These toxins are killing me!

“face all adversity and never quit”

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Zero Lift-Off      Only The Beginning

May 2, 2021

“Face Adversity, be David against Goliath!”

This is Fantastic and so Beautifully done; full of clear cut “Truth and Inspiration!”  I have the exact same difficulty and disposition; your Scriptural references are Perfect!  Isn’t this it I thought; we have an inner battle going on in our lives constantly between two alter egos in a sense; one a David so good and faithful wanting to face any adversity and the other the slothful, arrogant and selfish scoffer, both vying for dominance, only one deserves it by “virtue and faith” while the other “deserves everything he’s got coming to him for being so toxic!!”

You reminded me of my old High School Principle who was a strong Greek family man, football coach and lawyer to boot; lots of goodness and wisdom pouring from this man I still remember fondly that Sir with Love; having tears in my eyes!   I had dropped out of the football team due to my falling very ill with severe mono and pneumonia.  After a long recuperation period staying home I went to his law office one afternoon to talk to him away from the school, about the situation of having missed too much school telling him how I thought I had blown it or failed him, and the team too!  He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Lawrence, life’s biggest challenge is learning to face up to adversity!”

Thank you for putting all these connections that matter together because you brought forward what that good virtuous man like a “David” himself said to me long ago; and now all these years later it hit me like a ton of bricks and made me cry with a joy in my heart; that God is sayings, “I’m always here just believe!”  He points out now that He was with me that time my Principle spoke those words that ended up meaning so much all these years later, here with this writing of yours; telling us all that He is “always” working with us to make sure we don’t fail, but, we must be willing to “face all adversity and never quit;” He will bring us through victorious and to our rightful home!

Just like in recent years while working in a government highly technical job I had; where due to adversarial politics I was caught in another battle in which derelict management by a nefarious person put me in “Harm’s Way” which I knew at the time was going to either get me fired if I resisted for insubordination or to instead just take on the dangerous challenge; which I did!  I ended in the hospital and had another long battle to fight after my body was contaminated with, of all things; many “toxins!”   I was now in a new long protracted battle, like as I was when a boy in school, trying to get well again and not fall behind; which I had not back then, as I did pass all my courses that year with flying colors and was promoted.  This time I had to fight a corrupt system that is rigged, while very ill and under long term doctor’s care to hopefully get my older body to recover like I did all those years ago.

The lawyer I hired to represent me in the Workers Compensation part of this battle, was nothing like my High School Principle, and I began to realize quickly that he didn’t have my best interest at heart; as he would play ball with the system (government here) and Insurance Company; appeasing them.  I ended up doing something unheard of there, where through a grace of God I happened to have the one Judge presiding over my case out of all the Judges in that court system, that would give me the respect I deserved, and allowed me to fire the lawyer and run my own case; with never having taken a law course.   I prevailed, though a long hard extremely stressful battle on multiple fronts; the legal portion taking over three years, doing all my own work on the case while I was fighting the inner battles; the biggest of which was the trauma and “Toxins,” the chemical and molecular changes as well as the emotional Toxic effect that a few doctors were helping me to overcome!  One in particular was a Saintly woman who was like having a real in life Guardian Angel on my case, because she did what few other human beings would have done or actually did; She backed me up 100% over any cooperation with the system; and through her care and of course medical expertise having been a Harvard Professor of Medicine and practiced it in her chosen specialty as an expert for many years; knew more than most about Medicine, People, Life and this at times “Jaded System!”

I overcame “All the Adversity,” every bit of it; and though beat up physically with some trauma and stress, I could as my mom used to tell me as a boy along with dad, “when you fall down get up and brush yourself off and continue on your path;” but also as mom put it, which I thought was so funny at the time, “to just show the world you can still walk, talk and chew bubble gum; all at the same time!”

Thinking Biblical; try to be a “David against Goliath!”

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III


April 26, 2021nmalone71

These toxins are killing me!

When my flesh is raging I must beat it back to a place of silence so that my spirit can be filled with the power of the Lord once again. When we know better we can do better. For many years I couldn’t understand why my walk with God had been such a roller coaster ride. Although the obvious reason was sin the agony of torment that plagued me was, “ Why did I constantly keep falling back into it? When I knew better why wasn’t I doing better?” It’s ironic how God will have you right where you need to be at the appointed time you need to be there to get out of you what is needed for your spiritual growth. In this season I have this passion for health and fitness, I’m a fitness trainer and as I’ve become committed to health I’ve discovered my body in new ways. I’ve discovered foods and the way they effect my body. I’ve developed a focus to know what foods are good for me and what foods must be eliminated. It’s amazing how the body, mind, spirit and soul are all connected and how God has me at a place of knowing, focus and discovery. As I’m learning my physical bodies nutrients I’m discovering my spiritual bodies nutrients. I’ve discovered when I lose focus and become distracted by life putting bad nutrients in my spirit my flesh begins to rage and the very flesh that I had silenced has now become hungry and aggressive to be fed. When I feed my spirit bad nutrients I notice I’m very ineffective. I no longer have wisdom to pour into others, I become selfish, vain and very prideful. Opportunities to impact are lost because I’m filled with doubt, insecurity, and confusion of things that I once was so confident about. The glory in this is I now know what my spirit needs to function at high capacity and to be effective to impact those around me with the power that only God could provide. I realize when I spend too much time away from God on worldly pleasures my spirit suffers which then causes my mind to suffer. When my mind suffers I’ve reached defeat before I begin and can’t be useful to anyone around me. I realize feeding my spirit with proper nutrients is imperative for me to perform at high performance daily. As the spiritual nutrients fell on David when he was only a shepherd boy and not even a man like his counterpart Goliath. But, he spoke with such power and was braver than any of the full grown men who were terrified of Goliath, when he said, “Who is this pagan Philistine anyway, that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God.” ( 1Samuel 17:26) David then said (17:37) The Lord who rescued me from the claws of the lion and the bear will rescue me from the Philistine. David had been filled with good spiritual nutrients and his faith in God was so strong that although the odds were against him, his spirit reassured him he could do all things through Christ who gave him strength. Dwelling in the spirit is so much sweeter than dwelling in the flesh. The impossible only happens when we stay connected to the vine of life Jesus Christ! So know your spiritual body and feed it daily the spiritual nutrients it needs to perform at the highest capacity!



Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

11 thoughts on “These toxins are killing me!”

  1. Dear Lawrence, your Legendary story has left me astonished. The strength you gained and grown from each of such tough situations you thought that you can’t move on but with the miracles of our graceful God and Lord Jesus you stepped out of those horrible moments and keep moving on towards the success is just an awesome 👌 👏 praise the Lord. Amen.

    Below are few lines which looks matching to your tough situations you had in life. From one of my posts “grow through from what you go through”

    Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful to know that you have learnt so much to grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago? Yes of course, just smile at those who laughed at your troubles at times, let ‘Karma’ take care of them. You just be a go getter to succeed and enjoy the beautiful journey of life

    To grow through from what you go through, just trust and stick to your own instincts with only God in prayers, no one can cast a shadow over your Sunshine. Keep smiling! keep shining.
    I am so glad to know about your great story. Have a wonderful life Ahead. Thank you! 🙂🙌💖

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    1. Dear Suma thank you for your kind words and such thoughtfulness; you are truly a wonderful good heartened lady. All your words were deeply moving and so insightful as these I quote from you, “such tough situations you thought that you can’t move on but with the miracles of our graceful God and Lord Jesus you stepped out of those horrible moments and keep moving on towards the success,” because this is the crux of it all; I’m only alive now and could have been gone from here if not for the intersession of God Almighty because of my faith in Jesus Christ and my genuine love for Him! Obviously I’m still here because there is more that God requires of me to do, hopefully not only for my own Salvation but for what the Lord will direct me to do in order to make a difference in the Salvation of others! We are here to serve Him and His purposes for the design of His great plan! Again I thank you for seeing the essence of these things so well and caring so much to express your own thoughts and feelings here which does and is making a big difference!

      Another component of my story that I feel inclined to share is a very important or actually most crucial aspect! These things that happened to me were very much spiritual warfare which had increased over a period of several years and then I placed Blessed Holy Water throughout a location where I worked to ward off evil, and then on a Holy Day I was severely challenged and injured! I tell you this because people need to understand how serious and critical the circumstances we live in are, and that this spiritual warfare is absolutely real. As you know the Salvation of our immortal souls is at stake; as any good Christian or true believer in God knows; but all those that will listen need to get it in their heads and very crucially hearts, that without the Lord we will never make it! I have to say that my experiences are a living testimony for anyone who will listen and seek God’s will, how He will never let them down if they genuinely have faith and love for Jesus!

      What you said here is remarkable and inspired as God wanted our conversation to grow even the way you said here in these words!
      “Grow through from what you go through.”
      “Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful to know that you have learnt so much to grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago?” This is all so absolutely beautiful what you described and how you see all of this exchange of valuable knowledge and experience!

      Here you paint a to me masterpiece of insightful wisdom; “To grow through from what you go through, just trust and stick to your own instincts with only God in prayers, no one can cast a shadow over your Sunshine. Keep smiling! Keep shining.”

      I will keep doing that and you do this also, so we can both share more important insights and information as we grow in our faith in the Lord Jesus!

      God bless you and I’m sure there is more to come! Amen.
      You’re very welcome and thank you as always! Have a Blessed and Divinely inspired Life! 🙂🙌💖

      “grow flowers from the garden of dreams and memories that were died long time ago?“
      Yes Suma, Dear Lord I love growing more flowers from all the good in the past! I will continue to plant and grow, maybe forever!⭐🙏🕊✝️🕊🙏🌟


      1. Pleasure is all mine, soo sweet of you Lawrence. I am sooo adored that you like my little thoughts and taking it as inspiration. Your divine thoughts are very positive n powerful. Thanks for all the blessings. I am inspired with your divine thoughts and inspired challenges of life. Wish you the good health n happiness in your life forever 🙏 🙌 💖😇

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      2. Hi Suma! I have to admit that knowing I was of some help to you is a great reward; to have such a confirmation of God’s grace in our lives is tremendous, and that the peace which is obtained by knowing such a living testimony occurred, that I helped to facilitate as we allowed God to manifest His presence in our daily lives; through sincere heartfelt prayer; that is a beautiful gift we both can cherish and adore!

        Let’s keep praying as we build our faith in Him! Amen. 🙏🕊✝️

        Have a wonderful and healthy day! 🙂💖


    1. Hi Suma and so very glad to hear this! We should wholeheartedly keep up our prayers; and when I think about how important it is for we children of God to not run amuck and turn away from our Lord and Savior, I do realize I can really never do enough and don’t always work hard enough at it; so that adage, “there’s always room for improvement,” is something to keep in mind too!
      You have a good day and will catch you again soon I’m sure! 🙏 🙏


      1. Of course, learning and improvement has a room n is never ending process in life. Prayers n greetings.

        My complete testimony is still not over. In the name of God, I will be. Praise the lord.Wishing you good night. Thank you!🙏💖


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