A Pipeline For Vladimir, Pipe Dreams For Joe

That’s right Larry absolutely spot-on and we can be sure there are some backdoor deals being had by Biden and Company, the Family Politically Organized Deep Swamp Crime Syndicate Racketeers in the form of secret payola or money laundering going on; let us not forget the team of Biden Obama are at work here now fulfilling Obama’s dream, the first actual fraud POTUS ahead of Biden being the second; giving that Anti-America Obama his 3rd term he so desperately dreamed of having with the Killery in 2016! Now they’re doing all they can to run America into the ditch and crush the American Citizen while propping up all manner of despots around the planet from Xi to now Putin, and of course the Iranian Ayatollah with his mullahs who will control the Middle East along with all that oil asset, just like Obama and Kerry did in their favoritism of Jihadists allowing the largest Caliphate in the Middle East since the Ottoman Empire while actually helping to create ISIS!  Especially with that Iran Nuclear Deal where boat loads of American Green Backs were personally delivered and divvied up by those two clowns in the middle of the night flown in on US air transports by these dudes of the Green New Deal! I guess they just love that Color, and are doing the same thing in Spades again; now that there’s nobody around to stop them from chewing America up like so much Cow’s Cud and play let’s favor the tyrants of the world while we destroy the big bad evil Satan America! That is of course as long as these lying devils get to be some of those tyrants in the process too!

Oh and just a reminder lest we forget, during the Obama/Biden years the National Deficit grew from about 9.5 $Trillion to 20.5 $Trillion which is a financial nut that will stick in the throats of future generations chocking the life out of them here in America never to be paid down at this rate the Biden administration is going, already having spent Trillions more in just a few months in office. Under those two same despots Obama/Biden the unemployment rate hovered around 7% putting America’s workers and economy at a 60 year low since having been in those economic dumps so badly; while the GDP barely got over 1% third world status during those eight long dark years in America!

Contrast any of these factors with the Trump administration’s accomplishments and you quickly see that they were all just the opposite and America was riding high on the saddle once again like it should have been, along with unemployment at a 60 year low, more Blacks and Hispanics working than in any other period in history, a GDP pushing over 3% continually on toward 3.5% and higher, being once again a Great Good Republic under God. So now, we have the despots and clueless lunacy of AOC mental midgets of the Squad, all taking the helm with Biden/Obama along with the infamous Crazy as they come Nancy pushing them hard with her Gestapo boots on; as she cracks her whip from behind them! If they get to continue this administration’s term to its end I tell you it will be the End of America and the Rise of the Tyrannical Powers of the world China and Russia like you won’t believe! And, Green won’t mean diddlysquat unless you’re talking cash!

Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits - International

By Larry Bell ~

President Biden and his handlers certainly have a very strange strategy to protect us against the world’s greatest existential threat.

I’m referring, of course, to climate change – certainly not to Democrat apathy regarding Marxism, China, or even Russia now that Trump is out of power to “collude” with.

Joe launched his party’s battle campaign against planet-ravaging American petroleum use and export on his very first day in office by capping off the Keystone XL pipeline at the Canadian border along with about 11,000 U.S. jobs and 830,000 barrels of oil per day it would have delivered. That same day, he placed moratoriums on oil and gas drilling on federal lands and waters.

Isn’t it remarkably paradoxical then, to wonder why the very same administration would now decide to lift Trump’s sanctions on the corporate entity and its CEO who are overseeing the construction of Russia’s…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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