The Contemptuous Deceit Tearing All in Its Power to Shreds

I watched as the massive swirling vortex

Observing from afar high atop that pristine pinnacle of calm and quiet I watched as the massive swirling vortex gathered more force by sucking into its core so many that paid no heed to the warnings that proceeded before this calamity! Be they warnings by tongue or a variety of mediums and signs that foretold of such a force that would come to capture and conquer the unsuspecting and lost! But as it grew in strength empowered by the very it took, those many attracted others of like substance creating a fog of both vision and deceit; so that even those with resistance would fall to its allure and deafening roar! Like the lion in the jungle that though it is apparently there not all know what to do in that moment; when it has come up from behind and stealth-fully caught even the bravest with little recourse than to fall prey to its power, as running would only heighten the pounce of fury and death! Tearing to shreds any resistance in that moment of undeniable truth that all is lost! Staring it rather down with bravery and fearless contemptuous resolve might place the weight of that divisive telltale moment upon the attacker, so that then realizing its target or prey has no fear becomes perplexed and uncertain now in its power doubting the certainty that it usually relishes in, then being transposed with the fright that it always inflicts as though looking and seeing itself in a mirror, now fears itself running away from its own shadow!

I could see all of this happening before me, yet I could do nothing to assist those that had not listened when the warning shots were fired, but took it upon themselves to contemplate a certain outcome or another, when there was only one. That one and only way to defeat anything that could come against all who occupy this place; which would not be with bullets or advanced weaponry of all types but rather complete and resolute spiritual power from on high, beyond the heavens and into the infinite realm where all absolute truth resides with the all-knowing and all conquering power of love through and by means of Faith!

Now as I watch the certainty of destruction beyond anything heretofore imagined, I ask the one overriding question, why? Then the answer comes like gentle delicate snow falling down from heaven upon my very soul telling my heart with the most magnificent love; freedom, total unabashed freedom of choice, that each living entity must possess just like the living blood coursing through ones veins, for without it, all is lost!

Suddenly, I awoke from this dream and vision of what was to come, a fate that would as surely befall mankind; as the very evil that swirled and amassed its power, is truly all around!

Lawrence Morra

I Should Have Known

Who out there does this not apply to?  It would have to be a person who has real faith in God.

Is this what it appears to be?  The blow off?  Don’t worry speak your mind freely at all times with me.  I am a very honest man, sometimes to a fault which has cost me dearly, emotionally, career, mental anguish, socially, financially and even my health due to attacks by nefarious persons.  But I would not change one bit of it if I could because it is as it should be!  I call a spade a spade and with me you are most elevated as a person if you can be so brutally honest, I despise deceit and contempt in all of its forms!  Lies and hidden agendas are treacherous instruments deployed by the nefarious among us that seek to hurt, injure, destroy what they have no use for or those that get in their way.  Does pure evil exist; it sure as hell does and I have witnessed and experienced it firsthand?  Some of the most evil people don’t even see anything wrong with what they believe or do!!! They go about the world taking what they please and discarding like trash anyone or thing that they have no use for!!!  Vulgar and sinister in their schemes and plots they unleash upon others for daring to differ with them or bring any resistance to their attention.

You really are on some kind of self-centered trip like some kind of spoiled brat; maybe if you didn’t try using people so much like they are potatoes that you can pick up and put down when you’re through with them or not being amused by them any longer.  It adds up though you were really nothing of any substance when I told you about very serious personal concerns or matters that I don’t open up and tell just anyone about, you didn’t even bring them up or show any concern.  Or when you didn’t even show any real thanks for the little gestures of generosity!!!  Yea, if it doesn’t fit your agenda why should you even try to be genuine!!! Appears that you’ve been doing that for so long now that you got lost and forgot or don’t even know what that is, kind of tangled in your own web of deceit!!!  Good luck with all the phonies’ kid!!!   But the good news is that I guess you were doing what you said others don’t do, “they forgot to be themselves” but you are very good at showing your true self!!!  That’s one person I don’t really need to know!!!   Try to see how all those phonies feel about your real self though, they might find they fit with you to a tee!!! Just a little too plastic for me!!!  Another thing for sure, I know that you know we are diametrically in opposition on so many levels that it isn’t even funny!!!  You were just trying to keep up an act which was a lie and now you have been caught in your own lie!!! No instead, it’s more the opposite tact being applied which has always been to deceive, “oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive,”   Later gator!!!  And no thanks, for the fake condolence!!! Tuck that away with “put it in your ear dear!”

