“Unplanned” Movie Review & Discussion

This makes me cry and get so disgusted! It’s truly a nightmare horror!

“She stood in shock as the doctor, like some awful predator, pursued the baby, who struggled and fought to avoid him. In mere moments he had succeeded and the baby was ripped apart on screen for her to see.”


I’m far from being any violent or vengeful person but it’s so good I’m not around such things to witness it, because there is righteous indignation in God’s eyes, so I think I would go out of my mind and want to tear that so called doctor limb from limb! Where is the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm; with these monsters? I think if these people ever had a conscience or any modicum of integrity to begin with; because if any existed in these butchers not doctors; they flushed it down the proverbial toilet, just like so much what PP refers to as “just tissue,” not a human most helpless innocent baby’s body created in God’s image!

baby in NY

This other statement blows my mind how a woman, any woman who can give birth which Obviously I have no idea what that is really like but I’ve always admired while fully respecting this gift that women have of being capable of; in that they act as the conduit of bringing another of God’s children into this world which makes me so joyous to see any female do this! Only a woman shares her entire life and body with an unborn human being; creating such an extraordinary and eternal bond as I see it, so miraculous!

Baby in mom words Psalms

This additional quote stirred me deeply as I think of the radical departure that many women have taken from what it means to be a female and truly feminine; especially when it comes to carrying a child in them. The poster child that came to my mind immediately, for this type of hardcore what are to me actually ugly females is Alyssa Milano, who I mention in one of the blogs listed here.

“The modern day feminist is truly the death of femininity. The nurturing, life-giving aspect of women is being squashed and replaced with the pursuit of knowledge and power. The God of self.”

This headline is included in one of the following essays, “Presbyterian, Baptist Churches Join New Coalition of Churches to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions.” And I have to say point blank I’m beyond disgusted and ill with the human race and its near total abandonment of morality, when even Christian churches are promoting abortion! So to me this poisons my outlook on so many levels, as people live for today and take all they can hurting and ruining anything in their way, as they live so selfishly and barbaric; actually evil. There will be a price to pay for all of this what can only be classified as evil in my honest opinion, and for all actions of a moral nature there are consequences for those wrong actions which are so obviously wrong; yet they are being taken day in and day out! This full of itself human race today is worse than what the Mayan barbaric savages of that long past pagan hideous Empire did when they sacrificed adults and babies to various false gods! Today we have NO EXCUSE, we have much knowledge of forethought and wisdom available in a sophisticated global system with complex technology and societies, so all the more hideous is it to have Industrial Scale Abortion running rampant with evil diabolical sub humans like Fauci and others using aborted fetuses for all manner of experiments, I must even say worse than what Josef Mengele performed in Nazi death camps in WWII!








This next to final link, one of my essays in which I mention the science fiction story of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” I have to say I’m positive this kind of evil and far worse is happening someplace right now and human beings are being manipulated for sinister most diabolical purposes, so this whole subject we’re on here is proof enough to me that we are absolutely in End Time!


This last link to “The Flip Side,” Ashley Cleveland who I really like talks about her book “Little Black Sheep” and her early pregnancy which was totally at the wrong time for her but how she handled it and why. She talks on CBN and there are a couple of other video clips included.

I had this to say in that essay: Hot Dam! I just watched these interviews again and cried! In her own words, she said, “Come to Christ, You can’t come to Christ and not be changed!”

I had written about Abby Johnson and Ashley Cleveland at about the same precise time so it was meant to add up to a good message as I see it. Which this following excerpt states!

I see how my inspired writing today all ties together with this previous essay and these songs, connecting Ashley, Abby and God’s purposes; “Giving us Shelter” if we truly turn to Him and give our hearts!


This all tells me we are in a spiritual battle like nothing ever witnessed on earth before so we must remain sober as well as committed to God through Christ Jesus! Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


The story behind Abby Johnson, once a leading director for Planned Parenthood—now a pro-life activist.

I must admit, it took me a few years to watch this movie because of the subject matter. I am obviously pro-life and work with children on a weekly basis. Now I’m also a mother which sheds a whole new perspective on the matter of abortion.

It wasn’t long before I was balling (the movie begins with Abby’s defining moment—which led to her immediate resignation from PP). From there, it then backtracks to her college days where, like many of us, she was young, naive, and oh so rebellious.

Movie Summary:

Separated from her Christian parents, she quickly fell into the devil’s schemes of deception and sin. She was intimate with a boy, became pregnant, and (out of fear/convenience) had her first abortion.

Later, she married the same guy, and quickly wanted out. He…

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