“Where Would A Person Even Come Up With These Ideas?” US Sen. Toomey Points To Soviet Training Of Biden Nominee; Asks For Copy Of Her Thesis On Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis And Theory Of Revolution

This is what the current out of control Biden dictatorship administration is orchestrating and advocating for; non-stop!

“the Soviet Union—that brutal, oppressive, totalitarian, freedom-suppressing, soul-sucking, murderous regime that was the Soviet Union”

I’ve had it! I’m pissed off and I’m going to talk in plain hardcore balls to the wall lingo to these rotten animals that are out to destroy my country right under our noses! These are Nazi Gestapo Tactics straight out of the Joseph Goebbels Nazi Gestapo Rule Book of the Third Reich!

Garland is an outright Traitor and is absolutely treasonous which means he has not upheld the US Constitution and his oath of office to protect and defend it, “our nation and citizens under God against all enemies foreign and domestic,” which means he should be tried by a Military Tribunal found guilty and summarily executed! Period! These disgusting out of control Nazis and Commies are running slipshod all over Our Nation’s Great Heritage and Values as they are totally disregarding all foundational precepts that this One Nation under God was founded upon! That is nothing short of a Coup d’état!

All these treasonous insurrectionists and Traitors running these school district board meetings should be arrested immediately and charged accordingly under the US Constitution and sent to GITMO to await their trials under a military tribunal just as their propaganda minister Garland should.

The left crazies have been getting away with murder and mayhem, (Riots and Looting of Major Cities Summer of 2020 at the behest of the Democrat Criminal Party); as once they were “given a PC inch they took a Commie Mile!” Now they are rampantly destructive, evil and hateful enemies of “The People” for whom they are “employed to serve!” This cannot be allowed to continue for the reasons I have stated and all of the obvious others, not the least of which should be the reality that is staring us all in the face right now!

These extremists and enemies are attempting to strip away “American citizens rights” with intimidation and fear tactics like any other dictatorship practices, pounding us all into the pavement as they gain more “totalitarian control,” not serving the People but owning them; and if this continues just a little more; we are going to see an all-out Civil War the likes of which has never been imagined in any Nation on Earth!

God Bless America and ALL Patriotic American Citizens! Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III




Mining Awareness +

Where Would A Person Even Come Up With These Ideas?’ Toomey Points To Soviet Upbringing of Biden Nomineehttps://youtu.be/4vPisGG6nvw

Specifically, she wants the Federal Reserve to allocate credit and capital, and as part of the regime, she advocates that the government acting through the Fed would actually cut off credit to those deemed, quote, socially suboptimal, end quote.

Can you imagine? Is there something more chilling than the idea that we would abolish retail banking, make it the responsibility of the Fed, and then actively require that the Fed decides who is socially optimal and who is not and then allocate credit accordingly…

Under her plan, which she again laid this out in writing, this is in a 2016 paper, the Federal Reserve would set prices in large sectors of the US economy…

Even she admitted that this is “paternalistic and has command and control elements”. At…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

21 thoughts on ““Where Would A Person Even Come Up With These Ideas?” US Sen. Toomey Points To Soviet Training Of Biden Nominee; Asks For Copy Of Her Thesis On Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis And Theory Of Revolution”

  1. I agree, Brother Lawrence! Liberals have gotten away with too much for too long – and conservatives and Republicans let them get away with it, and are still letting them get away with it! I just sent a nasty email to Mitch McConnell this morning about that very thing. The Democrats continue to violate the U.S. Constitution, and the constitutionalists like Sen. Ted Cruz criticize but do nothing about it! AG Garland has, indeed, violated his oath of office to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and the rights of the American people, and he must be removed! Pronto!

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    1. Hi Dear Sister Dawn! God bless you for doing that as I need to hold off on sending anything to him; I actually consider him as bad or actually in some ways worse than Judas! That man is a vile creature who laid his soul prostrate to the beast system and has colluded either indirectly or even directly with the Democrat Organized Crime Syndicate helping in the selling out and slaying of America! So he is finished in my humble opinion; as I can’t see any way he can explain to Jesus why he betrayed America, all the loyal devout God fearing conservatives and prolife faithful while he has grown his own wealth exponentially while neglecting his sworn oath and duty; as in for example being co-owner with his brother in-law in one of the largest container shipping firms in the world running out of China! The man is lower than the lowest to me, and I know it would be pointless in my case to waste my energy and words on such a despot; even if I could contain them to some level of civility! But think of that, how he has been for so many years the leader of the GOP and he is such a serpentine self-serving scoundrel!

