FREEDOM (repost)

“Standing ‘Alone’ facing the world and all adversity with God in his heart”

I was watching an old classic style movie yesterday that really made me cry! The protagonist of the story is a cowboy the “real deal” or the ones that were prevalent in the Old West when there were no such things as barbed wire fences and macadam interstate highways riddling the terrain.  A Cowboy or perhaps we can call him a frontiersman could ride his horse and actual best friend for days on end and not see any signs of civilization, but only rugged prairie-land.  There sure was a sense of adventure and newness to each day living like that, and a real quality of Freedom, that I’m sorry to say we have no true understanding or appreciation of, living as we do; just being captive quarry in an artificial world of enslavement, be it our cloistered lifestyles or same old habitual mesmerized routines and meaningless rituals we go through daily with all of our modern conveniences, trappings and contraptions!  Which we falsely think give us “control and freedom” but actually “enslave” us, making us blind to “Reality,” in many cases so much so, that people look around each day doing their thing and just don’t get it! They don’t even have a clue or see the “proverbial writing on the wall” and realize how low humanity has sunken and were it is headed collectively and even down to each of our own individual lives!

This story clearly illustrated how this real pioneering spirited, good natured, and freedom loving strong man, with a big heart; was up against a battle he couldn’t win but deserved to, which was right at the time when the final transition from the Old West and bare-naked living by the air you breath working and living outdoors, or traveling the wide open spaces to wherever it led to, or perhaps at times working as a sheepherder and at other times a cattle drover; was all disappearing and receding into the distant mountains as well as into the memories of people like this man who lived it and loved every bit of it; but saw it slowly and then surely being stripped away and suffocated, in a sense out of existence, to never be seen again!  Something so beautiful was dying and not only it, but, this man’s heart with it! In this masterfully constructed classic, “Kirk Douglas plays an old fashioned cow hand who doesn’t fit into early 1960s South Western USA.”

What was taking its place was Jet aircraft, highways abuzz constantly with the drone and commotion of interstate trucking and automobiles by the thousands speeding down those byways and not really knowing them, or what realities had been lived out on those vast lands crossing them by past sojourners and free-spirited explorers; real people! It appeared all these people knew now was how to get from point A to point B in one Damned Hell of a hurry, because that’s how it is, with everyone being in a hurry to get here or there or get something or other, which now always revolves around money; a time when time is money, all calculated and collated in our existence like products on an assembly line; a world that screams to even hurry up and live your life like there is no tomorrow!  And for many that can even be the case often when they rush right into one problem or another ruining their lives; and even major accidents with these horseless carriages that speed down those unnatural macadam highways going so damn fast; that to a Cowboy it just wouldn’t make any sense what people were becoming!

So here he was being a Brave soul and one who saw the “black and white” of life, the dichotomy clearly, or how something is either good or bad and not all of these shades of gray in between, the way we modern people live, all racing around with some sort of blinders on our eyes like those used for carriage pulling horses to keep them looking forward only, but, far worse are the blinders people wear on their hearts and minds that inhibit their ability to see even just basic realities staring them in the face!  Not even able to distinguish sin from virtue or now good from evil! But this Cowboy being so “Brave” and fighting to stay “Free in heart and soul” was living a “Lonely” life; as the world was changing so much; it didn’t even have a clue what he was about nor even care!

But this Cowboy epitomizes what I’ve been seeing without blinders on my eyes or heart and even though this world says don’t bother trying or it will even attack one for trying to see reality for what it is without any blinders on the heart and mind; the “cancelling of people” in society even an “innocent precious life” because it’s a woman’s right to choose; in this ugly, fake, sinister, pretend and backstabbing world of “Trickery;” where everything is “calculated” for a “Buck and Profit” in somebody’s pocket or bank!  Sure they have the right to choose; we all do and the “ONE BIG and MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE” is to go to Heaven or go to HELL!  That is a major reason the insanity and evil that has been gripping the world over the last 18 months is happening in the first place! People like evil Bill Gates or George Soros and many others are always calculating how to get more money and power that they already have extremely far too much of already!  And still they and governments now don’t give a damn if they destroy the human race in the process of grabbing more of this money and power; it’s a creeping cancer that is devouring the world now! But much bigger and more horrible than this, is what human life has become, how cheapened it’s become; to the point where I look around and I can’t believe I live in such a sick twisted rotten world where people are actually making it so!

And that cuts to the chase as to what I see and had seen for so long; only just over this past week I got a shock or slap in the face to make sure I say what I’m saying now! Which is God is disgusted and fed up with all of this foolishness, selfishness, hatred, stupidity, vain materialism, egotistical worshiping self or false gods, secularism, hedonism, paganism and the utter in your face horrible debauchery and absolute evil that has taken hold of this human race; making it a “Devil’s Playground” for the most unholy being in existence, to twist or jumble up into knots!  And all the while so many humans run around like they think what they do is so important or OK, and just their thing, or maybe even love learning things the hard way like some idiots; so they say get out of the way I’m coming through or just going to do whatever again, to see what happens to my life in a hurry type attitudes prevail!

