Stand Against Abortion, Pray Together for Life!

Let’s pray together with all of our hearts Sunday for all unborn fetal hearts beating with human God ordained Life!

Back in October I posted an essay as part of a republication of a news article on the subject that provided a glimmer of hope! What follows is what I had said.

This story renews my faith in Humanity largely in part because it demonstrates how there are still very good and noble people left in this uglier by the day world! When the Texas AG stepped up to the plate to fight for the Innocent Unborn he became a hero to me Big Time! This after a Texas district court judge a big time pro-abortion judge Robert Pitman blocked the new heartbeat legislation at which time “Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed the decision to a higher court. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with him, reversing the pro-abortion judge’s decision.”

A very brave and forthright woman Abby Johnson a former Planned Parenthood director came out from the shadows of darkness and evil to speak-out against all abortion, and she should know what she is talking about; saying it’s all diabolical! I recently posted that article and here is just a bit of what I had to say along with the link to the article and a few others of great value to read at your convenience, which I include following my narrative!

Now this former Planned Parenthood Director steps out from the darkest shadow being produced by the darkest agenda of modern times from hell which has been the industrial scale wholesale abortion of human beings and truth be known human babies are being sacrificed through abortion for Satan!

Listening to this lady who was engrossed in the abomination of abortion for so long saying how it’s so demonic; is great! She also called Twitter which I did have for a couple of years but don’t now, she says it’s a Human Dumpster and I love that comment! She called out all of the idiots that voted for this Monster in the White House!

Let’s all pray for the unborn and ask God to inspire more men and women to step up and be counted in this ugly battle for innocent unborn human life; all created in the image of God, His human family on earth, all of which have a soul that is immortal; and it is a mortal sin to murder them! Amen.

This following link is to that republishing and contained in it are a few others that provide some worthwhile information some of it very encouraging or at least proving that even former major advocates of abortion like Abby Johnson have flipped their position on the issue 100% saying it is evil!

God bless all of the “unborn!”

God bless all of you who care and pray for them!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Throughout our nation’s history there have been many landmark court decisions. But perhaps none as consequential as the January 22, 1973 Roe v Wade decision that made abortion legal in America. Since that time, over 63 million unborn babies have been murdered in our country alone. That is almost 2,500 per day…or one every 35 seconds. (See the US Abortion Clock) What a clear example of evil and lawlessness that characterize the last days.

Now, however, there is a glimmer in the utter darkness of the death culture that surrounds abortion. It comes in the form of a court case before the Supreme Court of the United States that could put an end to the infanticide. Oral arguments in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization are expected to begin soon, perhaps as early as next week, leading to a decision expected to take at least 6 months.


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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Stand Against Abortion, Pray Together for Life!”

    1. Great and yes me too! Thank you very much for catching this so you could tell me of your intentions!
      God bless you and let us pray fervently to our Sweet Lord for all of the Unborn and all women who are pregnant or will be that God’s Holy Spirit touches them and they allow Jesus into their hearts to guide them, so they have NO doubts and do the right thing; which is always to preserve Human Life! Amen.
      Thank you my Sister and Dear Lady!

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