      To me it’s like my Dad always said, “some people will sell their souls to the Devil for money and power,” so he is at least as bad as Biden, America’s own Man of Perdition! Lindsey Graham is another establishment swamp creature that proved his true colors over the last year in my eyes very clearly; I caught him contradicting things he had said a while ago so the lies for a pathological liar sometimes mount up so much that it’s impossible to keep track and be a clever enough sociopath or shall I say psychopath!

      Hey I still believe in miracles and that is what it would take for that McConnell to bail on all the dirt and turn them in; but my heart tells me no way, not going to happen!

      Thanks for your great insights and effort to help Dawn!

      God bless you and your family!

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      1. Of course you do! And why am I not the slightest bit surprised; my Sister Dawn!
        I will pray for them and I know that you remain vigilant also; which is a comfort for me Dawn! Miracles will come there is no doubt about it! I’ve experienced enough of them to speak boldly of that reality!
        God bless you and your family now and always!

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    2. Sister Dawn… I again want to thank you again for this honorable action of yours in sending that letter! Not to be nosy but if you indeed receive anything you would care to share in reference to same please never hesitate to do so here on this blog or any other I posted!

      I got that DVD Harvey yesterday, it just came so fast and that was cool because if not Friday I will definitely be looking forward to watching it Saturday! Hope all your movie watching times are great enjoyment!

      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  2. Thanks for the reblog! To make clear, my comment on the other reblog, which you haven’t approved, was not meant toward you, but to the commenter (JB) who is so sour in life and thinks it helps by trolling around comments sections of blogs and saying only negative things-name calling. That was my best effort to both respond indirectly and maybe help her.

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    1. Hey brother I had some delays in catching up with this on here and nothing crossed any wires with me! You and anyone like you can say what you want on my postings but if anyone starts picking fights or shitting on me then they are history and that can be a subtle sort of trouble maker too!

      Believe me when I tell you I can take it on the chin when I’m wrong and even when I’m right, and someone says no you’re not! I been around the track as they say, and got kicked to the curb big time, so I have to have learned by now that taking it the way it comes or the bull by the horns and rolling with the punches is a necessity in this life! Sometimes we are in a more weakened state and more vulnerable but if we have genuine Moxie nothing can break us and that starts with genuine faith in Jesus Christ!

      So I get it and helping others who can’t quite see a certain aspect they really do need to awaken to is very important and its commendable to give some offering in that regard when we can! I had and just up to the other day a pisser of a troll woman who is blocked; a fairly popular and published in the Ways of the World Arena internet troll but I have no time for devious self-serving backstabbing vindictive women like her or of any kind, and you know better than most there are some cold hearts and acid like minds out there, so if I run into one I go the opposite direction!

      And this one hated me more for doing that after my blocking her, so she began a campaign to piss me off and needle me though my following! I can get real pissed off and in person I would not get extreme but that sort of person would have gotten it much more clearly what I’m about and won’t tolerate; as in firstly tell her to back the blank off and if you don’t you may find yourself in court on the end of a law suit; some people are very sick and love to start trouble for another! Which I had in my area where I live happen; they love to see the nice guy come in last, and the internet just made it easier to jerk people around with these sick games that in person they can’t pull off so easy! I had to actually say that to a couple of people in my real daily life in person in months gone by, so I don’t like being screwed with or shined on by some person who has a head trip or a rotting soul; I don’t want to hear it and it’s not my problem!

      I can tell you have the right channel tuned in and don’t listen to the static and garbage being hurled about constantly; especially on this internet!

      Too much phony baloney and lip service Brother! Games people play; Animal Farm! All the Devil’s work.
      God bless you!

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      1. Thank you. I’m sorry. Didn’t you say you are part Scots? Western Scots and Irish are the same people, anyway. An Italian told me that Irish are the Italians of the north. You can report people to WordPress. I noticed someone online that after having abused and alienated their own family is picking fights with people online. I had thought maybe they would have calmed in old age. But, no, the person is calling the non-vaccinated murderers and so forth. So, I don’t hold out much hope. After a certain age a Saul to Paul conversion is possible but appears unlikely. This country may have more mentally ill because we were a prison colony.

