“The Chipping Away of America’s Foundation of Godly Virtues” 

“When Right moves left then right is wrong.”

Think if you will about what really made America the Greatest Country on earth from its Foundational Heritage to the not too distant past; after which its seems to have taken a turn for the worst and may be going off the rails!

I noticed a discussion on a Conservative News site was speaking to the radical left and their promotion of such things as the new law which bans discussions in public schools among children regarding any sex education classes that “employ gender stereotypes,” in other words traditional heterosexual couples, which by default are to be discounted to the refuse heap and only discussions that promote all of the LGBTQ agenda of intimate relationships should be employed!  In other words it’s OK to poison the minds of vulnerable highly impressionable children now with radical left propaganda while suppressing outright wholesome traditional family Christian values and principles!  I see here where a moment of prayer was tossed out of public schools decades ago leading to now this madness where God is defiled and wacky perverted or even totally demented things are encouraged!

Then a reader happened to comment how “We used to say “what are you smoking?” as a joke.  I say, where is your brain; if not totally up your ass perhaps it’s left the building?  Here the writer of the Conservative Article wrote, “Now there’s more pot in a news room than a campus dorm room pyramid.  I think they write for the Papers to roll a bigger joint.”  Many of the News Agencies are helping to promote this far left narrative and treating traditional mind-sets or truly Christian thinking as an anomaly or even as freak behavior!

First I had to say, I thought smoking isn’t allowed in confined spaces, public buildings or places of employment anymore as being a proven health hazard; so what the hell is wrong with these news rooms allowing pot smoking and then promoting these far left ideas and agendas and, so these clowns are breaking laws and it’s also PC!  Are we accepting that once distinguished journalism has sunken to being a madhouse of stoked party animals who just freak out all day and concoct ways to mess with people’s heads or are being paid off to devise propaganda and to hell with being truthful and informative or having any integrity!

As I wrote into the site seeking answers I was told the Rules or even laws are being stretched and groups within some of these far left News Organizations as for example even the Denver Post; which I guess being “The Mile High City” it really went to all of their heads and they figure now how they are high already, so why not see how much higher they can go!  Sort of like the Limbo Dance in reverse!  Just see it as all good; to “go for it!”  You know the old adage, “do your thing!”

Here was another choice remark to my query about all of this stupidity.  The new law bans discussions that “employ gender stereotypes,”  in those public school sex-ed classes followed by;  “When Right moves left then right is wrong.”  To which I had to promptly reply!  What’s right is right; and what’s wrong is wrong, so no splitting hairs required.  A health hazard to innocent bystanders is a health hazard no matter what the F_N bureaucrats do or don’t do and seems like something other than hairs might be splitting  with these stupid far leftist liberal poisoned minds demonstrating clearly to anyone with half a clue, how important it is to pay attention to “Good God Fearing Citizens” and not rob them blind, while elected officials are not even doing the job they were hired to do; for “We the People,” when they are “allowing this kind of fools parade to run rampant” throughout our society!  I think the time has come to break somebody’s balls for sure!

Goebbels with Hitler ready .jpg

I have to disagree in the least semantically with any of these “leftists who told me when the right moves left it’s OK,” and I must say, what is right will never be wrong, but only in the minds of leftist pigs who are hell-bent; say like a Nazi or a Commie, they will tell the opposition they are wrong until hell freezes over, even though it is themselves who are in the wrong!  Like Josef Goebbels did during WWII being the chief German propaganda minister; our now Dem party truly is modeled after that “Old Nazi Gestapo” rule book of tactics he used to reshape public opinion and behavior or what would be acceptable and what wouldn’t under the Third Reich!  After the Seizure of Power in 1933, that “Propaganda Ministry” quickly gained and exerted controlling supervision over the news media, arts, and information in Germany.  I believe its very much in the same fashion of the Dem party now, using their weaponized accusations and outright lying or scandal along with many key RINO’s and nefarious behind the scenes devils like “Soros” backed by the “Main Stream Media” along with “Social Media Platforms,” seeking to control the narrative of the public consciousness; all of whom have been setting America up for the same kind of takeover of the masses and total control of such, just like in the past scenario.  We see it all over the place with elections being rigged or manipulated or like the Virginia Dem governor Ralph Northam now testing out the waters to separate citizens from their firearms; legal law abiding owners mind you which Soros has been behind with his big bucks pushing this agenda too.  This is part and parcel of “New World Order Totalitarian Rule” as the final objective.  If they can pull it off in Virginia they figure the rest of the country will be pretty easy to do the same, in a sense a domino effect.

