The Flip Side

“Little Black Sheep”
“Come to Christ, You can’t come to Christ and not be changed”

Now I have to tell you that today I spontaneously put up a posting that was centered around an old Rolling Stones big hit song “Gimme Shelter!” That song always seemed cool to me but then again I wasn’t too into it or even the Stones!

The decadence and wild raw sex appeal of their music and the wild sorts of party hardy revelers it attracted turned me off, as for example the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Outcasts were heavy into the Stones. But recently I was inspired to put up a posting after I read about a former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson who quit and is totally Pro-life now stating unequivocally that abortion is demonic! I said to myself this woman was directly involved in that ugly satanic process but is totally on the opposite side of it now, the “Flip-Side” and that happened by an act of God because God is totally giving to all of us children; a huge wake up call to get things right now! Turn to Him!

Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson Slams Abortion: Killing Babies “is Demonic”

In that posting I included the lyrics to an old Stones song “Sympathy for the Devil,” which I did like or actually the music style and tempo, but, more importantly I later thought that it was telling a story about human history and how all along when things have gone horribly wrong in the world it was him, the Devil, that got many minions to do that wrong, especially to one another; even making war! But when I included that song in my posting I had noticed listed with it at the site was that “Gimme Shelter” and for the past week I’ve been thinking about Gimme Shelter now and then, as it would seem to give me some inspiration, but, exactly about what I wasn’t sure; other than I knew the idea of “getting shelter” appears to be timely as we all need it from this crazy twisted and corrupted world so badly! As it turns out today I know why!

I wanted to listen to that hit again so I played it on YouTube and when it completed the menu suggestions popped up, and I immediately saw when looking at the photos and captions this Gimme Shelter 90’s version by a vocalist Grammy winner “Ashley Cleveland” which once I listened to it again, a thought immediately came to mind that I need to post this to showcase her! Yes, because of her excellent rendition with a bit laid back Southern Country vocal style changing the tune up from Mick Jaggers original Hard Rock version; along with her being very cool in that video performance!

Now here is the kicker, that came from God to tell me that all of these Dots are Connecting to make sure, that clear messages are being conveyed, to all of God’s children to “awake” and be sober in order to allow them to remain vigilant now as the world is ratcheting up to big trouble again, just like the Stones song Sympathy for the Devil speaks to the old and new havoc that he has been able to wreak upon this world through many willing cohorts and minions! But as it turns out Ashley Cleveland tied right into my previous blog posting about the conversion of “Abby Johnson,” because I never knew she had been pregnant and partying out of control slipping into alcoholism, but she did have in her heart at least the basic decency of “conscience” from a limited Christian upbringing to go ahead with an unexpected pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful baby girl! Ashley with her mother and the Church they attended began her real journey, not to stardom but to sobriety and a good marriage with more children!

Ashley now is on a solid footing having the blessing of truly finding out the Lord was there all along, wanting her to “open up to Him and change in the way” she needed to, so that her life will be on “the path God is directing her to follow!” Now a documentary about her life and her finding Jesus Christ has done even more to help others find their faith or improve their lives in many ways by Ashley being as she put it, an open person; which she is!

I see honesty and integrity in her saying and doing what she is now; so that to me is what matters not fame, or the excitement of popularity and so on, but, that we each make sure we are on the path that God wants us on, so we can do His will, and serve His purposes; we don’t know enough nor could we touch on what God is all about, and how His mysterious ways are not our ways! That is why we are really helpless, unless we have Him in our lives and actually turn our lives over to Him completely; allowing Him to direct our paths.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

If anything I’ve ever said on this at times crazed internet could matter I tell you now from my heart that this Scriptural verse is it; and you all should take it to your heart; making it key to your living purpose mantra each day!

Before I continue to the close of my writing now I want to include a link to a previous posting that gets to the heart of his idea of Dots being Connected for God’s purposes in our lives!

I see how my inspired writing today all ties together with this previous essay and these songs, connecting Ashley, Abby and God’s purposes; Giving us Shelter if we truly turn to Him and give our hearts!

What follows here are a couple of short interviews of Ashley that are very telling and should help some people; they brought a tear to my eyes and actually helped me in certain ways too! I’m happy for her with her beautiful family that means so much to God, and think how so many things could have happened to prevent all of that from being what it is now. God I’m so happy she maintained and protected her pregnancy, Giving Shelter, baring the fruit God wanted her to! Be sure to watch her in the third interview which she closes out with her beautiful song “Little Black Sheep!”

Hot Dam! I just watched these interviews again and cried! In her own words, she said, “Come to Christ, You can’t come to Christ and not be changed!”

I see how my inspired writing today all ties together with this previous essay and these songs, connecting Ashley, Abby and God’s purposes; “Giving us Shelter” if we truly turn to Him and give our hearts!

Linda Scaffidi

Linda Scaffidi

In the second interview in the page comments Linda Scaffidi said:

3 years ago “She said the drink gave you a new feeling and she continued to seek that feeling. Then when she discovered that God truly loved her and he was not the God of performance that she thought. I understand these two intense feelings, the sudden feeling of comfort in the drink and the almost miraculous feeling that God loved me. He found me in my darkest moments and still does. She speaks honesty through her words and voice This is why her music is important to me.”

Ashley Cleveland-Revive Us Again

God bless!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

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