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      2. These people that you mention that pick fights and stir the pot are the main reason I only use Word Press as I know enough about the shit-hole Facebook and many of the others that are leftist crazy Democrat biased nightmares to know it’s useless wasting time on them for me! This is more controlled and succinct in that I have found it’s more pick a pathway that you enjoy and can converse only with those of likeminded ideas and interests driving along in your own lane and if they aren’t of that mindset they can find some other place to park their butt cheeks!

        I had a guy in Africa that was relentless and annoying especially once I told him I saw through his shtick and his con act; just out to use and take advantage! Another woman who during the Floyd Fiasco Insanity whom I had not had two words with in almost two years suddenly appeared on my Blog tearing me a new one for daring to speak poorly of the Hero Floyd!!! I gave her the Block quick! But reporting can only do so much; as they say it’s open to all comers, so just block said person! But, as I said then; these pot stirrers can still find ways to annoy!

        On to the happy side of blogging again are the bloodlines which we did touch on before! I said that I’m full Italian but feel like I’m Irish and a bit Scottish having large families with many cousins by marriage and other extended blood relatives that are Irish and Scottish all of which I blend in well with; and yes some of them they can be a lot Italian or visa-versa in my case! To me it’s all a good thing for sure!

        Yes, I know about the prison colony component and I’m sure it seeped into the psyche of family linages moving forward over and through the centuries; but this melting pot is a radical mix now, a far cry from the more homogeneous blend way back after the founding and the Slavery issue was resolved over time along with Civil Rights Reforms making for a fair deal for all; along with coming through two World Wars that united the people as one; nothing is perfect, but with so much to appreciate one would think most people would cooperate more rather than be picking bones over diddlysquat! So I don’t see much hope of a true meeting of minds and settling of differences here either, for all to say we all want the same thing and respect as well as appreciate the founding principles and virtues of this Great Land; they will destroy the country first, than to not get their own asinine self-centered insane ways!
        Then here are the globalist insane power mongers club members that wan to mold and shape the world now! Kind of between a rock and a hard place scene!

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      3. These genetic components do still persist, but the problems we see have to do with socialization (values and culture), IMO. Genetics mostly has to do with looks, talents and longevity. People who were the victims of bad parenting can’t know how to be a good parent without help. If they marry someone with good parents, then the well trained parent and grandparents can train the children and help break the cycle. Usually the victims of bad parenting marry other victims of bad parenting and perpetuate the disaster.

        I think maybe you were lucky enough to grow up in a happy Italian cocoon. Italians tend to share and help each other and even help non-Italians. Thus, they prosper. Italy is comprised of many peoples, but trying to think of this I realized the big distinction is that in Italy any feuding was between families. In Italy the inquisition wasn’t as harsh as in Spain, because family and business came before the church. In Ireland and Scotland feuding was within families and sometimes between them as well. So, similarities are mostly superficial and getting along depends on the high tolerance of Italians. I know a half Italian who was very irritated at his Italian colleagues who, like me, don’t like everything new tech. I thought these Italians were very funny and I feel a strong kinship in spirit to them and laughed and the half Italian got mad at me. I was shocked that the people appear so nice and kind in Ireland and Scotland, however. Bad reputation helped protect the Scots and Irish, but once invaded they were helpless and even sold out their brethren. They also changed sides. I have an ancestor who I think was William Wallace’s military brain, but it could have been the brother, who was on the other side. Some of those people changed sides during those wars, too. People changed sides during the English Civil Wars, sometimes repeatedly, and it’s very confusing. At some points Presbyterians and Catholics have worked together historically because they were fighting for a British or Scottish King, for instance or against Cromwell. In Tennessee during the US Civil War, brother fought brother. In that instance, though, they had time-outs where they drank coffee together. If you don’t work together, as a family, you can’t successfully farm. This may be why people who worked the fields tended to be nicer and share and work together. My father’s cousins worked hard but found enough money to help send him to school. There is a certain mystery, too. I used to know two identical twins. One was cheerful from childhood and the other sour from childhood. It’s the only twins I could tell apart. Perhaps they acted this way so that they could be told apart. The cheerful one was poor as an adult but remained cheerful and kind. The sour one was given everything nice, including a nice spouse, but mean, and especially mean to their twin and successfully turned people against the poor, cheerful and kind twin.