Lawrence Morra

Appreciation for God’s Bounty of Life

The people that show no compassion for living things and carry out acts of cruelty against any of them; then thinking they are getting away with it are dead wrong, as there is an accounting and judgment for all conscious decisions that every person makes! Obviously there are those people that don’t fear God because they have no belief; they are in for a rude awakening when their lives come to a tragic, hopeless end!!! Animals Are Sentient Beings!

Read here this introduction by this wonderful writer in her discussion about animals!!! Animals: Tradition – Philosophy – Religion


By: Lisa Barnaby

Writing Mechanics

International College of Excellence

November 5, 2006

God is the creator of everything. He breathed life into animals and man, and made them living souls. We can see a manifestation of the love of God reflected in a mother caring for her new born child and tending to its every need. Likewise, as a mother bear protects her cub from danger, God is always watching over us, protecting us from evil. “The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all His creation” (Psalm 145:9). God created man and animals according to His infinite love and wisdom. “O Lord, how many are Your works! You made them all in wisdom. The earth is full of what You have made. There is the wide sea full of both large and small animals. There are too many for us to number” (Psalm 104:24-25 NLV). God values everything He created, including animals, and He wants only the best for them. In this paper I will discuss God’s love for animals. God was pleased with His animal creation. I believe God derived tremendous joy from watching mice scurrying in the grass, dolphins playing in the water, monkeys swinging through the trees and dogs chasing their tails! God delighted in seeing His creation enjoying the life that He gave them. He wanted only good to come to His animals.

The Fall of Man

Now at this time there was no death, pain or violence; there was only life, joy, peace and blessings. God provided man and animals a perfect environment within which to live, where all their needs were met. God’s plan was to pour out His goodness on them forever. But something went wrong. For God had issued a command to Adam when He said, “…You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and blessing and calamity you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:16-17 AMP). Adam disobeyed God’s command and as a result, the entire creation fell and became subjected to death and destruction. The Bible depicts vegetarianism as God’s ideal, and the diet conforms to the central biblical principle of stewardship. In Eden, God found everything “very good” immediately after giving both humans and animals a vegetarian diet (Gen. 1:29–31). Several prophecies, such as Isaiah 11:6–9, foresee a return to this vegetarian world, where the wolf, lamb, lion, cow, bear, snake, and little child all coexist peacefully. Christian vegetarians believe we should strive towards the harmonious world Isaiah envisioned — to try to live in accordance with the prayer that Jesus taught us, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

While the Bible describes Adam’s “dominion” over animals (Gen. 1:26, 28), we believe “dominion” here conveys sacred stewardship, since God immediately afterward prescribed a vegetarian diet (Gen. 1:29–30) in a world God found “very good” (1:31). Genesis 2:18–19 relates, “Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him'” and God then created animals. This passage indicates that animals were made as Adam’s companions and helpers, not his food. God endowed pigs, cattle, sheep, and all farmed animals with their own desires and needs, which is apparent when these animals are given an opportunity to enjoy life. For example, pigs are curious, social, and more intelligent than cats or dogs. Pigs can even play some video games better than monkeys. Similarly, chickens enjoy one another’s company and like to play, dust bathe, and forage for food. Jesus compared his love for us to a hen’s love for her chicks (Luke 13:34).

My own closing thoughts.

My friends we must elevate our collective consciousness out of the hellish pit of futile despair and lack of hope into this more angelic view of what gifts God has given to us as his children! The animals are our friends and they want to share the joy of life with us, not be commercially produced to be eaten by us!!! Begin the journey to enlightenment now if you haven’t already! God’s blessings to you and our friends always, in Jesus the living Christ Amen!

Lawrence Morra

The Alien Within

We Are The Aliens

“We humans breed, slaughter and consume many species of animals which makes us all mass killers”

Humans methodically go about doing this to so many of the animal species on this planet, most of the time giving little if any thought about what it must be like to be one of those innocent animals that lives such a controlled unnatural life, only to be later murdered and eaten by humans to satisfy their barbaric appetite for flesh!

