Russian Talking Heads Threaten a Vaporizing Nuclear Strike Against Eastern Europe

“Backstabbing Human’s Commonplace”

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March 25, 2022

The Worst Nightmare Possible Has Already Begun

The very first thing that my eyes settled upon in my email cue immediately after having sent a very important inspired message to a good Christian woman, was this news article headline!  What follows is the entire message, to be continued with the headline News Article.

Thank you Sister in Christ!  It sounds like you more than have your hands full to say the least! I hope you can keep all these matters balanced and produce the outcome you desire!  So that said, I hate in a way to give you what I see as being a huge problem!  I think you care enough; so I do it.

People have never been lilywhite and free from foulness, so in a sense nothing has changed; other than humans have gotten much more sophisticated and wicked in their methodology to commit atrocities!

Are humans walking around now “holier than thou” and living to the “highest standards possible” with all of the history we now have to know truly the difference between doing what is right versus doing what is wrong?  I think not and the human race proves continually that it is corrupted to the core; in that all things man does, corruption can be and very often is found permeating those things, along with selfishness and wicked vanity playing a huge part in human endeavor; not benevolence or self-sacrifice. Do we see what the medical profession, Big Pharma, corporate media along with the bought and paid for government authorities have done in plain sight for the last couple of years!

According to the historical record we have plenty to go by when it comes to “Learning from our Mistakes,” what humanity has done wrong and therefore to thusly enable mankind to move forward not backward; making proper adjustment! That clearly is not the case and the human “Ways of The World” only get worse!

And it’s been said regarding human culture that some ancient cultures say like the Roman Empire or even like the human sacrificing Mayan Empire didn’t really compare to the kind of debauchery and wickedness that Sodom and Gomorrah carried out.

Photo courtesy Touchstone Pictures: Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto”

So are we to think that today right now that exponentially far worse crimes and blasphemies are not occurring on an hourly basis?

Leaving babies on steps as  was done in some of those ancient periods doesn’t even begin to compare to modern current debauchery committed by mankind; having young women abort babies so they can be sliced up and used in radical experimentation like the grafting of human tissue to rats in a lab, even on a genetic level splicing chromosomes to create a new species! Or diabolical people like Soros and the Clinton’s who from some circles it’s said have used baby stem cells or plasma, made from unborn or day of delivery human beings to enhance their own physical health or beauty! Or as in China, human beings are targeted and taken away to have organs harvested, and don’t you think there is a black market now for this, and Americans who are close to China’s CCP, AKA Biden, Fauci, Gates, Soros, Klaus Schwab and so on aren’t equipped to make such purchases?  This is not even the end of it, because it is a known fact that human babies are now being used in satanic rituals, while even the Presbyterian Church advocates and promotes abortion saying it is good and right; so we have a Christian Church saying like former NYC mayor Bloomberg to women who worked for him; to Kill It!

Presbyterian, Baptist Churches Join New Coalition of Churches to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Presbyterian, Baptist Churches Join New Coalition of Churches to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Sorry Sister in Christ, what you said won’t cut it when it comes to saying that somehow today people are way more “tame and benevolent or righteous and good” when compared or stacked up against those peoples of the past, in the time of even the Great Flood! I’m surprised you miss this Truth!  This is just what I’m talking about; how we modern most advanced humans to have ever lived on this planet are the most diabolical and hideous truth deniers and so many are “flaunting” themselves around on the internet as the best thing since sliced bread, being so “Proud and Arrogant;” even vicious in their activities to delude others or attack them; these who are often wolves and evil doers in sheep’s clothing!

Witchcraft and Illuminati abound all over America, and the public school systems are flooded with this evil! No; I say those ancient times when people were very illiterate and ignorant, even sadly too stupid, were tame compared to now!  Perhaps my eyes work differently than most people’s do, because I see it so clearly, how fake, twofaced and wretched the human race has become, being exponentially more evil and dangerous than any time period ever!!!  “The proof is in the pudding” as they used to say; and right now as we carry on in our daily lives the culprits and most sinister are carefully orchestrating totalitarian control measures, to accomplish what you brought up mentioning “slaves;” because their goal is to “Enslave the Human Race,” while most are just going along for this “hell ride” accepting this evil! Who is directing it all?

God bless you and yours,

Brother in Christ Jesus,


“2Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and encourage with every form of patient instruction. 3For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. 4So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” 2 Timothy 4:2-4

But perhaps what was said just prior to this above message will further explain the reality that so many are denying or not seeing; because they are so deluded and brainwashed.

Our present day “Ways of The World” system of corruption, deception and turmoil; an absolutely unprecedented period that nothing previous even came close to being so complexly, wantonly evil in my humble opinion, and after it; there can be no room for anything other than the history of its destruction and final end!

We see a secularism and radical departure from the people basing their existence on God our Creator and His kingdom to come, to one where man is fast approaching a material world belief system, of course spurned on by Satan, that places man at the apex of this creation; whereby men become their own self-styled gods.  I could be too biased the way I look at my fellow mankind, but, I see an ugliness flourishing rampantly throughout the world, and a tendency for the masses to be easily duped like herd animals or become sheeple!  Something I see in the social media craze alone indicates this loss of humanity and where people are taking the exit ramp from humanity to stupidity and destruction!  Far worse than during the period when Moses brought God’s Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai to find God’s people worshiping a gilded calf!

Here were a few thoughts that came to mind immediately upon reading this attitude about self-worship and ultimately not serving God, being displayed online that was all justified with, God loves me more than anything, so I can do and be fine with Him each day.  Apparently saying, I just have to worry about me and all those things out there, that’s not my problem!  But, only things that will boost my ego or favor with the world, then I’ll give some lip service, play the game; “the way of the world.”

