St Nazaire Raid or Operation Chariot

It appears that you circumvented the “blatant deception” as Edgar Allan Poe would be pleased you took his advice and followed his rule of; “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”― Edgar Allan Poe

Very fascinating perspective that I figure very few people alive have actually deciphered in such an elaborate manner as you have here! Many hidden secrets in things that are staring us in the face; or as they say, “are right under our noses!”

Bravo; Roger, Wilco, Over and Out.

“WILCO – I understand your message and will comply with it!”

Thought this gem of a clip might be a good laugh to add here!

I needed that and you won’t have to remind me not to fly with these birds again! Rodger Dodger!
Over and out; as in I’m outta of here!

Lawrence Morra III

The Tree of Life

28th March, 2022

This took place on the 28 March 1942, 80 years ago. A most daring raid, and one of the Royal Navy’s finest it is believed. Its intention was to put out of action the only dry dock capable of repairing the remaining battleship of Germany, the Tirpitz, or indeed any other large warship.

The operation involved ramming the gates of the dry dock and blowing the up with explosives hidden in the old destroyer used.

I have done an anagram analysis of the words St Nazaire Raid. This contains 13 letters in total and 9 individual letters.

Aries drat Nazi – Aries the ram, and ramming the gates, how fascinating!

aid arrest Nazi – helping to stop the Nazis, Mmm…

a arse dirt Nazi – enough said.

AI retard Nazis – interesting.

at raider Nazis – in relation the Nazi raider ships which were using the facility…

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