George Soros just created a huge problem for Democrats after this secret plan backfired


Just said the other day regarding the following headline!

Activist Teachers Recruit Middle Schoolers for ‘LGBTQ Clubs,’ Mock Parents – FBI raids house of mom who protested school board – Government kills ALL public voices

While in Wisconsin the radical facilitator MSM CNN Commie Insane Devils were taking care of business! And of course this is more handiwork of George Soros and company cohorts of Satan!!!

Soros puppet master lg print

I’ve been saying for years and especially when I was attacked by local Democrat Nazis for daring to speak out against their evil corrupt machine while also fighting my own work related injury case all due to this same evil that has permeated society deeply; causing me to have to take over my own court battle in this sick world Pro Se because the system has become so biased and corrupted! And the kicker is as I and others have been saying for some time how most of this corruption and breakdown in societies is fueled by the Satanic Soros! I say this with certainty that Soros is directly linked to Satan and the antichrist! If our government was worth a damn they would have arrested him years ago for Treason and he would have been executed already; this devil began his evil back when Hitler was in power, so think about what I’m saying! People have been asleep at the wheel far too long while selling out for money and power! Everyone has a price they say! I do not, and if God had given me an opportunity to stand up against Soros or any other such devil I would have done it immediately!!!

Soros scum hate

I had this to say a few days ago to another blogger.

I totally agree and I know we are correct in God’s eyes to think this! I really have to try hard to contain myself when I see evil like this happening and there is absolutely no reason for such senseless mindless hate and evil violence other than it is pure EVIL from hell!!!

I am so sad in-between good spirits for the Holiday of Thanksgiving today but definitely punctuated with my thinking of the poor kids and parents along with those poor elderly fine ladies that were actually killed! Evil is obviously running rampant in this world now but so unnecessarily here in America because many officials are encouraging it, and they talk about gun control all the time which is only a political tool for lying mouthpieces in the Democrat Socialist Party because it has nothing to do with gun control!!!

It’s their evil rhetoric and constant lying or polarizing or politicizing everything for their own gain and party’s POWER to Gain More Control; using their partners in crime the MSM that enable and give license to messed up rotten souls to go do harm to innocent decent people like this! Say like Maxine Waters who in my opinion should have been punished long ago for her fomenting such violence and the crazy VP Harris the same thing when the riots and terrorist mayhem of the summer of 2020 in cities across the nation was all being condoned by all Democrats and she said right out they must continue! Her and all the rest, BLM, Antifa are terrorists backed by SOROS and are traitors who have no business even being in this country let alone getting away with murder and mayhem!!!

These poor people and their families how can they have a Thanksgiving? Just think of how they are so ruined and for what, some evil lunatic and crooked judge or DA that obviously didn’t care a rat’s ass about all of this killer’s posted violent rap videos and evil incantations online! And the FBI or DHS don’t lock an animal with a mile long rap sheet of felonies like him away? And they just allowed countless numbers of rabid evil minded men, even cartel thugs and some terrorists into this nation right through the southern border not vented in any way who will cause problems; and who knows what diseases they carry; South America and Haiti among other places have citizens with incurable TB so we have morons like this Fake President saying he wants locks downs and passports for a cold virus; but all this other horror doesn’t mean a thing??? This government of ours is out of control and most officials are not living up to their oaths of office and failed completely; they should all be fired and locked away!!!

Soros and all of the Democrat Socialist Radical Organized Crime Party along with many fake republic and are helping in this satanic effort that Soros and others are pushing to bring on what I said is coming back at the start of the Fake Pandemic! The Maniac Manipulator Charles Manson was tied to Satan and he did some damage but Soros is exponentially what Manson was and is a chief facilitator of Satan’s plan!
What Manson was right about was that a big conflict in society was coming all those decades prior to it happening which is obviously now!!!

In the following essay I was again pointing to the extreme radical agenda that is in place and chewing up our society feverishly now and if major steps aren’t taken soon we are going to have the Pandemonium I spoke about!

These Low Life domestic terror and Crime sponsors and perpetrators are getting away with all of this mayhem while innocent mothers home schooling their children and speaking with their God Given and First Amendment right in opposition to their children being brainwashed, corrupted, mentally damaged and immorally attacked; these mothers are attacked for no crimes by NAZI THUGS and dragged off!!!
People do you get it?
We are going to have to take back our nation peaceably with organization of the best people and all Christians when possible but if these despots will not relent and our own Military or National Guard troops will not assist the citizenry then they will be forcing the civil war that is approaching fast!!!

Let’s pray harder and ask God for HIS forgiveness and mercy for all the wrongs we have allowed while far too many still are, as many not devout Christians and secular materialistic Americans all of which has allowed this once blessed Nation under God to sink into this hellish nightmare of a mess; that God also has truly allowed for good reason; WE DESERVE IT!!!

But let’s pray to Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father to please help us regain the Liberty and Justice that America always stood for before it became a Corrupted Immoral Hellish Nightmare!
God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ rose this Nation up and He can tear it down by allowing it to implode! That is apparently the trajectory of America now; do we all want to fight to stop this from happening?

I pray we all have the chance to prove our worthiness to be forgiven and saved from such a defeat! We can’t allow the dead and dying to have died in vain!!!

We can’t allow the innocent children now to be attacked and ruined like this, so they will fall into Satan’s clutches then brought to hell, as they too grow to be horrible sinners like these adults we see all around us now who are doing this to them!!!


God bless you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Armor of God Jesus


Democrats are already looking at a political minefield in the 2022 midterm elections.

Now the Left is facing another massive scandal.

And George Soros just created a huge problem for Democrats after this secret plan backfired.

Americans were horrified to see the video of a driver mowing down a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Police took 39-year-old Darrell Brooks into custody on five counts of murder after alleging that Brooks intentionally drove his SUV into the crowd.

Brooks was out on the streets free to commit crimes because of the George Soros-backed Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

Chisholm and other Soros-backed DA’s across the country support “no cash bail” reforms that allow criminals to walk right out of prison before they go to trial.

District Attorney Chisholm actually bragged that he knew this soft on crime approach would lead to death and destruction.

Chisholm’s office turned…

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