The proper goal is to end all animal EXPLOITATION, and the public should DEMAND it, but they go on eating and stuffing their selfish faces abandoning any real concern of the animals they consume!!! We have all read or watched Alien Invasion stories where these foreign beings aren’t compassionate and are rather cold, calculating and hostile toward we humans; they are sinister creatures that seek to control us and suck our life force from our very inner core leaving behind perhaps something akin to so much dandruff, like dust in the wind!!! Yet, ironically throughout our history as we have written or read about such monsters, it appears to have been without stopping to recognize the “simple truth;” that the evil creatures we write and read about are in fact what we have become!!!

Lawrence Morra


shows how stupid you DEMOCRAPS really are, “gee we get a born again as president, something we have “absolutely no belief” in, “GOD!!!”



Watch as more “shit hits the fan” than ever before in HISTORY!!!    

I’ve been telling you “DEMOCRAPS” learn the HISTORY if you fail to know it you are doomed to repeat it!!!

Too busy gettin stoned are ya, figures you would with your heads up your kazoos…

“Osta la vista baby”

By Lawrence M (M for MAN) Morra


Having Faith in God is Universal

This was inspired by a letter to a dear friend.

A man named Garner Ted Armstrong of “The Plain Truth” program ministry,  like his Dad Herbert W. Armstrong founder of the Worldwide Church of God, would preach on television when I was young saying that in the future people would be more about me and taking not giving, well we have arrived, and he was so right!  These days it’s “me” everything when you look around at what this world has become, still there are many good people here or another thing my Dad used to tell me, is that if there were at least two good (faithful) people God wouldn’t finally destroy this world.  And, some people are waking up all the time to what has happened to us as a race of beings, while still others are taking all they can robbing each other blind.

I said earlier how my Dad would say he would be here as long as God needed him here, which now reminds me of a man, a world leader in the Middle East, this man I admired and still look upon as a good and great man, how his wife would worry incessantly about the fact that his security director would tell him to wear a bullet proof vest when out in public and he would tell her my “darling wife,” “what difference would that make when it is God who will decide the appointed moment that I will leave this world, and nothing can change that.”  Faith in God that is what that man had like my Dad!  This man who was a great leader of “Egypt- Anwar Sadat a Muslim,” a man I admired for his courage and the suffering he did most of his life; to then become a noble and great leader who attempted with others of his time to make peace in the Middle East, but most important to me he was a man with “faith in God” the one God, the Father almighty, the Creator of all things.  When his moment did come to leave this world he was looking up to the heavens and smiling watching his air force jets flying overhead in formation; as some in his own military betrayed him and took his life, but as far as God is concerned his mission was completed!

Lawrence Morra

What Makes a True Believer

 I’ve decided to add some clarification to my own statements contained herein from previous comments to another. If you think my purpose is to criticize you or I’m beginning to think that I can judge you or anyone, I state categorically that I can judge no one! I can however defend my own faith and more importantly who that faith is based solely upon. My rock is Jesus Christ as I have clearly stated in much of my writing. What I see happening with you and many others throughout the human race is an attack upon my faith and beliefs directly by trying to extract what fits your own agenda or if you will belief system! Not unlike the manipulation of some other well know religions which I’m not going to accept by anyone! Any attempt to incorporate Jesus Christ into some philosophy or even New Age Science and program is not allowed according to scripture but even aside from the scripture it is well know that true believers in Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer is fundamentally indivisible! There can be no belief in Jesus the Living Christ as one’s Savior and path to Everlasting Life while simultaneously projecting another faith or everlasting life system, one has to cancel the other out! You can’t have both, as I have said plainly that the Scriptures are the Living Word of God Himself, and that is where Christian Faith begins and ends, by accepting His Word as the living gospel left with mankind in order to grow in that Faith and Abide in that Faith!

One must either accept it as it stands and have true faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and only salvation given to true believers as a “gift” from God to us sinful humans who are imperfect and doomed! That is my Faith, and for anyone to try and hijack a portion of it or twist and concoct it, I will not stand idly by and allow that! We see how there are nefarious persons on this earth that are criminals, heathens, and some of the most vile of our species that have hijacked the original Muslim religion over the centuries and more so in today’s world to manipulate the religion to fit a political ideology or some other corrupted agenda! This has resulted in so much horror and evil which in turn has devastated entire regions along with decimating millions of human beings! Evil finds ways to use that which is good to its own ends, perverting and destroying as it does! Christianity presently has it difficulties, but the basic truth and underlying fact that Jesus Christ was the Messiah is held as the truth to countless people around the planet! There are always going to be some difficulties or defects in the delivery and practice of the faith amongst the masses due to man’s inability to do anything perfect and we are still on earth, not in paradise.

