Abp. Viganò issues ‘severe warning’ to Pope Francis in wake of his support for Fr. James Martin

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‘The one who sits in Rome is surrounded by immoral persons who wink at LGBTQ+ movements and hypocritically simulate a welcome and an inclusivity that betrays their choice of field and their sinful tendencies. There is no more courage; there is no more fidelity to Christ…’ Archbishop Carlo…

This is where we have arrived as a human civilization with superpowers pointing nukes at each other and NWO elitists plotting to take over the planet, for them to become the totalitarian tyrants of the human race only to set the stage for the coming Antichrist who will enslave the children of God. Already we see the massive decay of governmental systems a world of politics that is so corrupted citizen’s votes don’t even matter, because they the controllers can flip an election with manipulated voting systems, MSM running a propaganda narrative to brainwash and sway the public, along social media platforms doing the same and cancelling anyone that doesn’t go along for the ride! Even if it weren’t for all this trickery and smoke and mirrors the Deep State Swamp Establishment Machine is only playing us all for fools; making sure they get the people they want and can control to run for office, like Manchurian Candidate on Auto-play; in place, and then making it happen according to the Agenda! It just happened here in America while a global Pandemic Charade ensued planned by these same nefarious agents of hell; to get us into Lock-downs Mode!

Then I read today how a Trans-man is in place to most likely win the Miss America contest in Las Vegas Nevada, and perhaps get installed of course as Miss Universe down the line; the extreme left agenda in overdrive. Then some other Trans-man went into an all-female salon to get his bikini waxing just another so called normal day in this screwed up world! So tell me have the floods been open too long and too much raw sewage flowed down our streets and into our cities and homes to now overwhelmed societies poisoning minds and heart with twisted, perverted and sinful heathens; so now they are in charge and becoming the new and only normal that “the majority must have to accept and suck it up and shut up,” because the ACLU and Leftist’s Courts say so?

Early today I read a new posting or actually watched Fr. Goring speaking about Heaven and Hell and how many are saying it doesn’t matter now, or even a fraud heretic pope says there is no hell and I guess we all can do whatever and no consequences apply in this scenario! Because everyone not only gets an award in grade school for showing up, even if an underachiever, but now we all get through the narrow gate just by being born! Although I have to give it to Bergoglio, that he may just be playing the cards the way he sees it going knowing that we don’t need a hell after all; we are going to make one right here on earth!

So it’s looking like the “not being Lukewarm” bit won’t matter either in this upside down Helter-skelter world we’ve created for ourselves; a world where nothing is scared anymore, and it appears that anything goes too!

I feel sad and kind of rotten to speak out now anymore, because I know I absolutely look like I’m attacking whatever comes into my field of view; while just being too morose or depressing others; but then I say to myself so is it better to just shut up, and walk away from humanity all together; figuring that it’s not my problem and I had enough? I can’t swallow that idea too long, because then I feel guilty of being one of the people I complain about; that for decades didn’t do much other than go along to get along, and allowed our world to be overrun with “fringe” or “far leftist putrid agendas,” because most people either didn’t care or were too busy just trying to have a good time! So, hold on, I guess it’s built into me and I have to speak up hoping it makes a modicum of difference, to maybe one person who might awaken to the full reality before they get sucked down the drain with so many others. Then I maybe did make a difference in the end!

Jesus and lion sm print

But, then I get to this point where I read another of your great articles that blows me away! I get inspired, I cry, I say thank you God for talking to us and that some are listening being directed by the Holy Spirit to follow in accordance with our Heavenly father’s will! I say to myself, I’m so unworthy, and a sack of manure, and I wish I were a highly magnanimous person in God’s view, but I can’t because I feel shame, and know I should have done far better in this world, it makes me cry to let Him down! But, then I know from folks like these here, who are saying things like this, that I will quote, which is exactly word for word what I had been thinking over the last 12 hours and some of these words I published myself as well.

“The blasphemous processions that parade through the streets of the capitals of the world, and which have reached the point of blaspheming and wickedly mocking the Sacrifice of Our Lord in the Holy City consecrated by the blood of the Apostles Peter and Paul, are greeted by the mercenaries of the conciliar sect, which is silent before the sacrilegious blessings of homosexual couples but condemns those who want to remain faithful to the Savior’s teaching as “rigid.” And while the good Bishops and priests are daily confronted with the demolition that comes from above, we see published the enchanting and seductive words written by Bergoglio to James Martin, S.J., in support of a perverse and perverting ideology that offends the Majesty of God and humiliates the mission of the Church and the sacred authority of the Vicar of Christ.”

This tells me God is not abandoning us and we must remain vigilant in order to carry out His will and this is a “God Send” letting us know that this scripture I now quote; it is the guide post by which we must live and carry on daily not our own thinking or capabilities, like I sometimes try to do.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

I see a benefit in this for sure and just simply now merging my writings of earlier today right here at this juncture, in this fine truthful article, will make a difference somewhere; for someone. Amen.

I insert this excerpt as the so called tease in news to just show you how this parallels so perfectly and then I will leave the link to the article for your complete examination to I hope, give you any help in seeing God speaking to us; and I pray you will listen to Him always! Thank you.


“I’ve said for some years now how Bergoglio is a counterfeit Pope and not advocating as a true Vicar of Christ but is a renegade heretic! He a good buddy in a sense to Biden and Pelosi actually having promoted the election of Biden and backed him in word and deed, so is a NWO accomplice; who also has said there is no hell! Just as many in the new age thinkers club promote, saying we all die and go to God and everything is going to be just dandy! Why did Jesus God Himself go to all the bother then, and if He said all the things He did in Scriptures, then says later it was what a Big Ruse and I was kidding? People; you all I hope see that this deception is so rampant and deeply embedded into our lifestyle and culture; what the wonderful Saint John Paul II called the “Culture of Death” that we now are living in wasn’t just a cliché or his talking off the cuff! It really is just that, and its allowing the Devil to have a field day and pull so many away from Jesus; but, that too tells us this is the End Time.”


Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Mora III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

The one who sits in Rome is surrounded by immoral persons who wink at LGBTQ+ movements and hypocritically simulate a welcome and an inclusivity that betrays their choice of field and their sinful tendencies. There is no more courage; there is no more fidelity to Christ…’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaks at the Rome Life Forum in May 2018.

By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Know that the Lord is God:
He made us, and not we ourselves.

Ps 99:3

The enemies of our soul are always the same, and the snares they set for us are always the same. The world, with its seductions; the flesh, corrupted by original sin and inclined to evil; and the Devil, the eternal enemy of our salvation who uses the flesh to besiege us. Two external enemies and one internal one, always ready to make us fall in a moment of distraction, of…

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