Doctors Warn of Possible Transmission of the Spike Protein Created by the Injected mRNA to Unvaccinated People

Originally posted on Just a Girl Lost 2:

So sorry to bring bad news to anyone out there who cares, but I resisted the whole damned False Pandemic from day one! I knew from my own investigations that this was too sudden and had some very nasty players involved which were all red herrings to me!

As I investigated I found top renowned world experts around the globe saying the same thing with all the expert knowledge and histrionics to back it up! This recent reblog of mine is where I think the apple falls and we will be seeing people dropping like flies as they say moving into the uncharted waters of the NWO future!  The cat is out of the bag and many horrific malfunctions and mutations will occur ruining people’s health, fertility and even killing them from multiple autoimmune diseases!

Time to pray, resist and hope some miracles are coming sooner rather than later! This is all like a biological nuclear war on humanity.

I would love to see Bill Gates, George Soros, Xi Jinping, Anthony Fauci and many others hung out to dry really soon so they can head straight to hell where the Devil owns them for eternity!

God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Just a Girl Lost 2

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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