But God made His pact with humanity when He came down as the Son and paid the penalty for all sin committed by every human being by His being crucified on the cross at Calvary. So, it is very basic and simple which is also stated in the scriptures, that He” makes it so that the simplest of minds can understand and believe.” It’s not some complicated formula or science and guru magic! You take it for face value alone and believe or not believe! If a person chooses to believe; that is the beginning of that person’s faith which he or she must grow in, building stronger and more certain as he or she moves forward.   And yes, it is simple but that doesn’t mean it won’t have its challenges as indeed I have stated here today, that Christianity has issues and problems but not with the fundamental teaching but rather the delivery and practice of the Faith, because of people messing up! I won’t let that stop me from following Jesus Christ, which would be akin to throwing the baby out with the bath water! Others may, and in fact you attested to your initial youth upbringing with Christianity, and then you decided that Books and Scriptures and whatever else you decide is not worthy of your attention must go, which has led you to where you are. So in a way you have thrown the baby out with the bath water, deciding on your own what will fit your way of finding salvation or a path to everlasting life!

You can go your merry way and see what it leads you to! But don’t pretend that you are a believer in Jesus Christ! You are not!  If you were you would take all of what comes with that belief and toss aside all these strategies and new age philosophies and whatever, because you wouldn’t need any of that being a believer in the “Christ Jesus!”

Lawrence Morra

Heaven or Hell

This is for you and all

The Gift of Eternal Life for we sinful human beings

I did make it very clear that no one can lay claim to what Jesus Christ was, did and is! He was the Messiah that was prophesied from the time of Abraham and to deny that historical fact and truth is to deny God. This was God’s plan not yours mine or any other humans the devil, nor fallen angels! There is only one truth not multiple truths or possibilities as you would have others believe; instead you pursue lies with half-truth and actual lies or deception! I see through all lies, yes even the most counterfeit of them all who has challenged me for years, the Devil!  You have yielded to his temptations and lies for stature and recognition of self and false claims! You have taken upon yourself to know more than the wisest among us to think you have some ultimate truth of the universe and you have actually diddlysquat! There is only one true God the Creator of all things or there isn’t, you are a believer or a non-believer and in your case to take some pieces that fit another concocted or diametrically opposed philosophy or other belief system in order to make your own system is all a sham and lies! I dare say that what you do is blasphemy and puts your soul in immortal danger of eternal damnation! You are better to take one side or the other, to say you confess that Jesus is whom he was said to be the MESSIAH, or he is not, but this lukewarm nonsense is a travesty and that is something God says in the “living words of the scriptures,” that he would rather we take one side or the other but not to be lukewarm!  Again, I say this one fundamental truth to you and anyone listening, no other human being on this earth ever did or could lay claim to what Jesus Christ did and who he said He was! It is historical fact not maybe or supposes! He was the “Sacrificial Lamb for all Mankind,” in order to take away all man’s sins and cleanse all who accept this GIFT in order that they will be worthy to be in “Gods perfect Holy presence in Heaven eternally!” No other way is available, Jesus said, “I am the way the path and the life!” Therefore, I Lawrence his lowly servant on earth say, any other path leads to darkness!  Heaven or Hell, the choice is your own to make! There will be no multiple planes of existence or alternate worlds, evolution, transmutation or traveling, there is this material world, and there is Heaven and Hell which are the places where “souls” end up forever! Very simple and no mind bending gibberish that you speak of! For your own sake I hope and pray that you see God’s light quickly and turn completely to Him! He can and will forgive you of all transgressions as He will any other human being that accepts Him as the only truth, path and light; that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior! Amen.

Lawrence Morra

BY Faith Alone We Are Saved

What follows is a retort to someone saying that the scriptures don’t matter in following Christ!

