Just Because; How Much is One Man Supposed to Take!

Just Because; I’ve got a Cause

There’s only one thing worse than a Rebel without a cause; a Rebel with a Cause!

“I’m a Rebel and I’ve got a Cause!”

Lawrence Morra

Update: This is the Deal!

Not all rebels are cut from the same cloth.  Wasn’t Jesus Christ the ultimate rebel!  He came to show everyone once and for all that the old ways were in need of revision and that the time had come to set things on the right path out from the drudgery of the daily material routines and rituals that had served their purpose of establishing some order among men who had come out of the wilderness raw and naked.  Now he would show them a new way and in a sense transform them from the earthly chrysalis in which they were trapped to be truly free and able to fly off into the heavens like the butterfly.  He told us all that we have that capacity and gift within us that is ours for the taking if we will accept it by acknowledging Him by our devoted faith in Him.  That in the end is what it all comes down to is a question of faith, and if we are looking to Him to guide us we can never lose!

Some rebels I’ve actually met told me they were born to lose and even had that tattooed on them.  But they, are surrendering to failure and sin totally missing the point or tossing a gift of opportunity beyond imagination aside, to be instead a defeated one.  Why do I even allude to this idea of being a rebel of any kind you still might wonder and I tell you it’s simple.  The ways of the world grow darker all the time and many are caught up in the vortex of worldly affairs which cares nothing about you or me.  This world is falling away and the system by which we live is very corrupted and not of God or His heavenly kingdom.  Emphasis is being placed on so many foolish and even wicked practices and behaviors diverting so much attention and energy away from where it should be focused.  When I say I’m a rebel I’m talking about being one who tries to point out these failures by all of us to make the best of all we have before us; to serve Him and make a difference in everything we do and not slip into this complacency of accepting the status-quo, or as someone once told me, “to just go along for the ride!”  Don’t be swept up in the frenzy of technology and an overabundance of information (TMI too much information or information overload) that is at times so titillating and alluring or in the very least extremely distracting, which is just like those captivating sirens In Homeric mythology of Ancient Greek literature beckoning to those at sea, leading the seafarers to the rocky coast or quagmire drawing them in closer to their doom, not seeing clearly in the fog or haze what danger lies in those treacherous waters beneath them.

We don’t have to accept the circumstances or follow all convention; we should always discern and ask questions in order to understand clearly all things that encompass our lives.  Then where change or improvement is needed it can and should be applied by all those involved doing what they should to make things right, never sacrificing justice but to instead see that it is served.  We are the stewards of this earthly world while we inhabit it and should never take that responsibility lightly.  The old adage of “do the right thing,” certainly applies to all, so the more of us that follow that precept the better the world becomes.  “I’m not my brother’s keeper,” but I can at least watch his back and ask that he do the same for me.  By just doing that we can all make life more compassionate with fewer unnecessary pitfalls along the way.  Being a good minded rebel in this way can serve our best interests, just by not “going along to get along;” you see a problem or concern then find a way to highlight it and address it!  Much too often too many people just “blow it off,” and say “it’s not my problem” which is the exact opposite way to look at things if we really care about our lives and the state of affairs in our daily activities.

Yes, instead we must be next to “still waters” as often as we can be to restore our souls with the light of love from the eternal, which shines down upon us always if we will seek it in our hearts.  Because it is there in our purest heart that lays the connection to the Great One, the Most High, which is the source of all wisdom and eternal love.  Don’t be so caught up in this material life that you lose sight of this, because it is plain to see how dangerous and unkind this earthly man-made system is, especially if you are seeking the “light of truth and justice” that only God can provide, nothing else can or will.  Trust in Him,as you move forward in your day, a day of promise and hope.”

Lawrence Morra  8/11/2019


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

19 thoughts on “Just Because; How Much is One Man Supposed to Take!”