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I had my legs knocked out from under me with some kind of horrible food poisoning illness kind of thing, the likes of which I never had anything remotely like it before but it was so powerfully telling me among a few things, the one thing that I and all of you need to see and be cognizant of at all times, which is; this battle we’re in is going to get worse, and I see how still so many people even after all that has happened just want to brush it all off in and move on in a hurry going right back to how things were before the, Man Caused Evil Pandemic!  The same way people did after 9/11; for a little while people huddled together and gave lip service to one another then they went right back to the same old games and phony baloney of being a bunch of fools chasing their own tails in a sense, being lost and not caring to really figure out what they are doing so terribly wrong, and not even at least try to fix the bottom line underlying problems that they are reeking with!  In a plain way of putting it, we are all either going nuts or getting evil to some degree day by day and some people are both already!

I think many people actually don’t know what it really means to be a “Free and Virtuous Human Being” and most important, too many don’t really believe in “God or that the Holy Scriptures are real” as to what we’ve been taught or heard, how they are the “Word of Almighty God our Creator” and that is who we should be focusing our hearts and minds on, and need to hurry and listen to; not all this background noise or hocus-pocus malarkey nonsense of a mesmerizing, artificial, and unreal world of Sin!  Jeff Bezos and William Shatner are going to head into Orbit soon and why; when they are already in orbit in their gluttonous phony destructive lives living for the materialistic beast world system using all the excessive money they have reaped for such stupidity and for self, instead of putting those resources toward saving many lives or helping so many in need because of the fraud pandemic which caused them to lose everything!  That is much more important than their fantasy joyride; Life is No Joyride and God is fed-up with these warped and selfish wicked people!  No, instead they want to and do believe in Star Trek and our not too far down the road traveling to distant galaxies and meeting other life forms that at least know as much but probably lots more; right!  They can believe such poppycock impossible ideas even while all fellow humans are now in a global crisis they created, these elitist, globalist and greedy sickos, which may very well kill off billions, but God; that’s just too much to fathom or maybe it’s more convenient to say there is no God, then there is no accountability, and so Sin is OK; we can just do what we FEEL like doing, like many of the youngest generations mantra pronounces these days; the Devil’s Playground, don’t forget!

Just read how a 19 year old Billie Eilish announced she is cancelling her tour in Texas because she stated; “My Body,” as she is dead set against the Texas legislation regarding when human life cannot be terminated once a heartbeat is detected, that sure makes sense to me that it’s a life with a heartbeat and that doesn’t even get into the truth of how all Life comes from God and He created that human life with a Soul not just a heartbeat; so to me killing a helpless innocent human being is murder and is enough to get a one way ticket to Hell!! This “little” big-headed, non-humble girl doesn’t see that life as anything beyond “her” as in ME “Body Concept;” her blinders are in full operation!  I say to that punk kid, “shut the hell up!”  She is so stupid not to be aware that by being in a position where her words and thoughts carry across wide open spaces and continents even, how God is going to judge her for that, and it’s not a good ending for her by a long shot; if she doesn’t quickly repent and put her Trust in God, not this sick materialistic rotten world where she, basically an overgrown kid with zero wisdom who is making huge money, a bad thing in itself; but to boot is promoting sin on a massive scale!  And because that is the game she is owned by, making Big Money; so Money is King and Satan rules her as in her soul will be in Hell when she dies, if she follows that path to its conclusion; and that is a person in this crazy upside-down world that so many other people pay attention to; and make something out of her to adulate?  She’s a little monster (demon); so far removed from the real and honest life like that Cowboy lived; because make no mistake about it, demons now infest this planet and either influence people directly or in many cases now possess their souls; just look at Washington DC and what makes it a hellhole swamp!  And any of you arrogant types out there, that say cut it out Lawrence I don’t believe in demons, I tell you, you’re full of shit, you had better wake up it’s in your face, and beware, you may become full of demonic forces tricking you into giving your soul to Satan; on a silver platter as it were!

