VIDEO Ohio Mayor Puts School Board on Notice: ‘Resign or Face Criminal Charges For Distributing Child Pornography’

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By Cristina Laila September 15, 2021 Ohio – Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert told the Hudson Board of Education during a meeting this week: ‘Resign or face criminal charges for distributing child pornography.’ Parents were infuriated after a book called “642 Things to Write About” was distributed to high school students along with…

Should we be surprised that it’s come to this where for many years how society has even overly tolerated the extremists in or society as they effected along with many totally secular minded officials or teachers who have moved toward Marxist/Socialistic ideology becoming a society of overly tolerant, permissive, politically correct, now woke CRT promulgators over traditional, tried, tested and proven principles that obviously got us humans through centuries and millennia to establish a Great Nation under God that has done so much good for its people and the world all along!

But if it was the other way around does anyone actually believe or more importantly have proof and historical record to demonstrate that if our forebears and ancestors promulgated all of these hard leftist even communist wacky ideas that we could have done and accomplished as human beings what we have while maintaining a True Freedom of the People! Is North Korea Free, or China and Russia, and how about Iran or Syria and now Afghanistan which Biden and his Leftist Mob allowed to spiral out of control into near chaos again where women will be forth class citizens or like dogs to tyrannical men that think nothing of lopping heads off of their inferred enemies whether they be foreigners or their own people! Anyone with a normally functioning brain and more importantly conscience, knows that would have been impossible to achieve during the times of our founders with the sorts of behaviors and twisted-sister thinking that so many spoiled rotten, entitled rebellious adults and children are demonstrating these days!

I have to spell it out in plain English without any sugar coating, that too many disturbed and even crazy people have been given a platform now to only shout their wild leftist ideas from, but, have also been propped up as the new and greatest thing since sliced bread by a massive enabler the MSM assisted in this effort by too many political figures that are off the rails wicked and insane like Biden and Pelosi who are more than glad to create division and sensation that they can use to project into the future that they are the leaders for change and will “Build Back Better” like the totally evil and insane Biden is doing with the cabal secretly being instilled by Obama’s cabal and too many absolutely willing senators and congressional members! Anyone with a clue can see they are building NOTHING but actually are instead tearing apart the very innate fabric of a society and cultural heritage that was for a great many years the most envied in the world bar none, making America a truly real place to have a chance where even so many from other nations moved to; in order that they could live a free, productive, and happy life!

Now these completely out of control Leftists are trying to ramrod anything that is hideous and even diabolical into the minds and hearts of the most vulnerable in society our children to completely warp and damage their minds as I see it par of Satan’s plan to not only destroy America and all the Good its represented but to also make a completely heathen, pagan, secular sinful place of total decadence and debauchery that will assure a one way express train for all of its citizens to HELL.

God created human beings to serve His ultimate purposes and not for them to reject Him or think they can go it alone and do what the hell they please to satisfy their own selfish desires or lusts like rebellious derelicts, which we see all over the place now! The standards in America have shifted and dropped not only off of the plateau of excellence and fine achievement that were maintained throughout America’s history improving over time but now have dropped down into the toilet heading into a cauldron of waste matter and doom!

When Obama a complete fraud and wicked human being was placed on a pedestal as someone that was great and going to bring all Americans together making them even better than they had been, some kind of enlightenment he led them to believe; it was all a lie because he was at the juncture where the most divisiveness and debauchery in America got ramped up, to not make a better Nation under God but to ruin and make America a hellish place ruled by Satan! People were tricked by that evil man to think he was going to be some MLK like figure which he is so far removed from even resembling in truth, that it’s a sin by itself to think he was anything of the kind; while being an insult to Martin Luther King!

People have been deceived and played to the hilt by him and many forked tongued devils, yet so many still don’t get it, or have a clue; so I see how multitudes will never wake up in time to save America or their souls from hell! But, there are still many of us who didn’t want this to happen and perhaps we failed in some ways too, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t seek redemption in good faith and conscience so that we make amends to fight back with all we’ve got, to correct and right the wrongs allowed to propagate and fester; in order to have a fighting chance of saving Our Nation under God for the foreseeable future and perhaps generations to come! And regardless, of whether it’s even being too late to save our nation, we have to fight the good fight if we have any common decency and good left in us collectively, to at least rally the many good citizens and Christian minded peoples of America to say enough is enough; we want to live the way God intended for us to live just like our Great Forebears stated when they founded this Nation under God; in so doing we can help God to save souls!

I just saw in a MSM headline that Senator Dick Durbin a most contemptuous angry power drunk corrupted Senator and human being, who was so pleased to push falsehoods and fake articles of impeachment against a sitting president Trump at the time angrily stirring the pot as it were, against a President who definitely didn’t deserve them! But now when his own Parties Blood is working feverishly to consolidate and secure power; a corrupted most vile fraud of a man who is the Fake President, now giving Obama and his following a third term, this crony Durbin just said, now is the time he can really make The Dreamers get their wish and have a clear path to citizenship. This fraud politician is only looking to secure the power that he and all of the corrupted Democrats or ruling class have yearned for over the last couple of decades, and to make sure they secure millions more votes for the Democrat Party, and that is all he is trying to do! This way the leftist madness that has reared its ugly head as of late, will take full control; and these crazy immoral ideas or policies throughout our system will be law of the land, just like the concept of Woke, Marxism and CRT are gaining such power, to accomplish as Bernie Sanders has said, a communist, along with Radical Biden with Obama; has said we can fundamentally change this country for the better! Don’t believe for one minute that that man or Durbin want anything that is good for America and its Good Citizens, which includes you and me; or even the future of this Constitutional Republic under God; they don’t care diddlysquat about any of that!

Keep the faith and Jesus Christ Front and Center! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


By Cristina Laila September 15, 2021

Ohio – Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert told the Hudson Board of Education during a meeting this week: ‘Resign or face criminal charges for distributing child pornography.’

Parents were infuriated after a book called “642 Things to Write About” was distributed to high school students along with an assignment to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom,” and “rewrite the sex scene from above into one that you’d let your mom read.”

Parents said the material in the book was a form of “grooming” and demanded action be taken against the school board.

“It has come to my attention that your educators are distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom,” Mayor Craig Shubert told the Hudson Board of Education during a meeting on Monday.

“I’ve spoken to a judge this evening. She’s already confirmed that. So I’m going to give you…

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