  1. The Dems better start packing, their gooses are cooked and their party is dead in the water! What’s the old saying give a bad guy enough rope and he’ll hang himself! The singing has begun, the Soprano Epstein in D Major- Major Deep Dem Shit that Is! So he gets less all fall down! Go get em AG Barr!
    Gee Whiz and look at that the Dems had something really “special” they could have been investigating with “Special Counsel” Mueller all along right under their own noses!!! Dems can’t do anything right apparently! Instead they fabricated a COLLUSION DELUSION!
    “Where there is smoke there is usually fire!” Turn the Dem party inside out time for a “HOUSE CLEANING!!!”

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  2. On Joe Biden; This creep career politician is as close to brain dead as you can be while still having motor function; almost all of it going to his mouth and asshole simultaneously! And anyone that would want that corrupted sick POS as the most powerful person in the free world wielding any more power than a flashlight is as nutty and stupid! Go figure he makes an ASS of himself every-time he opens his mouth! With him they both go hand in hand!

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  3. Sir you’re dead-on! The conservatives have been too complacent and polite and that won’t do when in a street fight for your very lives! Don’t you all get that? Get off your soft fat asses and get into kicking ass and being heard like I’m doing taking on my own Mfing state filing my own suits in Federal court and telling all I will not stop till justice is served! These criminal Dem politicians have been allowed to ruin this country and all we do is sit around waiting for the next election to see what happens; like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave not accomplishing JACK! Are you ready or not? Do you want your country to go the way of Venezuela and worse? Get organized and participate in positive movements to stop this carnage and dismantling of our Nation!

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  4. You are precisely correct in saying, “The Communists … I mean demokrats … are in control of the MSM. Hollywood, major social media, other forms of communication, and major sales channels. The New World Order isn’t coming, it’s already here,” and I add most people have turned away from Faith in God Almighty who IS the REAL and EVERLASTING ALMIGHTY; but these same people have turned to falsehood and all manner of perversion of the TRUTH and what is RIGHT! I just wrote about this and mentioned Stalin of all people I could have because God wanted me to do that! Not my will, HIS WILL; do all of you get that now?

    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    Many of you when you see these current events unfolding are not thinking how some of those you are seeing are going to be surely in HELL for ETERNITY! I can say without a flinch or twitch of an eye that Pelosi, Cummings (he is shitting his pants lately), Schiff, Feinstein, Schumer, Obama, Clintons and so many are going there sooner than they realize or can imagine; as in order to not go there they would have to open the door to all of the lies, deceptions and sins that they are responsible for and work feverishly to atone and make up on a massive scale to juxtapose the evil they have coddled and propagated!

    Many of you out there either have or know those who have allowed themselves to toss God aside for self and money and instead of having Faith in Him alone have given up one’s self to become SHEEPLE! My neighbors never lifted a finger to help me fight them all, they are too busy wasting away and being turned into SHEEPLE!

    There come times when men must stand up and be counted and other times they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks Isaiah 2:4. But, then there are times when the opposite will hold true! WWII was such a time when all out World War required all those able to fight and everything that could be melted down and recast as a weapon was; then after the Great Victory it was time to convert all of that back to Peace and doing good works. This is spiritual war taking place now; unlike anything America and even the world has experienced; but a flashpoint could spark at any moment and this time all Hell will break loose as Satan makes his move to enslave the entire human race.

    You can’t be lukewarm in this; either you are all in, or you are the enemy! You make your own pick! I know where I stand with God in the ready to do anything that is required of me, even unto my last dying breath!
    Lawrence Morra

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  5. Most certainly are heaps of secrets, actually countless, among humans; zero with God is a sure thing. For he who serves Him that’s all that matters; that’s the be all and end all!


  6. With God anything is possible, and he who is in His eternal hands has nothing to fear, becomes a matter of “Let Go and Let God.” Sure that in itself intimidates others but if they knew Him they would know they have nothing to fear either, but there are so many that don’t know him, so the world is very paranoid.


