The Difference Between

Popularity Contests or Likes Worshiping Aside-Let’s Be Real.


Using Kit Gloves is not always the recommended means of waking up those who walk around dazed and confused either by choice or stupidity when after-all the truth has been staring them in the face! You’ve heard about how effective splashing ice cold water in a person’s face can be in awakening a person who is semiconscious which is very necessary at times, especially when time is of the essence! I’ve had a few rude awakenings during my life and I’m so thankful to God that I got that boot in the ass that allowed me the opportunity to make it to where I am now before it was too late! Along with this point I add the old adage that, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!” Most if not all of this difficulty is for one simple reason; many people lack genuine faith and truthful belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and without Him they are truly lost!

John 8:23-24 “Then He told them, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. 24That is why I told you that you would die in your sins. For unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

John 8:27-29 “They did not understand that He was telling them about the Father. 28So Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and that I do nothing on My own, but speak exactly what the Father has taught Me. 29He who sent Me is with Me. He has not left Me alone, because I always do what pleases Him.”

John 8:31-32 “So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Unfaithful will come up with many excuses or deny truth because they prefer to live in lies and are willing to die in them with sin than face their own failure which all stems from the arrogance and rebelliousness of Satan the father of all lies and rebelliousness; complete transgression from God Almighty and those that stay on that path are doomed to eternal damnation; complete separation from God and all that is good! Their stumbling block and snare that Satan has set before them is pride along with continued willful ignorance! But trying to ignore or pretend that the facts before them don’t exist is a fool’s errand which they are aimlessly lost in.

We who are faithful must also realize that partaking of this cyber world the World Wide Web that we are in the New Age Devil’s Playground with many of these sorts of persons and that quite a few of them are Cyber Serial Narcissist Psychopaths that are continually looking to do Satan’s work as his minions as they wallow in sin!

Matthew 7:5-7 “You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. 6Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. 7Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

Fauci chicken little lg print

Just like the Junk Science highly political propagated nonsense of the Leftist’s and their minions in government, science, education and Big Tech/MSM have pushed for years the insane propaganda of first, “Global Warming,” then lowing the bar to “Climate Change” because they were hanging themselves with the original fiasco showing how “over the top insane” they are promoting to everyone, like “Chicken Little’s The Sky is Falling” scenario climate disaster; of how we only have 50 years or less before most coastlines will be underwater and the “weather apocalypse” will be upon us! But, it was so obvious that wasn’t adding up, and they couldn’t fudge or skew the numbers enough to support their fraudulent scheme for the globalists; while maintaining this propaganda aligned with their “imperative agenda” of reaching “zero man-made carbon emissions,” being added to the atmosphere!

chicken little pointing up sm print

There are multitudes of persons who are not in this negative category who really have been duped and want the truth so many of them need to start catching up with reality and see the forest for the trees. For that purpose I offer many links here to educate and hopefully save! God sees all and is testing all souls before the Day of Judgment which He has appointed; and is coming sooner than most think.

Now this excerpt from an article I wrote back on April 6, 2020 that can be seen for what its worth in pointing out the exact underlying reason all of this evil has been perpetrated upon humanity with a vengeance! Evil is having its hour but God will have his Day of Judgment!

Words spoken by the venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen set the stage perfectly: “Evil may have its hour, but God will have His Day.”


God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

Yes Brother, offering a heads up is a right thing to do, but I know from solid experience that far too many don’t appreciate it or listen, even when handed or spoken directly to them! Because they are much more interested in playing the Social Media Game and locked into the “Ways of The World;” in a vortex of sin! Pride, ego, attention mongering or totally self-serving interests abound!


The You hate those who speak in court against evil, and you can’t stand those who tell the truth. Amos 5:10The Holy Bible The New Century Version

The difference between the world ( lie berals ) and Christians is that during this scamdemic whenever a lie beral challenged me about the face masks or the vaccine I would politely inform them of sites like Dr. Meroclla and sites on Bit Chute or Rumble from top leading scientists and doctors that prove the face masks are ineffective and the shots cause more damage than good.

When they challenge me I respectfully offer them information on how to get to these sites.

Their reply is to look away and call me a liar.

When I ask them why they do not want to go on the sites the lie berals accuse them of being disinformation without ever going on them.

When I…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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3 thoughts on “The Difference Between”

  1. Yes Brother, offering a heads up is a right thing to do, but I know from solid experience that far too many don’t appreciate it or listen, even when handed or spoken directly to them! Because they are much more interested in playing the Social Media Game and locked into the “Ways of The World;” in a vortex of sin! Pride, ego, attention mongering or totally self-serving interests abound!

    No they cannot, as they watch the world going to hell in a hand basket; makes total sense I guess to people that don’t think right or have any principles! Ah people and their foibles!

    “All glory comes from daring to begin.” – William Shakespeare

    Hamlet’s soliloquy in its entirety.
    by William Shakespeare

    To be, or not to be? That is the question—

    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

    And, by opposing, end them? To die, to sleep—

    No more—and by a sleep to say we end

    The heartache and the thousand natural shocks

    That flesh is heir to—’tis a consummation

    Devoutly to be wished! To die, to sleep.

    To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub,

    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

    Must give us pause. There’s the respect

    That makes calamity of so long life.

    For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

    Th’ oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,

    The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,

    The insolence of office, and the spurns

    That patient merit of th’ unworthy takes,

    When he himself might his quietus make

    With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,

    To grunt and sweat under a weary life,

    But that the dread of something after death,

    The undiscovered country from whose bourn

    No traveler returns, puzzles the will

    And makes us rather bear those ills we have

    Than fly to others that we know not of?

    Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,

    And thus the native hue of resolution

    Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,

    And enterprises of great pitch and moment

    With this regard their currents turn awry,

    And lose the name of action. —Soft you now,

    The fair Ophelia! —Nymph, in thy orisons

    Be all my sins remembered.

    Why of course! Sounds realistic to me!


    1. Yes Brother sorry about Canada too! I only repeat myself often lately but just look at what we actually have sunken to here in the USA to have this despicable low-life for a president and then the whole cabinet are twisted lost souls; it’s insane! I’m amazed that the whole mess just hasn’t imploded already or perhaps triggered a global war with the total incompetence, weakness and madness prevailing as it does daily! Out of control and screwed! Long day so I have stuff to get done quick so I can kick back for bedtime; I see my dog is already doing that lol!

      Thank you for the good posting and comments!
      God bless you and yours!

      Have a happy peaceful weekend there Joseph!


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