My Response to “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought” Take 2

The Fatalist Story Ever Told!
Not the greatest story ever told but the greatest lie ever told and crime against humanity perpetrated upon this planet earth exponentially far more deadly than anything prior! Too many people were needed to cooperate with such a massive global scale propaganda campaign and total charade, so the culpability spreads too far and wide for absolute guilt and crimes committed, from mass murder to mass murder; requiring the death penalty which isn’t going to happen at all!

Big Pharma and Government officials already have blanket liability immunity protection declaring no legal recourse being available to the damaged and dead; “why is that!” This is all a hopeless dead-end and I don’t like being a defeatist but; it’s all too little too late so millions and probably billions of bodies are going stack up over the next several years! Hey I hope I’m 100% wrong, but I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the writing on the proverbial wall and who is moving what narrative or will have the final say as far as human beings ruling other human beings, and being allowed to commit genocide; and get away with it! The only solution if there will be one is “God Almighty” has to step in and finalize what “Life and Death” for human beings is all about once and for all, because humans have already tossed in the proverbial “monkey wrench” and there is no full measure of justice coming from mankind or even anything held scared anymore Joyce; so it’s like beating the proverbial dead horse a million times over!

This is where “the men get separated from the boys” as it were and those who actually “believe in God versus those who do not!” Simple; and as I see it, far too many do not; even many who say they do are full of beans, mostly giving lip service and being fakers and takers like even on this internet, which is the Great American Way, just like the rest of the human race; people consistently conning other people is the norm now, I mean come on, look at MSM which is supposed to be honest reporting and journalistic dissemination of facts and truth, and why else did I bail on that industry when I was in it decades ago, when I could see the corrupted underbelly the beast’s lying nature, conniving nature, the smoke and mirrors; when it was only starting to get evil! Most are lying through their teeth! Now do you think they all want to put nooses around their own necks and will cave in to all this surfacing contrary narrative? Never happened! It’s a done deal and all sewn up! I wish the trials and hangings were coming, but instead all of the little people, that is us; are going to be left high and dry and dead!
God bless.
Lawrence Morra III

'This Side of Life'

My journey regarding the looming possibility of forced mandatory vaccination began just after January 2018. I had nearly died terribly—painfully—and had taken to studying


As I slowly recovered from pharmaceutical products, MDs glared at my progress. I had refused to ingest any kind of pharmaceutical product and lived. I discovered medicine had changed—profoundly. My chosen field no longer existed per se.

Although I had had to decline a free pass to medical school in 1976, I still had mounds and mounds of knowledge to draw on. I got to work studying and researching—saw what is happening today LOOMING on the horizon many yesterdays ago in 2018 and did my best to help stop it.

But there are groups out there making fists upon fists of cash on the ground we’re losing and I can only see them now as controlled opposition. Today is August 16, 2021, and we are…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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