COVID-19 sweeps through DOUBLE VAXXED men’s hockey league!

Of course we all know this has been the biggest LIE ever perpetrated upon humanity if we are in possession of our faculties! What can we expect though when so many people are not just willing but begging to just give in and let our elected officials tell us what to think and do! When it is they who should be taking orders from US!

I said it before and I’m saying again, I had a bad time with my health due to brutal nefarious government officials along with their minions that harmed me and caused me to have to fight for my life on my own! Nobody cared deeply except my Mother, Father and God, along with the best doctor He sent my way to back up my legal issue; and she is a saint to me a great woman. So I don’t want any sympathy at all, but, I’m warning people that these power mongers and officials in charge won’t care a rat’s ass to wipe us out like cockroaches if they are allowed to continue making mandates and tell us we must do this or that! You are marching to your own slaughter when you think by cooperating you are saving your life; but, you are actually only providing a bit more time to live until they are ready to totally control and then destroy!

We must be vigilant in praying to Jesus Christ while we take a stand for Him and our God given purpose for existing, which is of course to serve our Father in Heaven; to do His will. And then we are assuring ourselves of life; but also everlasting in Paradise! Amen.

Don’t fail this test and take the Mark of the Beast giving in and thus supporting the Beast System! I’d rather die and plead to Jesus!

By going along with this evil you cut yourself off from God!
This is a Big Test of our faith and love of God!

It’s easy to make up your minds, look at Fauci and Biden; do you love them and want to follow them? Of course not! They are wicked and psychotic monsters!

Or do you want to love your Father in Heaven who will give you eternal happiness and genuine life there with Him through Jesus!
This is such an easy decision for me! I say to these devils bring it on and do what you will to me; but my soul belongs to God!

God bless you and save you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Written by

Principia Scientific

They were spirited and eager as they gathered at the Newmarket hockey rink, a league of older men, all double-vaccinated and keen to finally get back to a sport they’d put on ice since the start of the pandemic.

Now they are recovering from COVID-19, one of their teammates dead, wondering if this tragedy could have been averted.

“It’s just strange,” mused Brian Dunn, of Thornhill. “15 guys who played separate nights, different change rooms, days apart, one tragic death. We vacillate between absolutely pissed off and sad … I lost my best friend.”

Dunn knows for certain only what happened to him when he returned to play with the Midas 3-on-3 league Sept. 30.

The over-50 league plays Mondays and Thursdays at the Stellar Drive rink: four teams, eight players each, play two games each evening on one of the two modified ice pads.

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