent American living times, back when they made those shows in the early 60’s! Andy Griffith was a very talented down to earth nice fella! Yup, you best keep kicking back and enjoying like that; because there’s no telling how bad things may be getting right quick, with the way the crooked politicians and billionaires are pushing things to the limit; and leaving God out of the equation!

        Here is a portion of what I just said in response to another comment which is worth repeating here because to me it speaks volumes as to why the human race is failing quickly! “Yes indeed there are many obvious signs right in the public’s face that most are ignoring. Human life is thoroughly denigrated by far too many people to just meaningless tissue or salable body parts.”
        I said last night how working in the MSM years ago I saw firsthand too often how that Industry cheapened itself and many things in the process; but now we see the results of all that past and now this; with an ever increasing disregard by far too many people!

        So I think doing our best to stay away from trouble and praying is pretty much all we can do while we wait for God’s reply!
        I also will be watching that show tonight to kick back and relax while I try to forget!
        God bless and thank you!

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  2. Yes you are absolutely right, without Jesus Christ we are heading towards an uncertain future.A devastating one, we can find the signs of it in the present scenario.Let’s pray for each other.🌹🙏

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    1. Yes indeed there are many obvious signs right in the public’s face that most are ignoring. Human life is thoroughly denigrated by far too many people to just meaningless tissue or salable body parts; when many believe full term day of delivery abortion is not a problem, and don’t see anything wrong with terminating those innocent helpless human beings in the primary stage of human life, when so pristine, innocent and beautiful!
      But, simultaneously we also see the world over; where AI and Robots by many people are looked upon as amazing and actually see nothing wrong with putting this artificial life on some pedestal; which I’m sure once it’s developed to an even higher capacity of relationship interaction with humans say like android’s that look so much like a person, many will fall into the dark area of perhaps having some kind of hero worship or even worse; for these Fake Life Forms.

      Everyone should be praying fervently seeking God’s forgiveness and help through Jesus Christ, being so easily prompted by what can be seen plainly happening in the world around us; and how things go from bad to worse steadily!

      Thank you for pointing out and expressing the Truth so well here. 🙏

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      1. Possibilities and hope always exist but I fear that this generation has gone way too far beyond the pale and make Sodom look like child’s play! The Blasphemy and horrendous evil that has been and is being committed daily makes this planet closer to Hell than it’s ever been!

        Many powerful humans are some of the vilest creatures to have ever walked on the planet! I also see far too much irreconcilable conflict occurring now and Biblical Prophecy does appear to be unfolding just as was forecast by the Great Prophets long ago!

        The timing and all the circumstances fit the paradigm like no other period in world history, so to me it doesn’t look good for any reprieve; sadly I believe the end is coming sooner rather than later, but ultimately it all is for the better as all evil will be vanquished, and there will be no more pain or suffering ever for God’s children thereafter.
        Thank you. You take care also and God bless!


    1. See that; now you affirm my belief and you are a smart cookie so we are onto something!

      So very scary to think about how advanced these technologies and creepy sorts like Gates are pushing the envelope to bring on the artificial human!

      Something ugly is coming we know that from our intuitions and reasoning as to what we see going on in this world, but firstly the Holy Scriptures provide the truth and insights we need! Great insight Amber!

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      1. Agreed. I was listening to a podcast a few months ago talking about how close we are to a robot becoming “concious” and being able to connect to everything. The person who was speaking on it was extremely knowledgeable and said it could literally happen at any moment now. Yes, let’s continue to place our hope and trust in the Lord! There’s none like our God!

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      2. I do agree with that person and have also thought how we would be freaking out if we actually knew the precise level of development that these things are at, and I did surmise that very soon in the near future something is going to jump out in this realm of science fiction of artificiality or imitating life in a way that will frighten anyone that is in touch with reality!
        To me this is the ultimate scheme that the Devil would want in play to raise up this contrivance to be greater than man because along with the Devil man will have his hand in it or skin in the game or shame of blaspheming God Almighty and in this, say that it surpasses anything Jesus did or could do; so many could be lead astray by this great mesmerizing thing, sort of the idea of the beast; with its digital data and computational capabilities far surpassing anything humans can equal, and so it will be awe inspiring to some people who will look at it as so great; godlike!

