Follow the Rules

So adorable Hope! Lots of work for sure, but good work when you can get it I say; because this is how great mothers come in and are always remembered and loved!!! I think of the Epic, “The Passion of The Christ” when Jesus was a baby boy and our Blessed Mother Mary tended to him so beautifully and was worried too like any great mother does; but then when He was an adult and He gave so much love and affection even musing with the siting at the table He had built for her; those scenes touched me so much; so keep receiving God’s Grace and Blessings, as you do the fine job you do; as a Mother! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,


I love being a mother, but 79% of the time I feel like a broken record. Repeating my commandments (rules), and divvying out proper punishments when they aren’t followed.

“No! We don’t play in the dog food, it’s yucky!”

“Please! Stop making a mess, you’ll have to clean it up!”

“No, we don’t hit, son, that isn’t kind!” ….

In the face of a child we see the very raw form of mankind. It’s rebellion and potential for both good and evil, even whilst we are innocent to what is good and bad. We learn very quickly how to lie and manipulate. As if it is second nature to us.

As parents, we have our jobs cut out for us to remove such nature, to restrain it and teach our children to do the same. In order to function as a society, rules and restraints are necessary. Upholding morality and…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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