Judge makes stunning ruling for businesses with Christian beliefs

Look I’m actually a kind and generous man with a huge heart and some accessible heartstrings that some people have pulled on and taken advantage of over the years trying to manipulate me or get something from me and typically just to get me to accept their wayward ways; to think as they do about these things. But it’s my responsibility to watch out for my own good and learn from my mistakes or continue to resist perversion and sin of any kind, including these sexual one’s, just as they should! That applies to everyone because Holy Scriptures say “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” Leviticus 18:22

Even sexual relations outside marriage is wrong in God’s eyes, a perversion of what He created or intended this very intimate interaction between a man and a woman for; which is supposed to be a completely loving commitment to each other and a personal beautiful intimacy a complete mental, physical and spiritual expression of the great bond of love between the couple; that is all about unselfishness and only giving of self out of pure love; to the one you love so deeply in your heart, mind and soul. The Bible bluntly says, “Flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18)

But we do live in a twisted culture where people find all kinds of excuses to become selfish and seek sexual gratification as a means to and end by itself, and then it just becomes all about lust and pleasure, the taking or using and abusing of another person to get that pleasure or fix; like a drug! The Devil knows all of this so he has many of us captivated by what has become in a sense this weapon, that he has used against us since the beginning, and now with all of these advanced technologies pornography is a billions of dollars a year business all about “exploitation and lustful pleasure!” Thus we have a very twisted society and sex sells, even in the imagery used in TV adds or elsewhere using human sensuality and sexuality as a tool to make money and get people’s attention to buy this or that!

If all people could resist this temptation and be virtuous and caring to one another and not allow themselves to partake of these sexual sins we would have a much healthier world on many levels. But to this point of homosexuality, I see how it’s at the bottom end of a culmination of wayward deviant, twisted, lustful desire and wanting only gratification; “not caring how bad or wrong it looks to God” and that is “an abomination to Him!” This attitude and behavior cheapens and demeans the value of human lives and places these persons at some denigrated, ruined lowly place of being less than the wild beasts, making a direct insult and mockery of and against God Himself; our Father in heaven. This is why it’s an abomination and a “major transgression against our Creator.”

Actions have consequences and my hope and prayer would be and is that more if not all people who are lost in this rebellious sinful behavior would awaken to the Truth and stop; so they can be in the good graces of God and allow their souls to be saved! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


LGBT activists in vicious war with faith-based companies

ByBob Unruh November 2, 2021

video screenshot

A federal judge has ruled that for-profit businesses when they operate on sincerely held religious beliefs are protected from liability for claims of discrimination by those who choose the LGBT lifestyles.

The company that filed the action, Braidwood, “has established Title VII places a substantial burden on its religious exercise, and defendants fail to meet the burden to show a compelling interest,” wrote the judge. “But even if their broad formulation of their interest in ‘preventing all forms of discrimination’ were sufficient, defendants have not selected the least restrictive means.

“Forcing a religious employer to hire, retain, and accommodate employees who conduct themselves contrary to the employer’s views regarding homosexuality and gender identity is not the least restrictive means of promoting that interest, especially when defendants are willing to make exceptions to Title VII…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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