Climate Change: An Excuse For Political Incompetence

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By Dr. John Happs ~ People have always been drawn to the coast and rivers because of their scenic locations. In earlier times there were clear advantages from riverside and coastal living since they provided easier trade and communication with other parts of the country and overseas. Around the…

This is a tremendous and outstanding comprehensive report on Climate Reality! These alarmist’s are the biggest purveyors of stupidity and outright lies to be perpetrated upon a gullible naive public always in the ready to suck up whatever dribble the political elite and ruling class cause as part of their ongoing agenda to control the rest of us! Do I honestly want to listen to a flake like wacky liberal globalist German Chancellor Angela Merkel nor should I even care what this gloated self-centered elitist even thinks? Never; she is like the rest, all bigoted has-been’s like the many Hollywood elite that spew all manner of vitriol at conservative God fearing sensible Americans in order to promote their own selfish whack job liberal agendas and support of the upper 2% of global societies agenda; in order to protect their own bottoms and bottom lines.

Climate is not a static mechanism that should be some sort of always predictable and steady state system that will accommodate human interests or lifestyles. Logic tells us that you build a house on a river bank you will have a flooded home at some point in the not distant future and even on a frequent basis as weather and precipitation fluctuate. “If we listen to these elitists of the NWO agenda we’ll soon be preparing for continental drift” in planning for our distant future millions of years from now because that would be money well spent and a very wise thing to do according to these so called experts while our real problems right in our face will continue to get Zero Attention and Bucks spent on them!

Ah yes the good old left wing fear mongers of the world! Guys like Sir David Attenborough the Great Sir Wizard of Nature thinks we should all still be scurrying around like baboons and that the only meaning to all of this existence is Mother Nature and maybe Harry Potter along with of course Merlin the Magician who I’m certain Sir Nature Man prefers over God Almighty or any such notion of there being a wiser and higher authority in all things than he; but he does worship, nature his God!


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He reminds me of the Al Gore sort who claim there is Global Warming because of us people, which did then shift to Climate Change; in order to fit the actual science that is proven and not the junk type variety these self-proclaimed prophets shout out to the world! They all remind me of people that are foolish enough to think we should prepare for Continental Drift which I’m sure at some point someone on the left fringe will start demanding we all do. Perhaps Greta the Teen girl can help them promote that one too!

This excerpt from another of my postings leaves room to question some data; “While the pandemic has accounted for more than 600,000 fatalities in America, the numbers pale when compared to those poorer countries that are experiencing 11 million children dying every year. Those infant fatalities are from the preventable causes of diarrhea, malaria, neonatal infection, pneumonia, preterm delivery, or lack of oxygen at birth as many developing countries have no, or minimal, access to those products from oil derivatives enjoyed by the wealthy and healthy countries.”  11 million children dying every year

We know by now that the number of people who died from the direct cause of Covid-19 was skewed by all of the manipulation of the death counts throughout the nation and world by corrupt politics and mass media to count annual flu and just about anything else that was linked to these moralities as being Covid-19 deaths; especially now with the evidence pouring in about the lies told to push a non-human tested vaccine concoction that is for our good health supposedly, while its killing people! So the number would be much less to start with and it’s all relative anyway. If the world didn’t advance to this point were mankind was extracting oil from the earth to propel Modern Technology forward to provide as you mentioned all these breakthroughs of science and medicine; I agree the world population would be much smaller exponentially. But even with fewer humans populating this planet, the brutal truth is those people would be facing hunger and disease continually that would cause mass death tolls as well, the Middle Ages Black Death is just one such case in point and surely the life expectancy based on those conditions in that scenario would be devastating no matter how you slice it.

One only need study what happened to the Mayan Civilization and what extremes they resorted to in order to understand what the horrors of a low technology world would actually mean and actually not being any panacea or utopic world like Sir Wizard contemplates would be the case in his imagination!

And then there is of course this reality that all of these Green Thinking experts leave out of their calculus or just pretend doesn’t matter and I quote; “less healthy countries that are enslaving labor in mines and factories to provide the exotic minerals and metals required for the green energy technologies for the construction of EV batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines, and with the Saudis and Russians for the oil demands of America.” (Blame Oil for the World Populating to 8 Billion June 21, 2021 By Ronald Stein, P.E. )

People like Natures Attenborough along with the left and MSM cause so much damage propelling a false narrative to be propagated politically just like we saw here in the US with the Biden Administration shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline damaging the US economy, energy Independence and destroying tens of thousands of good jobs, to only shift that oil production capacity shortage to Russia, our enemy; who will not hesitate to use their upper hand with America or any other country when the opportunity to do so comes; being a totalitarian mindset Atheistic Nation of Communism. All the while oil production levels will be increased and maintained on into the future!

