“…Stay close to Me for when you do, you will be given every protection from evil….”

God Almighty’s witnesses and servants proclaim His perfect and Holy words; they fear nothing in the seen or unseen world walking with Jesus they have the Armor of God to protect them!

This excerpt is crucial as I see it for any true Christian to consider and take to heart in this most unprecedented time period in mankind’s history!

“Live by My Word and you will not die. Live your lives, according to the Truth, and I will pour great Graces over you and those, whose names you place before Me. As the world plunges into darkness – as wars break out everywhere, and when disease and famine grip humanity – My Intervention will be witnessed. I protect all those who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart. I uplift those whose hearts may be heavy, and I will bring peace and a calmness of soul to those who ask Me for these Gifts.

Only I, Jesus Christ, can lift your burden. Only I can defeat your enemies and those, who abuse power and influence to destroy you for their own gain. Only you, My beloved followers, can bring Me the souls of those who reject Me, who dismiss Me and who deny Me. Many of them will never come to Me, although I welcome them into My Mercy.”

I know how some people these days go off the rails with the occult and “new age religion” craze or even pagan beliefs, I’ve even seen how some who profess to believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior whether Catholic, Protestant, Baptist or any other Christian sect went from practicing that faith to being a pagan in 3 simple steps basically! Some may know I speak my mind and I’ve experienced or learned enough by now to at least know what the basic gig is all about for us humans who are children of God’s, regarding our purpose for being here. But, my old school standard belief system which many esoteric or highfalutin modernists find boring and stupid is something I’m absolutely sure is the TRUTH. The simple basic fundamental is that this is a battle between good and evil and a war for souls which have free-will. Choice is involved and overtime each soul is given full opportunity to be in the light ultimately or dwell in darkness and evil for eternity! God is the only being that “Created” anything and all of this and beyond our capabilities to perceive further is the creation of the all-knowing, all loving omnipotent God. I did study other man-made religions over decades and Hindus, Buddhists and especially Muslims of Nation of Islam follow concocted by man systems of belief; but nobody can lay claim to what Jesus Christ said and did, He is God and His plan of Salvation through the New and Everlasting Covenant with humanity is the only one to eternal Life. Nothing else even comes close to having that absolute truth and power that God performed on the cross to take away our sins and imperfection in order to allow us our own Free Will, but to become Absolute and Holy in order to be with Him.


Mom when I was a boy you made me aware this song was your favorite contemporary classic and I always loved hearing you sing it with your beautifully trained God given talented Soprano voice! Now no matter where I am or what condition I’m in I can recall those days hearing you sing this song that always brings tears to my eyes, and I know God meant for you to teach us with your devotion as our Mother and with your beautiful voice, what is most important in this life, as I feel it deep in my heart and soul now! Just like this song says “you’ll never walk alone” and no matter what crisis or difficulty we may be going through as long as we have Faith in Jesus Christ, we always walk with “Hope in our Hearts” that will protect and guide us home to the Lord! But as we walk through any storm, we should hold our heads up high, being brave and courageous, knowing that “He is always walking with us!” I found this to be so true on those few occasions when I could have died; but was spared for His reasons or purposes! And when I had to fight a huge battle on my own your support, comfort and prayers along with Lord Jesus was what really made the difference in finding my way through it all; to a day of rest, where I could hear “The Sweet Silver Song of a Lark!” Thank you Mom! I love you! Thank you Jesus for bestowing these miraculous gifts and opportunity upon us! All the Glory is yours our Savior Jesus!


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

God bless!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared.

October 14, 2014 @ 6:15pm; Message 1239
My dearly beloved daughter, all that I revealed to the world, through these messages, will be fulfilled. Many of those who know these messages will, sadly, continue to suppress My Word. Others, who are not privy to these messages will oppose My Word, given to them in the Holy Gospels.

I call on all those who walk with Me on this earth, and I ask them to trust in Me. Live by My Word and you will not die. Live your lives, according to the Truth, and I will pour great Graces over you and those, whose names you place before Me.  As the world plunges into darkness – as wars break out everywhere, and when disease and famine grip humanity –My Intervention will be witnesse

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

2 thoughts on ““…Stay close to Me for when you do, you will be given every protection from evil….””

  1. Poppa informed me when the scamdemic hit not to be afraid because He was with me and to walk with confidence.
    Because of my obedience it provided an opportunity to share Christ with the many that were striken with fear.

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    1. Yes I understand Brother Joseph and I have had similar difficult challenges and met them head-on in this same way my Brother! I learned to fear nothing, and once I did have fear! As for these others who live in fear many will not listen to God or the Holy Spirit He so graciously sends to those with a completely humble heart; so they continue to bring darkness and fear to many they touch, and should be avoided when the evidence is there that they are not of the light! Such is this world now with so many working against God and seeking to ruin, it’s so obviously rampant, we see it in all walks and levels of society and life now! Those that truly listen and turn from wickedness become totally humbled, and it is easy to see they want to change and be transformed, but, beware there are many deceivers even of this; and one must not fall into a clever snare of the Devil. You know better than most that some are sweet talkers about Jesus and so full of words and lip service, but are not what they appear to be; and are on the contrary the opposite!

      We know of the very infamous cases but there are many varying degrees of this deception from Satan! Here is a decent outline of what I mean!

      Just Felt Like Throwing it Out!

      I take this opportunity to warn anyone out there to wake up to the Truth of God, His Truth is all that can save any of us from death and hell; and it is time to realize how many people on this internet are running toward the precipice blindly and still others willingly; knowing but even denying it!

      God bless you and yours!


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