Yes, Jesus Christ dies on the cross for our sins, but, that doesn’t mean we have a license to be phony hypocrites and enjoy the party while it lasts.  It’s up to each individual to produce a “genuine faith” full of humility and sorrow for what wrongs we have done; having a contrite heart full of love for Him which we show daily by being willing to pick up our own crosses and follow him, giving up the pleasures and vanities of this world, making our own ultimate sacrifice in order to be found truly worthy of forgiveness and eternal life, by not being lukewarm and a pretender, who gives plenty of lip service, but underneath all of that doesn’t do enough lifting of that cross that each of us has to carry until the day we drop.

Back in October I wrote this which since then I can’t help but to believe even more now is actually what is happening!

The Whore of the New Babylon

“Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

“Offering all of the babies being slaughtered as a human sacrifice to their true master, Satan”

Pelosi, who by her wielding enormous earthly government power is now the biggest female advocate for the murdering of human babies which now signifies her uniting the political power of the world with the highest moral authority on earth from the original Church; as one unified power structure, and that all parties involved are agreeing with Pelosi and Bergoglio that full term day of delivery abortion is acceptable and even encouraged which means both this Fake pope and this woman Female Abomination from the most powerful seat of earthy power, in tandem are offering all of the babies being slaughtered as a human sacrifice to their true master, Satan, who is ruling these two along with Biden and many others by means of actual demonic possession or in some cases enough demonic influence needed; to accomplish their evil agenda!

The radicalization and absolute evil permeating all levels of society and civilization now is unbelievable to me but I have to know it’s truly the approaching very end because it is all so grossly evil and not abating but growing worse day by day!

Maybe God is sending a miracle to twist things back around to how they should be or had been in better times; but I don’t  believe that because this would be like God playing a game of dice, and even Einstein said, “God doesn’t play dice!”

Russian Talking Heads Threaten a Vaporizing Nuclear Strike Against Eastern Europe

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has not gone according to plan. The Russian army has faced a resistance no one could have foreseen, not even Putin. There also seems to be a sense that Russia did not prepare an alternative plan for such circumstances.

Often, when presented with the unexpected, people make idle threats. However, when these threats involve nuclear weapons, they must be taken seriously. That appears to be where the Russian mindset is as Ukrainians continue to stand their ground.

The perception now is that Ukraine has a chance to actually win this war. No one really explains how that might happen. When the invasion started over a month ago, most experts envisioned a far more overwhelming outcome than what has actually transpired.

In fact, many are strategizing on how Ukraine can actually emerge victorious. What a Ukraine victory looks like is still murky. Nevertheless, just the talk has most NATO allies looking at measures to step up their support for Ukraine.

Staring at the potential for a drawn-out conflict has Russian military minds racing back to the drawing board. But recent developments have also struck a nerve. If Russian forces cannot reach their objective using the current strategy, what happens if Ukraine is fortified even more?

This is what we allude to when we say Russian officials are making idle threats. They have to be confused by what they see. There is no doubt that they appreciate any escalation of NATO involvement could rapidly tip the scales in Ukraine’s favor.

So, the new Russian game plan appears to be the nuclear threat card. Vladimir Putin’s press secretary was blunt. Dmitry Peskov told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Russia would use nuclear weapons if presented with an “existential threat.”

Existential threats are widely open to interpretation. What would constitute an “existential threat?” Would the addition of air power to attack Russian forces be such a threat? What type of military firepower would Russia see as meeting the criteria for existential?

A Russian military expert, Igor Korotchenko, expanded the possible definition even farther. Korotchenko insisted, “The West will never lift the sanctions from Russia.” If that is Russia’s belief, this could immediately provide Putin with its “existential threat.”

Many of Russia’s talking heads adamantly believe that all participating nations declared war on Russia when they devastated Russia’s economy with severe sanctions. The Russian stock market has basically collapsed.

More than one Russian official has deemed this akin to a declaration of war. Such a declaration, according to Russian military doctrine, opens the door for justifiable retaliation. Russia’s military doctrine also believes that circumstances such as these warrant tactical nuclear strikes.

But the most serious threat came from one of Putin’s most notorious propagandists. Vladimir Soloviev spoke to the country via Russia’s largest TV network. Soloviev was startlingly blunt. “If you decide to prepare NATO peacekeepers and bring them in, this will mean nuclear war.”

No clarifications and no series of specific circumstances are mentioned. He emphatically says that any escalation by NATO forces, even for peacekeeping, will open the door for a nuclear attack. Soloviev said that such a strike would essentially vaporize Warsaw.

That’s a pretty serious threat. Russia has the nuclear capability for such a strike, many of them in fact. So, where does that leave NATO and U.S. strategy? Do the western allies kowtow to Moscow’s threats? They must be taken seriously, but how seriously?

What must be scary for Eastern Europeans, are the people making the decisions for the United States. One is a bumbling old fool with a horrific foreign policy record. The second in command is a cackling hyena. These may be idle threats from talking heads who are backed into a corner.

They’re making threats because they’re losing. But nuclear bombs are no joke. Russia has an arsenal of them. Every time one of Putin’s propaganda spreaders spouts off one of these threats, people better be listening. World War III will not be pretty.

It will not end well for anyone. The bombs are bigger; the stakes are higher. It’s just such a scary thought that Joe Biden is the person entrusted with helping to prevent it. Some healthy prayer time might be the order of the day, especially in Europe.

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Russian Talking Heads Threaten a Vaporizing Nuclear Strike Against Eastern Europe

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