        Where people are too nice and welcoming they tend to get run over by immigrants. A certain bad reputation can keep immigrants away, but ultimately if people don’t get along with their own family or neighbors, they can’t fend off invaders and they may even welcome them. Ireland was invaded because one Irish king invited a British knight (Strongbow) to help him fight another Irish king. The Anglo-Norman King of England, Henri II, was worried that his knight would have Ireland and become too powerful, so he invaded and Ireland didn’t get free for almost a thousand years. They seem to have quickly lost it again by joining the EU in exchange for what looked like free money, but wasn’t. Only in that tiny window from 1950 to 1984 was I eligible for an Irish passport, but I didn’t know it, and never dreamed that I would need it. Now they want the entire world to come to Ireland, as long as they aren’t ethnic Irish. The UK is destroying the last remnants of Gaelic language and culture in Scotland by settling Arabs in the last areas of Gaelic language and culture, such as the Hebrides. Again, they want to make a wolf sanctuary in Scotland or invite in these foreigners, but they won’t allow their own people to return. It’s cultural and ethnic genocide, but no one says anything. It really pisses me off. There are so few Scots and Irish in the world, that they could easily take them all back. We are genetically unique and resistant and an endangered species. The Scottish elites in parliament also literally sold Scotland to England to get out of debt. We Americans are a divided people being invaded through family joining by groups with a plan to take over, such as Hindu Brahmins, who only care for and look after their own ethnic caste group. Like the Scots elites, our elites only care about money. Read about the Highland Clearances and the sell-out to England by the Scottish parliamentarians. There’s another aspect that makes this all the more complicated and requires looking at history, regions, etc. That is the fact that most of Britain was Romanized and Christian Celts and Picts prior to the invasion by mostly pagan Anglo-Saxons, Jutes (aka English) and then Vikings. Ireland was mostly non-Romanized Christians. Normans-Vikings also invaded Italy, and set themselves up as feudal overlords, which they also did in Scotland. Most of the Clan names are actually Norman names and names that don’t sound Scottish to our ears are actually the true indigenous. Some indigenous took the Clan names of the Norman overlords too. I looked at the book by Donald Trump’s niece and it made Donald Trump look good and her father and herself look very bad, but she’s too stupid to know it. It’s sort of a microcosm of our problems.

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      4. Sounds to me like assimilation or a reverse osmosis kind of thing and people can change or evolve depending on the environment they are exposed to over time!

        “happy Italian cocoon” yes and no I had a fair amount of that at one stage then many of the social changes and separating factors of the nuclear family running rampant in American culture and society as a whole started taking hold of minds and hearts causing some minor and major separations even some painful ones. Nothing that compares to those historical ones but now more of a cold shoulder attitude and I’m too busy for you thing; you describe so well and allow one to realize and be thankful we don’t have to deal with some of the feuding or outright contempt for one another that fractured some families in those distant past times!

        Like the Civil War or those futile breakdowns between families during those “feudal system” times! I think I can like many people tend to think that some past times were the “good old days” as they say but did that ever exist? When we delve into the hard truth about peoples and societies we’ve been at war with ourselves all along and nobody ever had it licked or some completely idyllic harmonious time it seems! I think it’s easy for us to look back and with a romanticized eye wish to think of the past being happier; and we now have somehow fallen into a quagmire or twisted time!

        I will have to as you suggest “Read about the Highland Clearances and the sell-out to England by the Scottish parliamentarians.” All of it quite interesting and telling. I do know a bit about how those peoples in the British Isles coming out of Pagan Druid style mentality were greatly romanized and Christianity was introduced to them from the Italians! I was just recalling from my past reading how St Augustine of Canterbury is considered to have been a chief facilitator of Christianity in the British Isles when I decided to take a quick cursory look at that period and found something I had either forgotten or never actually understood which is amazing!

        Not only did Joseph of Aramathea have direct contact with those ancient pagan peoples but a first fresco depicting that precise time frame during that ancient period of that “Romanization” is perhaps the or at least a most unexpected twist, that is, the first fresco which depicts St Peter Prince of the Apostles visiting Britain and then consecrating the first bishops for the British Church. Whether this is some legend from an embellished artist’s point of view a sort of “Fake News” or the genuine article is something I can’t be sure of at the moment without some research and cross referencing but I tend to believe it more likely than not to be the case!