Shouldn’t this guy have retired by now and just be sitting in some corn field listening to the crickets, I mean 95 is long enough to be a preacher of Natures Divinity and Superiority to men don’t you think!

I’m going to say with certainty that Mr. Nature Wizard Attenborough is dead wrong and a poor lost soul in this universe that to me never quite saw the forest for the trees even though he was practically swinging in them with the monkeys for decades!

There are some genuine experts in this matter of Climatology that know what the hell they are talking about and it’s all easy to understand even for laypersons without all the fancy degrees, because its common sense and plain good old-fashioned logic and seeing reality as it is.

The correlation of any data and PROVEN science does not match up with the Left’s false theories and projections! Coastal inundations are a reality and always have been on earth and nothing we humans do with regard to CO2 is going to change any of it! JUNK SCIENCE and leftist propaganda is all they are spewing and wasting lots of time and energy that would be better spent coming up with what people will be able to eat in the next few centuries! Especially in countries where the population is rampant and already an issue! That is a more practical and sensible concern and all the hocus-pocus about Climate Change which was called Global Warming until that became obviously a joke as temperatures are also falling in many areas of the globe! Author Marc Morano and many other experts have shown how the data have been faked or altered. “Climate scientists used to say winters would become a thing of the past because of climate change.”

“Now they say it’s making them worse.”

“They also blame climate change for war, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and even a decline in mental health.”

The world now spends a billion dollars a day to keep the world from warming. Wasted money due to crooked politics and fake junk science propaganda!

Al Gore says the Earth is like a sick child that has a fever.
Marc Morano says, “In his best-selling book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, climate skeptic Marc Morano shares the facts you haven’t been told and argues that the bad news about the Earth’s climate is wrong.

Antarctica is gaining ice, not losing it. CO2 levels are actually 10 times lower today than they were thousands of years ago, and severe weather is declining not getting worse.”

And Morano says your tax dollars going to fight climate change are being wasted.

The book also is also able to point out that even using all the best data and theories that the Climate Accord is going by it with all of its suggestions would postpone any Climate Change by about 4 years and would cost the world 100 Trillion dollars! To me this is sheer stupidity; or is it really the rich getting richer playing the public and masses to be pawns in their agenda of limiting population and making more money for themselves in the process! The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

It’s all BS for stupid so called progressive idiots that actually think we can or should try to effectively alter the cosmic effects of the Sun and the Earth’s core if they want to really prevent future catastrophe, because that is what actually rules the planet’s weather and landscape so human activity is like the fart of a flea in the wind in compassion to how much we can change any of it. Should we start planning for continental drift in advance too and spend trillions on predicting which coastlines will be under the ocean and which ones will rise out of the oceans and make building codes conform to such studies? This is all liberal mental midget bull shit!

All this other BS about Global Warming now converted to Climate change because the truth was starting to be quite obvious that the promoters of Global Warming were just that, PROMOTERS! Smoke and Mirror Bull Shit! Politics and big Money or Elitist agendas are always behind these propaganda curves, they nearly own all the media and now with smart phones which are making people even less smart the cat is out of the bag to manipulate the masses into submission!

JUNK SCIENCE and by their own admission when their arguments are carried all the way out Nature or the Planetary Cosmic Forces will slap down any, even major fluctuation in CO2 or anything mankind dishes out to pollute the atmosphere! Will the human race be around to even see the massive changes that will come regardless of what humans do or don’t do which is more predictable; I rather doubt it, because humans will kill themselves off long before the next Ice Age or other Global Catastrophe that Nature dishes out and has through the eons! It’s all a moot point and waste of time and energy to play this political game that benefits select groups and does nothing to alter the future!
Lawrence Morra III

Another fine comprehensive source article of excellent data and insight By Dr. John Happs ~

PA Pundits International

By Dr. John Happs ~

People have always been drawn to the coast and rivers because of their scenic locations. In earlier times there were clear advantages from riverside and coastal living since they provided easier trade and communication with other parts of the country and overseas. Around the world, building on the fertile soils of riverside floodplains has been widespread and still continues even though we know that floodplains are plains that will always flood.

Queensland Floods 1974

Climate change received little or no mention by the media or politicians during the inundation of Queensland floodplains in 1974:

After this event, houses were rebuilt only to suffer later flooding. There were floodplain inundations in Queensland during 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The more recent floods were met, not with expressions of regret for allowing building to continue in these areas, but with the anticipated cries of “global…

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