Walking with Jesus Christ

“You’ll never walk alone”
“The Sweet Silver Song of a Lark”

Walk Alone Lyrics sm print ++

To Mom for all your efforts and love as a Devoted Mother!

I can always hear you singing this Classic

The Story Behind Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Beloved Song of Hope—“You’ll Never Walk Alone”  WRTI

Wlak through the storm ending lg print

This is my personal story behind the song!

Mom when I was a boy you made me aware this song was your favorite contemporary classic and I always loved hearing you sing it with your beautifully trained God given talented Soprano voice!  Now no matter where I am or what condition I’m in I can recall those days hearing you sing this song that always brings tears to my eyes, and I know God meant for you to teach us with your devotion as our Mother and with your beautiful voice, what is most important in this life, as I feel it deep in my heart and soul now!  Just like this song says “you’ll never walk alone” and no matter what crisis or difficulty we may be going through as long as we have Faith in Jesus Christ, we always walk with “Hope in our Hearts” that will protect and guide us home to the Lord!  But as we walk through any storm, we should hold our heads up high, being brave and courageous, knowing that “He is always walking with us!”  I found this to be so true on those few occasions when I could have died; but was spared for His reasons or purposes!  And when I had to fight a huge battle on my own your support, comfort and prayers along with Lord Jesus was what really made the difference in finding my way through it all; to a day of rest, where I could hear “The Sweet Silver Song of a Lark!” Thank you Mom!  I love you!  Thank you Jesus for bestowing these miraculous gifts and opportunity upon us!   All the Glory is yours our Savior Jesus!

sunrise after storm 3

Mom your Loving Son in Jesus Christ,


You Never Walk Alone Gate to Heaven lg print

Walk Alone Lyrics sm print ++

Andrea Bocelli – You’ll Never Walk Alone (Believe Studio Session)

Elvis Presley “You’ ll Never Walk A lone” best version, with beautiful slideshow

Elvis his hand in mine sm print

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

After storm rainbow

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” Virtual Choir/Orchestra 15 Countries: 300 People  (During Lock-downs)

After storm rainbow sm print

Never walk alone sunrise sm print

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

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5 thoughts on “Walking with Jesus Christ”

  1. How beautiful, and lovely that you are writing to your Mom, a very special lady, I am glad that your challenging time seems to be behind you and you are walking on with hope in your heart. Keep sharing Truth and helping others have courage. God bless.

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    1. This means so much having you see this the way you do, and then tell me; which nobody else has! I’m more a private person actually which wouldn’t seem so by the way I write so much! But I always have been one to keep to myself, not introverted but very contemplative and having introspection often when alone!

      Thank you for the compliments for my mother and having such a tender merciful heart as you do!

      You really give me inspiration and happiness to know you are there my Dear Sweet Sister/Friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can understand that, and writing gives a freedom of expression, your mother does sound like a lovely person and your parents have clearly passed on their deep values for you to ‘run the race’ in your life.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Boy or boy you sure seem to connect to my path, ‘run the race’ as that is what it’s been as I got older and especially the last dozen years or so when the pace and turmoil picked up momentum; really the opposite of what I always anticipated. I like to reflect back to childhood now and then to appreciate how fortunate I was and what loving parents God gave me to allow me to have a very relaxing, pleasant and so hopeful time of youth! God love you!

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