        I do have my doubts about Trumps relatives coming out with tell all’s or something so earth shattering that they needed to jump into the media circus while he was POTUS! I always question Motive and isn’t the bottom line about money! And I have to say your point about stupidity is well taken because there are so many stupid people around these days; go figure when so much history and knowledge is at the fingertips of all but they seem to dumb down instead and just go for the easy route or the jugular every time! Cheap Thrills and hat sells copy and makes mucho pesos! Sensationalism is the term I think applies to the madcap insanity running rampant in our Mass Media! I like quality not quantity and most of this media push is the opposite to flood our brains with too much trash and very little truth; like the old tabloids aka National Enquirer did before the digital explosion!

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      5. You are right, of course. I always go around in circles of when did things start going wrong, but then I recall Genesis. The influences on humans are so complex, as to be possible to sort out, which is why I pitied doctors for awhile. However, many no longer try to help. I figure that if you always had so much love to give, that you were loved at home. The reason I said stupid is that she’s supposed to be a PhD in Psychology. She didn’t even consider the impacts of Donald’s Gaelic speaking mother getting sick when he was two and then he was more cared for by his sister and his German speaking grandmother. I guess his older sister could continue with the Gaelic to make it less traumatic. Plus her own father squandered his money on partying instead of family while Donald worked hard. I forgot some parenting issues were caused by parental death. Grandparents are very, very important and some of them have become selfish too and don’t want to help raise their grandkids, because it is hard, but it’s so important. The Romanized Celts is interesting as it is thought it may be an early genocide. A friend said that my Rhineland (Penn Dutch) great grandmother was so dark because of Roman soldiers on the Rhine. She was from near the Trumps hundreds of years before but looked nothing like them at all. Highland Clearances they even evicted the sick and through them in the ditch and burnt their homes down to put sheep on the land. I think it’s called the betrayal of the Lairds who I guess were really Norman overlords. This as recently as the mid 1800s and why there are so many Scots in Canada.

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      6. “Many no longer try to help,” I found that out personally the hard way and some even harm not too Hippocratic Oath so much with some of them; even some betrayal in my case that was not good for my health; that Cain and Abel division!! Only reason I got caught between a rock and a hard place going from perfect health and running circles around many even younger guys was because I had that nasty enemy through minions mess with me, and got hurt bad; but God got me through it although not unscathed but all in one piece, and a bit beat up is all!

        You said a key word here “Betrayal” and that is what I see in those ancient times as in real Cain and Abel sort of sudden hatred and backstabbing! All work of the Devil!

        The Trump lineage is interesting and I didn’t know about the factors you mention! Well I wasn’t saying there wasn’t some stupidity on the cousin’s part I just don’t know as much about their family tree! My grandparents thank God were exceptionally loving and wise!

        My College days World History behind me along with my history buff interests have waned in recent years so I’m in need of a tune-up and should read some of these highlights you mention to reestablish my basic foundational understanding of the evolution that took place that produced the societal cultures and governments up to and including now!
        Keep these history lessons coming professor; of course, only when you have a moments time to enrich my perspective!
        Thank you!
        God bless you and yours!

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      7. Thanks. Did I say “betrayal”? Yes, that seems to be a constant with humans. The problem with those college courses, you know, is that they are always too much to learn in such a short time and, yet, when you go back and look the books have little detail. Much of what I studied was trying to make sense of a letter my great-grandfather left about my Scottish weaver ancestor who moved to become an Irish weaver and married into a local family. I love stories by the elderly and the family genealogies and stories and so many things which never occur in a book. If you haven’t, you should study your family heritage. May God continue to bless you, as well.

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      8. Now you know you are so right about family genealogies and though it can provide some zinger surprises of who you are actually tied to by blood and marriage there is so much beauty and richness in finding out all of the actual truth of who our real to life ancestors are and wouldn’t it be great to travel time and go visit them and know them intimately! Wow I would love knowing all my kin! And I ‘m sure it would be so wonderful to be close to and share basic good living with them! I know because of old grandparent stories I recall and that is so true what you say about the elderly which today many of the youngest don’t even give a second thought to enquiring into that sort of thing, but you know I used to be like you that way, I was always asking the much older relatives especially around holidays to weekend visits to tell me things about the old times and I learned so much from them, more than any history course! They were living history and I still see the elderly that way! I used to sit with one of my grandmothers and she would be wanting to share so much about her growing up in such a different time and world and how things were so different, and, I loved listening and asking her things!
        Thanks again Brother for reminding me of all this good stuff and getting my mind on those wonderful even the best times of my life! I was so happy and full of exuberance about the future because I had such a firm grip on my families past and felt more tied to this life in a meaningful way that has all fallen by the wayside!