  7. One of the highest order that God Almighty knows and He is the only One that needs to know! All good things come in their time! “All the things which he has made are beautiful in his time: he has also set the whole world in their heart; that man might not find out the work which God has wrought from the beginning even to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:

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  8. It’s not a forgone conclusion that he offed himself. Some very serious and oddly enough obvious questions that must be answered or we are no longer living in America that I grew up in but some quasi democracy/dictatorship or maybe more akin to having a Communist party lurking in the shadows with the mantra it’s all on “a need to know basis” and they decide what we need to know! Which is the Dem party mind-set and what they meant to implement totally if Killary was elected! Unless many big issues start getting cleared up it’s not looking good no matter who is at the helm, the ship will go down at some point; this is nearing controlled chaos heading toward anarchy! Now it will be other evidence like any photos or video along with reliable first hand witnesses and forensics to connect dots to his buddies whoever they were. But he could have done a lot of singing and someone that is dirtier than dirt knew that was about to happen and took him out I think. Then there is a slight chance he gave up and did it himself but either way there is more than meets the eye here because he had to be monitored 24/7 especially after some similar attempt 2 weeks ago; this is not adding up and looks more like professional hit and big payoffs.

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    1. Thank You Mom I will and so I see you were reading all of the comments made to other posts to give a sense of the troubles I see and pain over; but then in the wee hours today I was very quiet and attuned to the Holy Spirit and wrote the added body to the Blog which I figured you would surely see something in that which is very pertinent to any and all discussions regarding our Lord and doing His will always above our own.
      God Bless You and if you have any thoughts positive or negative feel free to add them please!
      Lawrence Son in Christ
      I’m feeling ill in my lungs due to my saving a tree from a parasitic vine infestation that had entwined around all of its main limbs blocking its leaf cover and slowing attempting to choke the life out of it Friday. It’s a Birch tree which I like for special reasons and not a very older one with three main spires the highest about 20 feet tall, so more vulnerable. Lots of pollen and dust all over which triggered a very strong airway response and I’m working on it with holistic approach but may need to go the antibiotic route soon with steroids to prevent pneumonia, feeling weaker and spacey. This susceptibility in me was due to nefarious persons that tripped me up in a government job with evil politics at work and the root of the attack; leading to chemical inhalation over the course of hours and I was a non-smoker so if I had been one the mess would have been too much to fight back and respiratory failure would have occurred! Back to this tree which I can see is happier already, I was so gung-ho to help the tree which took hours and I forgot myself; and all it would have required was to use a good respirator mask during the operation! I do some stupid things when I try helping things I care about and just want to hurry!

      And don’t apologize, all good! Also, you’re right I do need reminders though because the other rebel in me gets fired up by some things! You know that alter ego little temperamental brat, (I have to say he is nearly non-existent), that my Dad and Mom used to get after! Dad would say, “Hey, watch what comes out of that mouth!” Mom would say, “I’ll wash your mouth out with soap if I hear that again!” It’s mostly the actor in me, always been very expressive and sensitive! Maybe that’s it my whole body and being is too sensitive? Never did need my mouth washed out in the end, I listened good!

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      1. In prayer. I understand. I have COPD and never smoked. Grandfather died of asthma so I think this could genetic. Have a sister with this also. I have melt downs too, so you are truely my son:) Been praying about this too. Be happy when I will sin no more and see His Face. Love in Christ.

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      2. AWW, Mom; so sad to hear you have some similar affliction! Thank you so much for the prayers as I include you too in mine but will say a special one right after I sign off here! I’m wearing a special wooden rosary that a nice woman in church handed to me one Sunday knowing I was going through some very difficult times several years ago. Prior to her handing me this rosary she told me she had gone to Medugorje to seek a miracle and later she had this rosary with her when on the OR table during a severe illness when her heart stopped but even though she saw the light and had died she came back! I was in tears when that Sunday she walked up to me and put in in my hands and said, “This is for you.” I’m getting teary again telling you this!
        I had no health issues prior to that attack upon me and since then I’ve had many battles not just the respiratory but other physiological alterations and fighting wicked people all around me in a tough situation, I even had to do my own court work for workers comp, the corrupted system dealt me a bad hand but I fought them with God by my side and prevailed! He is all I need no lawyers and I do another now, similar scenario! We are all sinners and none are righteous but some people are mean and wicked turning the screws in deeper and pounding those nails in as deep as they will go, no mercy but they fail to see that because they gave none they will receive none!
        I have to go pray now, thank you very much and take care and may God’s angels be with you incessantly! Amen.
        Son Lawrence

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