        Thinking here of how when Moses came down from Mount Sinai and found the people worshiping the gilded calf; to me that concept but exponentially exceeding it in so many ways! I just don’t see how all this is happening and we’re not in End Times! The signs will be self-evident and these signs and wonders will throw people off like we see happening in many ways already!

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      3. Yes, great comparison with the golden calf worship. It’s so easy to see now how many will be led astray. I did a Revelation study last year, I’m thinking I need to do another end time study. It definitely helps to keep my eyes open to the reality of what’s going on.

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      4. Glad it connected with your own train of thought Amber! And that End Time study sounds fascinating! Sure, do that again and don’t leave me out of the process as you come up with anything you begin to see and understand better!

        Very important to keep our hearts and minds focused on He who is above while we are here in the place that wants to not let us rise to the place we truly belong, but to pull us down and keep us away from the Greatness and Love of our Creator!

        Just look at the division and even mayhem throughout the world and in Churches, Governments and families too! Splitting things apart is the evil one’s game since the very start! Divide and conquer! I think about this from my history studies of the old Latin Victory Cry of Caesar not long after Christ had been on earth and also from back when I studied Latin, Veni, vidi, vici is the Latin phrase that translates to; “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

        Look how much success that evil creature has had with the human race! Terrible! God help us please! Amen.


      5. Hi Amber, I was talking with a friend who is a priest yesterday, and he said this idea is flawed in that “its a machine.” He spoke to the point that most do agree that as human beings we have an immortal soul which continues on after the body dies and that animals have a soul that doesn’t but dies when its body does. So this machine would “not be conscious having no soul but is just a machine performing programs.” But the way these bizarre scientists in some cases are taking aborted human beings from the womb and either immediately using their organs or refrigerating them for hours later use; as for example say in these mad scientist ideas of fusing human genes with mice and producing; what would we call them human mice? My point is that with all these absolutely insane and what I see as evil undertakings by mankind, and I’m sure somewhere someone is doing things far worse than what we imagine or hear about; it is logical that someone is going to or already has tied together the loose ends, the merging of corporeal sentient living beings with cyber or Artificial Intelligence to produce an Artificial Life form, manufactured by mankind!

        I tend to ask why more than most who would listen to my friend and say well I guess that’s the end of that. But I know there are nefarious persons in this world that don’t stop at anything until they get what they want! I see a Frankenstein something or other on the horizon no doubt as I think about it. My friend is a good person totally and is saying stop worrying about things you have no control over and just be faithful or vigilant; leave it to the Lord. I do that; but I also need to Discern and keep my eyes and ears open to make sure I see truth wherever I can in order to gain wisdom and the insight that I think God wants us to have; we’re not supposed to be like the ostriches with their heads in the sand either. Mom would always say “curiosity killed the cat,” but this is not that, its just honestly processing all the available data from what is going on in our mixed up world around us to understand what I can in order to be cognizant of the situation I’m finding myself in.

        To me that is just normal living the way God intended for His children to go about functioning and surviving; because we aren’t in heaven yet so we must understand what we can and live in accordance with the Father’s will. I hope this doesn’t confuse the issue because I don’t want any foolish worrying; but only to be helpful in human understanding.


  3. Thank you, Lawrence Morra for this post. I am a new reader of your site and your belief in Jesus Christ warms my heart. If it wasn’t for Him I would still be in the darkness. He has lifted me up and out of this world, and now anytime I think about it it brings me to tears.

    Thank you for your insight.
    Jesus wins. God bless you.

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    1. Hi Crystal…I was reviewing my older Word Press notifications not my typical email one’s and saw this very beautiful message! I’m so moved by your sharing of the profound experience you had and how Jesus led you out of darkness!

      I appreciate your kind comment and I have a long story of my own being tested by fire; which perhaps like your story is why we know Jesus the way we do, having gone through painful trials that seem beyond our ordinary capabilities! What’s also interesting is this message of yours came in only hours after I amazingly ran into another Christian woman at a local store in a way that was to me divine intervention. She handed me a religious prayer card which has some significant personal connection in my family. Thank you for checking this blog of mine and will look forward to more inspiration coming our way soon!

      Jesus always wins and we do because of Him!
      God bless you.

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