Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Will File Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

“shipwreck of fools and criminals”

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August 20, 2021

Biden mad man 2

Go for it! Kick the bum out on his sick ass!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has announced she will file articles of impeachment against Biden. The impeachment articles are over the complete disaster that has occurred in Afghanistan. Rep. Greene made the announcement during an America First Rally where Rep. Matt Gaetz accompanied her.

According to CBS 8 News, Rep. Greene made her comments in front of a crowd in Des Moines, Iowa. She said when somebody doesn’t do their job in the manner it should be done, then that person should be fired. Greene then went on to say she was going to file articles of impeachment against Biden as early as Friday.

Earlier in the year, Greene filed articles of impeachment against Biden; however, the  Democrat representatives who control the House quickly turned down the articles.


Joe Biden Left Over 10,000 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan

As of right now, there are still close to 10,000 Americans stranded within Afghanistan, due to the fact Biden decided to withdraw U.S. troops before U.S. civilians.

Now U.S. civilians are stuck and unable travel to the Kabul airport because the Taliban has taken over the roads and also set up checkpoints all across the country.

The Biden administration’s negligence doesn’t stop there. A leaked memo written by the State Department was addressed to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and warned the Biden administration Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban by late August.

The memo written by members of the State Department that worked inside of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned the Biden administration that as soon as troops are withdrawn, the collapse of Kabul will happen.

Around the same time the Biden administration was given this memo in July, Biden and Blinken both stated in interviews that Afghanistan would not fall to the Taliban once U.S. troops were withdrawn.

The complete incompetence by Biden is worthy of an impeachment trial. Unlike last time, though, it appears even Democrats might be in favor of Biden being removed from office.

How Do Article Of Impeachments Work?

First, in order to impeach a president, articles of impeachment must be filed against the president. Then, after the articles of impeachment are filed, they must pass the House with a simple majority to advance to the Senate.

If the articles pass the House of Representatives, they then must receive a two-third vote in the Senate in order for the president to be removed from office.

If Biden was to be removed from office, then America would be stuck with Kamala Harris as President. If both Harris and Biden were impeached, then Nancy Pelosi is third in line to be president.

It appears even if Biden is removed from office, America would be stuck with yet another incompetent president.

Impeach all 3 of em
Kamala already said she agreed with Biden and supported it in a meeting when the decision was made
Pelosi is on record saying Biden did a great job

So knock all 3 of em out and hand it to McCarthy.

Even if they get this to fly and dump many of the Dems with him we still have a shipwreck of fools and criminals!  But I would love to see Evil Biden get the boot right into Jail!  That would make me very happy!

Lawrence Morra III

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Will File Articles of Impeachment Against Biden”

  1. I love Gaetz and Greene. The presidential line of succession is rather bleak. McCarthy isn’t on it for now, though maybe you mean after the midterms. If the impeachment is prompt, I guess that we would have to make do with Leahy, unless Trump is reinstated:
    I heard that the US House can elect anyone as speaker, though I didn’t check it out. So, some have suggested that Trump can be elected speaker and become President that way. I would like to see Gaetz and/or Greene as President.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Brother in Christ Jesus!
      You encapsulated it all fantastically here; very concise Truth and made it plain as day to anyone interested! I love Gaetz and Greene as well, both bold warriors in the fight against the evil establishment tyranny! Just the opposite of the Mitt Romney evil SOB types floating around in Washington!
      Yes this whole chain of command and absolutely necessary transfer of power to people that can govern this Republic under God, is in a state of Flux; but God knows it cannot stay as its been any longer that is a foregone conclusion, this madman and his equally insane entire cabinet along with the majority of the Democrat Party are all out to lunch and mad dog lying dirt! If this isn’t contained quickly, this Helter-skelter fiasco administration will start a nuclear war!
      Time to mop-up the swill!

      As always thank you for your enormously invaluable input and insight!
      God bless you.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


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