Hospital ‘hits breaking point’ after firing 150 unvaccinated workers

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By Art Moore WND Shortage comes amid flood of COVID patients The 150 nurses and other hospital workers at Houston Methodist Hospital who were fired for refusing to receive one of the expermimental COVID vaccines apparently were regarded by administrators as disposable. But two months later, the hospital…

Beautiful woman laughing through magnifying glass
Beautiful woman laughing through magnifying glass

The human race being reduced to a hoax and then a joke! When does the BIG LAUGH come!

They look so stupid accepting mask, lock-down and social distancing mandates or in other words just being limb noodles with no backbone or guts!

Thomas Jefferson said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” How are all you Democrats and cheaters feeling about now! “Don’t worry you’ll be getting much more of what YOU DESERVE!”

Portrait of a mature man on a white background.
Portrait of a mature man on a white background.

Lawrence Morra III

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The Most Revolutionary Act

By Art Moore


Shortage comes amid flood of COVID patients

The 150 nurses and other hospital workers at Houston Methodist Hospital who were fired for refusing to receive one of the expermimental COVID vaccines apparently were regarded by administrators as disposable.

But two months later, the hospital is one of several in the area experiencing a severe shortage of medical personnel as media report local hospitals have reached a “breaking point” because of a flood of COVID-19 cases, noted the Foundation for Economic Education.

The Houston Chronicle said an editorial published Tuesday the 25-county hospital area that includes Houston had more patients in hospital beds than at any point in 2021. But local KHOU-TV reported medical tents erected outside of Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital are vacant because of a shortage of nurses.



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Author: Lawrence Morra

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16 thoughts on “Hospital ‘hits breaking point’ after firing 150 unvaccinated workers”

  1. In the past 3+ years, nurses were the ones I spoke to in medical fields who were frightened by policies pharmaceutical industries were imposing on patients.

    I could see fear in their eyes. One nurse at Tufts told me of a child she cared for there who had obviously been vaccine-injured but was not being treated thus. She went in at the beginning of her shift and that child’s bed was empty. She told me she assumed that child had died.

    A Nurse at MHG Danvers looked at me fearfully as she opened an examining-room door after accepting studies and research and a copy of the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient list. I took her look to mean I should be discreet as to what we had discussed in that examining room—I complied.

    Pablo’s is the only name I remember. He was at an Urgent Care in North Beverly in Beverly, Massachusetts. If you look in my article listed below, you will find my email declaration of “My First Thank You” to the Managing editor I was sharing information within this article:

    My Response to “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought” Take 2

    I will never forget that ‘Thank You.’ It’s even more poignant now. Nurses were frightened but afraid to speak out. It brings to mind this poem:

    “First They Came for the Jews” By Pastor Niemoller

    I had been constantly reminded of this poem when speaking to those less targeted than me at the time. Mds were quite hard-assed when being confronted with assertions of vaccine-derived diseases.

    One Physician’s Assistant [PA] became downright belligerent at my assertions of vaccine-strain pertussis as alluded to a bit in the article below. I left that examining room without treatment but I remember the concerned look in the attending nurse’s eyes.

    Questions About Vaccine-Strain Pertussis 2020

    Another male nurse at Tuft’s face dripped in fear as I told him about pilot studies being performed with nurses to see is maybe they should not be required to take the anthrax vaccine.

    I angrily expressed my opinion of the PHQ 9 and he informed me there was [now] a PHQ 2 being used then. If you want to know what that is, it’s discussed here:

    Pfizer’s PHQ Pfallacy

    Tufts is where I learned I had:

    My Name is ASIA

    But they would subsequently never acknowledge it in records and would never, ever treat it. Pharmaceutical/medical industrial complexes and their minions do not treat vaccine injury.

    Nurses got the shit end of the stick, but they certainly were giving the vaccine-injured the shaft. They knew and they said nothing—all for a paycheck.

    Still-the look I saw in nurses’ eyes haunts me to this day.

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    1. Hey Joyce! Again, I’m blown away by the incredible comprehensive illustration of Facts and Truth that you provide in these enormously important articles which I pray are getting tons of circulation everywhere! I will be digging into this more today and will add my either insightful perspective or shtick/sarcasm along with hopefully any added insight to help the cause; but in the very least to get the word out to anyone who will listen!

      I had to crank out a short essay republication moments ago which amazingly ties into your great article; so I want to add it here immediately as it referred to Nurses very much being key in fighting the devils; which you had brought out so well the very nature of what they are subjected to and so painfully aware of!!! The right and good people are going to come together I believe to take down the monolithic power hungry enemies of humanity; if we keep pushing the needle in the right direction this way!
      God bless you.


      1. Oh hell no—I am being throttled everywhere. You probably are, too. Can’t have anyone out there making too much sense.

        Now that I look over the long answer I’ve made here, I think I will probably tuck it into an article to give it more visibility.

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      2. Here you go. If you like, I will feed in any respose you have or you can add it yourself. I’d like anything you have to say be quite visible.

        You are eloquent, articulate, and precise in your observations.

        Hospital ‘hits breaking point’ after firing 150 unvaccinated workers: a Response by Joyce Bowen

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    1. In this at times chaotic world of conflict today; once in a while some good people I believe driven by faith in God do manage to pull it together and take on the Devil!

