Steele Dossier Mastermind Goes Down In Flames

“They successfully divided the United States socially and politically in ways Orwell would be proud of.”

November 5, 2021
ARREST That Evil Witch Hillary Who Should Be Tried for High Treason!

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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November 5, 2021

Mr. U.S. Attorney John Durham please don’t you drop the ball or cave in on this; Justice has to Start taking Center Stage and these most heinous Evil Criminals  like her need to be held to account!

Checkout this latest hard factual news against what I provide below as  to how the situation was sizing up and coming together back in the summer of 2020; and perhaps now we can see some light at the end of a long dark tunnel I do pray to Jesus Christ to please bring out the heroes now, and if I could do more  to help  directly I would!  I’d be willing to give my life to  stop all of the evil despots that so far have gotten away with murder and Treason!

The amount of Treasonous actual factual Data  has been mounting up for a few years now and if a True Full Measure of Justice doesn’t soon come out in full force taking down some of the biggest treasonous politicians and government officials to have ever existed on this planet; then we don’t have any hope for some improvement to come for “We the People” ever again!

What follows are a few highlights from an article I posted back on August 2, 2020 when lost server data was retrieved that should have buried Obama, Biden Clinton, Comey, Brennan and many others already!

CDMedia has written extensively about the Ukrainian government working to defeat Donald Trump and aid the Clinton Campaign in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Heck, even Joe Biden was caught on tape colluding with then-president Poroshenko against Donald Trump’s election.

“As late as 2018, James Comey was clear when he dismissed a House intelligence committee report that found no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign as a “political document”. When the ODNI report was written, he knew there was no evidence of Donald Trump-Russia collusion. They all knew,” writes Elliason.

“ODNI Clapper, FBI Comey, John Brennan and Special Counsel Mueller knew in 2017 that the US Intel community conceded there was no coordinated effort by Russia to influence the 2016 election months before.

“They successfully divided the United States socially and politically in ways Orwell would be proud of.”

“The FBI wanted the election interference story to resonate publicly but under oath, there was never any evidence.”

Obama weaponized the U.S. Federal Government against the American people. It is still going on today as we speak.

The techniques used were developed by the U.S. military and security agencies for use against foreign adversaries. Those techniques are now being used against America itself.

You can read Elliason’s thoughts on this development here…

“Information Operations has nothing to do with the information itself. IO is about controlling how you feel about information and creating emotions so deep-seated, you’ll break off all long term relationships with friends, family, work, and social relationships and never look back,” writes Elliason.

“Terrorism is not an accusation to make lightly. Both US and international standards define the threshold clearly. Large security corporations and government officials sworn in to protect people from this collaborated with the terrorists instead,” writes Elliason.

“The Antifa organization is on board as the boots on the ground shock troops to overthrow nascent presidency.”

“Real property was damaged. People have died. Reputations ruined. The US government was defrauded. The faith of a nation overturned.

Here is one example Elliason cites…

FitzGibbon Media was a high-powered left-of-center PR firm working for major liberal clients like and Planned Parenthood founded by Trevor FitzGibbon. Trevor FitzGibbon was a former state-level communications director for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.

What happened to Trevor FitzGibbon and hundreds like him answers that question in a chilling fashion. FitzGibbon owned the PR company that supported Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden.

Having built a reputation as one of the top PR companies in the nation, he unknowingly crossed swords with the Information Operation because one of his clients was Julian Assange who he was effectively defending.

The first rule of Information Operations is to stop information-fratricide from happening. This is when two influential sources on “your side” which is the DNC are saying opposite information regarding a person or event the IO needs to control. The IO needed to control the information in the media about Julian Assange. Fitzgibbon’s PR company could make that impossible.

The solution is as you’ll see shortly for planners in their own words to destroy the credibility and reputation spouting conflicting information.

Fitzgibbon was accused of sexually assaulting a female employee during the #metoo timeframe. He wasn’t just exonerated; his accuser admitted the story was fabricated. The police apologized for the damage they did to him.

