Truckers threaten to shut down Australia as country succumbs to Covid insanity, shoots dogs, thrashes citizens, by OpIndia

I’ve driven semis hundreds of thousands of miles at times making a living when other things weren’t happening; now this is how semis and the drivers can make sure something that is happening STOPS DEAD in it’s tracks!

God bless these people for having the finesse to join together and have some balls to fight the damned tyrants that have slowly but surely like a giant global python snake from hell been coiling around our lives and now minds to subdue us!

Time to fight back and use all appropriate available methods to shut them down! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with these lying evil despots!!!

This is what I was just saying in this other posting too, so let’s pray and keep doing what it takes people; we can change the world if we stop listening to the cursed politicians and ruling class globalists that hate us all!


Thank you!
God bless these people on the move doing God’s work!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Australia has gone off the deep end, but some of its citizens are starting to object and protest. In a land with tightly controlled firearms, truckers are bringing another weapon to the table—their trucks. From OpIndia at

Social media websites are awash with a video of a truck driver who said in his video that truck drivers are ‘planning to shut down the country’ to ‘remove the s*** government’.

Australia seems to be in the grips of COVID-induced insanity as people across the country are vigorously protesting against the lockdown measures imposed to curb the spread of the renewed bout of coronavirus outbreak.

After violent ruckus witnessed on the streets of major Australian cities, including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and dogs shot dead by a rural council in New South Wales to prevent volunteers from travelling during Covid restrictions, Australian truck drivers…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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4 thoughts on “Truckers threaten to shut down Australia as country succumbs to Covid insanity, shoots dogs, thrashes citizens, by OpIndia”

    1. First words that came to my mind and I thought how cool it would be if I was still driving semis tough I do have my CDL and all endorsements still, I’m not there but who knows maybe I’ll be talking to people soon and hammer down!

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