      9. Oh those were and are wonderful conversations and memories now! I should do that and I have so much to write about so when I get some of my priorities in order then I should jump into that! I had a miraculous event yesterday. This former news reporter that’s from the DC area that I used to work with and hadn’t seen in ages was actually in my neighborhood area, and he now lives several towns away but was taking some photos for his own personal hobby and he isn’t doing any reporting anymore!

        I had just listened to Amazing Grace Bag Pipes rendition again and my dog nudged me which made me think, hey maybe I should take you for a walk, and it wasn’t the time of day to typically do that but I felt the overwhelming inspiration to do it and the music had just ended! When me and this guy met by just crossing paths he happened to catch me at the right moment and asked a question about the area; and a few seconds either way it would not have occurred. I have a beard now and he didn’t recognize me so I went along a bit and as we talked about mutual professional connections and then soon we really got talking suddenly the light lit up in his mind as it all fell into place and he was just as excited as me! But then he started showing me some photos in his Nikon and played a video he had taken of this great Italian guy we both knew a public figure that had passed and as soon as the sequence began it started with Bag Pipes doing Amazing Grace!!! I get chills and Goosebumps right now thinking what happened and this guy is a really good man; Irish to boot, his name is Séan! We exchanged our latest personal contact info and are hooked up to get together with another mutual professional documentary man we both used to work with that he stayed in closer contact with doing some freelance work; so a kind of reunion is in the works!

        He even told me how one of his daughters had published a book and is working on another right now, so that all connects with you and me talking here too; especially what you just said! We couldn’t stop talking and it was so cool running into him; so tell me that isn’t God Sent! This man wouldn’t even be in the area at all let alone right at the moment I was walking by that exact location! My former posting converging conversations gets into this, as I say in it Dots being connected all of the time for us to have incentive and signs from God! That exact location I just mentioned walking by that I ran into my friend I was walking by there again just before dusk last night, and suddenly my path crossed with this nice lady who was walking by with her small pure white Pomeranian/Husky that looked amazingly like a Samoyed I used to have so we got talking a bit and she is a very nice nurse who lives in the vicinity which seemed to be the cap off or sign of how God is absolutely in charge and that was all arranged yesterday!

        Thanks for the inspiration!

        God bless you and yours!

        “Converging Conversations and Inspiration”

        Always Walking With Jesus Christ


  3. Thanks for info the about the fresco, too. I was thinking of Jesus in England recently because of the nuclear waste in Cumbria UK and how many or all of the nuclear power stations in the UK are on holy sites. Someone said that CERN is such nonsense that they must be trying to create a portal to let out demons, which would sound crazy if everything weren’t so crazy, which made me wonder if the NPS might not be something more, too. Many of ours are on American Indian holy sites. People traveled from the British Isles to North America early and logic says that the eastern tribes were from there, but you can’t say it. The mound building peoples mostly “vanished”. The Natchez were sent into slavery in the Caribbean supposedly.

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    1. “portal to let out demons” dang that sounds like a possibility the way I see the Demonic!

      Exactly my man if things weren’t so crazy it would seem crazy, but, alas it seems like it Fits! The Horsemen are coming and riding hard to their appointed time and destiny now! The pit will be opened to release the creatures contained therein to torment large swaths of the human race!

      Yes the slavery bit is very true and I was just reading how Governor DeSantis is firing back at the leftist turd heads that want to cancel Columbus Day and make it Indigenous American Day; another smoke and mirror shit sandwich to try rewriting history to make all Americana the actual history look like shit! But truth is truth and as it turns out many of the Indians began selling their captive warring enemy tribe captors to the Spanish so this BS about we European based immigrants being so horrible is such a load; look what the Mayans a Mexican and Central American indigenous people did with daily human sacrifices of adults and babies and the debauchery that was brutal beyond compare almost!

      I see all of this disdain and hate of Americana as Commie tactics to ruin American and make it Communist! Part of the sinister plan!


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