Trevor Fitzgibbon’s company, livelihood, friendships, business, contacts, reputation, and the ability to function in society was stripped from him in a trial by Tweets.

His accuser has since been forced to issue an apology to him and his family by the courts. 

“Ever since that Friday in December of 2015, when I was informed that 6 phone calls had come in in a 48 hr period of individuals making allegations against me, it has felt as though the earth has been moving beneath my feet. Back then none of the accusers would allow for a third party investigation and my firm was shut down in 9 days without any due process. Fast forward to today and I continue to have nefarious actors threaten and defame me from as far away as Norway. None of it has made any sense until now. Why, five years later, would people continue to be paid to destroy me? Think of how much money has been spent! For some reason these people do not want me doing the work I did- which was the PR for ASSANGE and other truth-tellers . Even if partially accurate, the past five years are starting to make sense based on discovery and the incredible research put into this article,” Fitzgibbon told CDMedia regarding Elliason’s work.

Based on the reaction of the corrupt media to this information getting out, we think the theory is worth investigating. Hopefully Prosecutor John Durham is reading this.

After reading this, you can understand why ‘the resistance’ is so resistant…because they will all go to jail for life for their crimes if Donald Trump is re-elected in there months.

As Americans suffer the plandemic of the Chinese coronavirus, censorship, deplatforming, the associated vicious lockdowns which are destroying businesses, jobs and lives, and the follow-on race riots, all meant to destroy the country and our way of life, one has to wonder when America will start to fight back.

We also wonder what the Deep State will throw at the American people next. Perhaps if they can’t win, they will try to simply burn it all down.

One final note…none of the CDMedia staff members involved in this project are considering committing suicide.


Steele Dossier Mastermind Goes Down In Flames

Another win for John Durham!

After what seems like forever, moves are finally being made to take down the Deep State operatives that falsely accused Former President Donald Trump of collusion between his campaign and Russia.

John Durham, the special counselor installed by Trump, has been compiling evidence for over four years, getting to the bottom of what happened to get the Former President impeached.

Anyone with two brain cells left can do the research themselves — just follow the money and follow the influence.

Federal agents arrested Igor Danchenko, the primary researcher of a dossier compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, as part of Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the origins of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Former President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He was taken into custody on Thursday.

Danchenko was employed by Steele’s firm, Orbis Business International. He was always on the federal government’s radar even before being hired to take down Trump. In the Obama years, Danchenko was investigated as part of a probe into suspected Russian intelligence officers operating in Washington, DC.

Before his time at Orbis, Danchenko worked as a Russia analyst at the liberal Brookings Institute, where he became infamous for his various attempts at taking down Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Danchenko is charged with five counts of making false statements to investigators.

Christopher Steele employed the Ukrainian liberal, tasking him with uncovering any and all possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

He interviewed six individuals with supposed knowledge of such collusion.

However, after multiple interviews with federal agents, the FBI determined that Danchenko contradicted or flat-out lied about many key assertions he gathered from the six conducted interviews. As a result, federal agents determined the reliability of Steele’s dossier was completely destroyed.

Trump was vindicated, but the mainstream media persisted.

Danchenko has defended his work on the Steele dossier, describing it as “raw intelligence from credible sources.” The New York Times continues to give this charlatan prestige.

The same dossier that was wholly discredited by federal agents served as primary evidence for the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) warrant request for Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Thus highlighting where the real collusion is — within the FBI, CIA, and Democrat Party.

As part of his investigation into the origins of the DOJ probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government, Durham has targeted the production and dissemination of the Steele dossier. He indicted former Perkins Coie and Democratic National Committee attorney Michael Sussmann in September for lying to the FBI’s top attorney during a meeting in which Sussmann passed along allegations against the Trump campaign.

With Durham’s takedown of key Operation Hurricane architects, one has to ask themselves:

Is Hillary Clinton next?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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