The scriptures are the basis of what God did by sending his only begotten Son to implement the salvation of mankind.  The scriptures are God’s living word and the Word is God, they are inseparable. If that doesn’t hold true then nothing matters because there is no truth or meaning in God’s intentions, as they are lost in the wind with imperfect humans!  There must be “the word” that is why God inspired them to be written.  Loving one another is not some form of free-love; it comes from discipline and order, for if you plant crops any which ways then you end up with many weeds and the weeds choke out the good plants before they can mature!  I knew what the Hippie Movement was about from a relative’s first hand involvement with it, and all that got him was a blown mind and afterwards nobody cared as he sank into despair, where was this love one another then?  We have to follow Christ and be on guard to defend ourselves from lies, deceit, jealousy, hatred, and every manner of temptation that exists to run a person off course and into the ditch of despair.  And this world is riddled with sin and destruction, a no win proposition!  We all are doomed sinners, if anyone doesn’t like that they can pretend we are all angels to no avail!  As far as God updating, Jesus Christ said just as He took his last breath, “it is finished.”  Finished means FINISHED, and in reference to everything else He said while on earth, the new and everlasting covenant would be established, with his being the “sacrificial lamb,” so to say that an adjustment needs to be made now is absurd because it would mean that his sacrifice was improper or not enough, and that God made a mistake!  That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one, HOW can God be wrong?  Impossible and that is the bottom line my friend, the score was settled on Calvary and we either have real faith in that or we don’t. The choice is each person’s own choice to make, and it is made through either faith or not believing!

Lawrence Morra

True Absolutism is Unattainable

Jim I can agree with you on some of the points you mention here.  But I also base my belief on history and as the old saying goes those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!  But more importantly in this context we speak of historical evidence that exists and is being added to all the time!  So in a sense our perspective of the facts and truth is evolving as we move forward, but not because we control that fact, but rather that we have been given the opportunity to find eternal life by seeking God and all the truth that is God!  Without God there is no truth, light or eternal life!  Without God there is total separation from that all knowing truth and eternal life!  I agree that we face an apocalyptic juncture not far ahead, but there are opposing forces in this dilemma that will be the reason for this event to occur in the first place.  I for one don’t see this plane of existence as permanent or eternal, as we know from Einstein and others all matter has a half-life or finality build in.  I also agree that the matter of our existence is growing critical and the opposing forces are becoming frenetic which is increasing the misinformation and diversionary factors exponentially.  As you know well, that in this world there are no absolutes and humans are incapable of their own volition of identifying and then securing absolutism by all available means, as we are in a constant state of imperfection, locked into it if you will, and that absolutism can only be achieved by a power outside of our orbit, and even I dare say, beyond our comprehension.  To think otherwise is foolhardy and even wreak-less as that would be like the toy telling the toy maker it knows more than its creator!  Arrogance or rebelliousness can only yield disaster in this kind of affair, and again I reflect on Einstein’s theories of relativity and the time space continuum which has been expanded on since his time here on earth to include Dark matter and Dark energy theories that already with mathematical certainty have disclosed to our modern upstanding that there is matter and energy of the Dark Order or unseen dimension, outside of materialism, that far exceeds all matter and energy in the entire universe of this plane of existence!  And we are limited by this reality we live in to only have the capability to decipher the things of this world not any other!  I want to add that something very profound about this concept was said back thousands of years ago by none other than Jesus Christ.  He stated to the Apostles, “Verily I say to you that there is more in the unseen world than these is in the seen.”  This tells me that man’s collective consciousness and knowledge is now only catching up with something said thousands of years ago!  I conclude from that, that He Jesus was who He claimed to be and was more than a messenger of God, that He was God and came to earth in the flesh to make an everlasting covenant for mankind, to provide the true path to everlasting and perfect Life!  Jesus Christ was the only figure in all of history that can lay claim to what he spoke of and promised to do for all humans who will seek His truth and Salvation.  No other historical figure had been prophesied and lived out those prophecies like Jesus the Christ actually did!  I will conclude that I see our modern time being filled with diversion and confusion like no other before, and this will continue to lead to disaster for individuals and most probably the human race!  You mention evolution but that is not going to achieve neither perfection nor everlastingness, as what will we evolve to if using this material world as the building blocks?  Remember there is no capacity for any humans to achieve absolutism by their own merit or limited capability!  Even realizing more fully our spiritual connection to all of existence will not be in and of itself enough to transcend all imperfection, which would be an absolute!

Lawrence  Morra