I tell you this, as I know from some hard knocks and even having this blanket of agonizing illness come over me this past week out of nowhere like an attack; how the time is getting late and God is so disgusted with what much of the human race has become, so flippant and wicked in their thoughts and behaviors; where now even seeing what is obviously murder, where there is the beating of a human heart up to a full term human baby, that it’s being terminated as not being an abomination! I just read yesterday that the number of human babies destroyed is now about 1.5 Billion; that is costing humanity and cutting us off from God with His wrath coming; modern man, that is us, is very EVIL! This woman and any woman, along with all the men that are part of that scene not seeing the proverbial forest for the trees that way; are either as dumb as stumps which I doubt is the case or they have become evil and don’t care, whether through brainwashing and lack of proper morality or demonic influence! Even hell doesn’t worry them at all, as they only care about this fake and artificial fame and glory to serve “self” and get more money; the drug of choice by most in the world today!  Gates has billions and wants billions more; that is all he lives for; so tell me why? Who the hell needs that kind of money and why more?  What does it do for that soul and does it make him a better human being than some Cowboy with no money riding his horse out on the prairie!

That Cowboy is a real man and human being hands down!

You know what; the title of that movie that was made all the way back in 1962 and a far better movie on all levels than 99% of all the trash they crank out today, did fit that Cowboy to a “T” which is a great title, “Lonely are The Brave.” Do you want to know the darn Truth about how I feel regarding all of this; even if not, I’m telling you; that I would rather be that Cowboy hands down for whatever time I have left to live in this world and would take that life he lived over this, if that world still existed, but it sadly does not; he was at the tail end of it all; then this happened!  Mankind has done a fine job of ruining this life and world to the point where all that lies ahead is the damned fate of a ruined world!

If you haven’t already turn to Jesus Christ now; before it is too late!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

For convenience if you have time the following link is the movie but I know its much better to watch on a Big Screen TV! This can allow you to do a quick check, like a preview!

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

8 thoughts on “FREEDOM (repost)”

    1. Thanks again Tamara! The interest and vote of confidence from you means a lot! I think it’s sad how people in general have changed their focus on simplicity and don’t look back and appreciate where we came from and what we have lost in the process of getting so sophisticated and even indifferent!

      I always was a glass half-full kind of person, but those days of my idealism seem to be far behind in the dust cloud now and being blown away like so many other good things in this world today! The really bad guys have so much power and seem to be able to buy anyone off; as the adage goes “everyone has a price,” and they have the big bucks to make useful idiots out of just about anyone it seems! I like how Harry Truman had said “the buck stops here” and I feel that way too as in no price can be placed in front of me top sellout and I mean it, I wouldn’t take millions if someone wanted to own me that way, and make me a minion! Besides I still believe the old adage anything one gets in this world is better appreciated and respected if it’s earned the old way, by one’s genuine hard work and worthy efforts!

      I hate to tell people because most don’t want to hear it, but, if it comes easy it’s not worth having! You get something the old fashioned way then you will genuinely appreciate it and not lose you’re the sense of value, character and integrity! Today look at Washington and in general most big businesses, it’s just the opposite; and the people are horrible for doing it that way! It’s a very toxic world out there for too many people; especially the ones who can influence many others!
      Well, that won’t be us!
      God bless!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh I agree with that Tamara; that is what makes life really worth living because if I think about all of the horror and evil that is taking place and so many getting away with it; and didn’t have my focus on God Almighty with Jesus really being who He is, then I would think life isn’t even a joke but far worse!
        I just get bewildered at moments how things have to get so bad for all of it to come out according to God’s purpose and plan; and its good because He didn’t want robots. But who am I do question and be ungrateful; so as bad as it gets I will never quit is the best outlook!
        Still can get so much good out of this journey too!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh yea, it’s not that fact of reality which annoys me, it’s just that there are too many people that see themselves as the masters of the world or themselves now, faithless empty hearted heathens running slipshod on God’s people; which is wreaking havoc and going to bring on way more suffering in short order; that fact is clearly illustrated by our history! The butchers of the world abound and even in our government White House; the commie plant puppet! All of this is far beyond men and filthy politics, but is actually diabolical evil at work; so I see it and hate it! To do otherwise would make me a fool and I don’t think God would appreciate me not using sound crystal clear discernment of who and what my enemies are and they abound; had them right in my face where I used to work and they nearly did me in because I relaxed too much and allowed the snakes to slither where they please; just like I see so many people in society and on this internet doing daily; far too much poppycock!
        I talk a lot harder than the average person because I know what I know and experienced it in massive pain and suffering, all caused by people maliciously, calculatingly with extreme prejudice like the Nazis they are; so these stripes I’ve earned are not going to be forgotten or brushed off so easily by anyone; that will take an act of God! Men’s ways and the world they have created are vicious and lurking all around us! My faith in any humanity was kicked to the curb quite a while ago my Friend! This is why it’s so much easier to love dogs and animals more overall; the damage they cause if any is so minuscule in comparison.
        God bless!

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      3. Oh you are right by the way!!! The good news is it all comes out right. An aunt always said it comes out in the wash! I might be a watchful bulldog type nonetheless! Maybe driving those Mack semi-trucks had some effect? Always liked the Bulldog hood Ornament!

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