      I know at these matters are something you know far more than I ever will! But I pray there is some consolation and satisfaction that the war; “it isn’t over till the fat lady sings,” and I want to see heads roll as in the really culpable pay “a full measure of justice” here in this world before they do in the next! That would be such a beautiful lesson to the entire world and a special provision granted by God! I pray! Amen.

      Thank you Joyce for all you have done!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


  2. Hell yea! I got throttled on Twitforbrains, Dorsey Don’t Know Jack; (Nicholson lol), until they pulled my plug! Welcome to Communist America! Do they really think I don’t know what Biden and many other Senators have been doing over in China holding hands with Xi? This isn’t rocket science boys and girls it’s called Dirty Politics and TREASON along with ESPIONAGE! The Rosenberg’s got fried in the electric chair in 1953 and did far less crime and destruction to America than these forked tongue devils did and do; still to this day! Swalwell did it right up to when he was re-appointed to the House Committee on Homeland Security as well Pelosi also named Swalwell as one of the House managers in President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial to prove I suppose that she doesn’t give a flying leap about you, me, America or anything that matters; only her selfish soul’s craving of more wealth and power!

    I remember an old line from a cool movie and I always loved watching those older ones, with good writing and top caliber actors who were really some darn good people in life like Paul Newman in Hombre who I actually met on a location set! In Hombre Richard Boone says to the half breed Newman character; “now just what do you figure hell is going to look like” just a moment before they have their final shootout! Cool Hand Luke star Newman wryly says, “We all die it’s just a question of when!” That was John Russell I believe; the character name, a half Native American and White man.

    Paul had the right character name in the 2nd film; “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:25

    I wonder if those social media big wheel sellouts ever wonder about what it looks like and how to get through that eye of the needle! Oh well; they will find out! Too bad they are such losers I did have some neat folks following me even some sensible Hollywood types like Scott Baio and many News or Social Media Heavy Hitters! I guess I just say it too much like it really is, and did about Chuck Todd being his arrogant aloof self when saying the freezing to death citizens down in Texas during that major winter storm, during a live shot with a local news reporter, “at least they are afforded another layer of protection with masks!!!” I saw red; I knew and know people that were in that nightmare! I called him out; but I’m not polite like all the pundits are! I didn’t use any profanity at all but just an old neighborhood growing up expression that is fairly common when you want someone to get some sense and wake up! My sister thinks he’s an illuminati type! Whatever it is, it’s very sick! They were throttling me already by then and I had just put on a very long article about Tennessee passing legislation giving any biological father of a pregnant woman injunctive relief to prevent her from having an abortion; just hours before that I posted a portion of the Bill and my article link! I’m sure some TwitterTwit said lets flick this guy out of Twitterville for that alone; probably one with a huge guilty conscience! Libs hate me! A Few Good Men; “Truth; You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Love that Jack when he lights up! “Tour de force” performance!

    I have so much to do but am going to do something with the article! I have to think deeply and pray then have the time to focus!

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      1. Hi Joyce I hope you are ding well and comfy and cozy there! I wrote a long narrative of my view on the Vaccine Fiasco and went to reblog
        It won’ go through so if you know any reason why not let me know and if push comes to shove and it can’t work as it should I can rebuild a blog close to what you have by placing my info ahead of yours which I will paste as close to exactly what you have here!
        Let me know but my narrative is very long and so if this is any difficulty from your position then I will just write a blog and use my narrative according and keep it separate! Let me know and catch you later! Oh and if you want to see all of this narrative first let me know as well I can email it!

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      2. I am getting your emails—all 3 of them. I spoke to a support tech for my personal site early this morning, and he was like whoooooa. He couldn’t believe it.

        Apparently MicroSoft IPs are all over me like flies on shit. He told me I was very brave to provoke such action.

        I told him it was because my work is very accurate.

        I just saw this today:


        ALERT: The FDA is abandoning any last shred of scientific integrity and rushing the Pfizer covid vaccine into FULL APPROVAL this Monday! These FDA “officials” need to be criminally investigated and indicted. The vaccine has skipped stage-3 trials and has already killed thousands. This is the FDA’s desperate attempt to achieve mass extermination via vaccine. It is an acceleration of their timetable, which means nationwide mandates are right around the corner…”

        If this is true, it’s almost over.

        I don’t know why you are not able to repost unless blackards are preventing it.

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      3. Joyce I saw that this morning too and I see how the whole government is under demonic control just about and that is to help Biden and is evil ilk pave the road for Communist China’s and Satan’s plan for us all! These devils are directly wired to hell. That is treason and espionage along with so many other criminal statutes of federal law! It’s like we have the enemies running the Nation! Where is the FBI and CIA or our DOD they are all helping, that is where they are! How else would Afghanistan go belly up like that as if there was no military strategists; come on they are so capable but it was a set up playing it all for a bigger plan; while China, Russia and Iran work with the Taliban!

        Should I bother making up a new post like I do for News Agencies or wait to see if all is well later?


      4. Joyce… that was my reason for doing it and I woke at 3 am starting to write what came to my mind after dreaming! I stayed up for a couple of hour’s broken sleep again, I’m on a roll; but I mention you throughout the many paragraphs! It’s all about you and your work I feel! I get a little brassy but keep it cool! Sarcastic maybe or pointing my finger without being a jerk!
        I’m learning and have too much to wrap my brain around in this area of foul medicine!
        I was waiting before I go ahead to hear from you, so I will in a bit, just try again, and if no dice I’ll make up the blog and post all of your material! You are the one that has something invaluable to offer the world here friend!
        God bless you.


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