Folks this is no joking matter our society and entire Republic is being dismantled from the inside out to bring all of us to our knees and the Dem party is predominate in the dirty deed with quite a few RINO (Republican in name only) Republicans that had gone along to get along, and while they get their own fair share of the spoils of America and rip us all off in the process!   This is a “SIN and an ATROCITY” in the making to the highest level; and God is going to fix it if “We the People” don’t!

“God Bless America!”

Keep praying and be vigilant; but also be prepared for any contingency as to what you can and will do if things don’t go so well.  I pray that major blessings are on the way for our nation and all faithful Americans; while those that aren’t; wake the hell up fast!

Mr Rogers boys and girls.jpg

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

34 thoughts on ““The Chipping Away of America’s Foundation of Godly Virtues” ”

    1. Hi Sally, thank you and I was exhausted with this cold; I was planning to hit the hay about 9 pm but now I’m going to stay up to watch the Twilight Zone as I pushed to get this finished before Midnight, a self-imposed deadline if you will. But I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone to be honest with the way things are going everywhere! I heard about that legislation last year and said OH MY GOD, they went totally off the rails up there and wait till all the hellish problems break loose; and then will they be so sorry! I’m scared for all the kids to be honest, and I have many nieces and nephews, some have kids of their own so I just feel so sad that these kids have no clue how nice it was to grow up the way some of us older gens did! What a terrible trick, the world is being led into! We better all pray so much because I see the evil in the governments to the degree it is now as a sign of the diabolical looking to destroy humanity, pulling as many souls into hell as possible sooner rather than later, but God won’t allow this I know that too! Again, thank you for saying what you did and taking a stand. God Bless You and Yours. 🌟✨💫


  1. Hi Lawrence – I hope that you are feeling better from your cold.
    There was a plan to have a store selling marijuana on the main street in our town, but some citizens including my husband, took a stand against it, and the store did not come here. Ironic that the store planned to have their customers park at the church parking lot across the street. 🤗

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    1. Hi Sally and thank you very much! I do feel like with rest and my home remedies I’m actually turning this cold into forgotten dust; today is much better than yesterday and getting over it fast!
      Oh see that, exactly what sort of foolishness and even destructive influence these Far Left ideas or agendas can and do have on people and communities. I really want to say that this is all another example of what many refer to as a “sign of the times,” and typically meaning that calamity is growing ever closer to happening, a continuous breakdown of social mores or sensible living can only lead down a path to ruin in the short and long term.
      Thank you for sharing this first-hand experience with this sort of issue in your own community! Your husband is a man to be proud of without a doubt!
      God bless all of you there.


    1. I hear ya on that Gail! Truly highly effective deception is being devised, instituted and applied across the spectrum and it is getting very scary; people need a major awakening!
      Thanks for this great perspective and comment today!
      God Bless You and Yours.

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    1. Thank you; and very well said as well as taken by me! You’re absolutely right how so many people are growing so indifferent and unconnected to those around them. I’ve seen a huge change even in the years since when I was a kid and how people back then did have much more neighborly consideration for their fellowman, but now commercialization of everything has created a materialism that rules; could it be the beast that will crush and destroy us? Not that far-fetched, even like many science fiction novels and films seemed to depict over the years, like “Terminator” and such stories! I worry about what kind of world we are heading into; it doesn’t seem inviting or happy to me. Then there’s the greed factor in play like never before, where we see how big name politicians, supposed public servants are completely corrupted to the core of their souls, robbing everyone they can blind; building or amassing mega fortunes by all ill-gotten means possible, while spitting in the collective eye of the public they are meant to serve!
      Thank you for seeing into this reality and being a brave enough person to admit or face it with such honesty! I really appreciate your fine input and heart!
      God Bless You!

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      1. Hi Lawrence…please come see my newest posted poem entitled 🖤Black Angel🖤 and leave ur opinion 2 posts up about it. It’s a new idea that I have been pondering….i would love ur opinion 🙏🙏

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      2. 🙏🙏 Keza my Friend, this is very deep and what strikes me is the fear with loss of peace or rest from the constant stirring that has captured a soul, which feels it must run to escape but there isn’t any; because just in living we are bound to this dichotomy of breathing and feeling life all around us but at the same time darkness pursues to end all of that taking away the living and feel of comfort and joy in the light; to conquer and enslave without a bit of pity or heart just all torment and sorrow.
        You are onto something here for sure I see the great battle and conflict playing out that represents good and evil, light and darkness; but a powerful message of hope and peace is coming forth from this battle that will ultimately prove that good always prevails, always has and always will; we have to hold fast to faith in that!
        Also, Keanu Reeves is right at the very top of my very short list of a few actors I admire, and not just as a performer and artist but as a man and human being. Keanu stands apart from the Hollywood scene most of which makes me sick and I did live in that realm for a time some years ago seeing firsthand what wasn’t to like. I have his “John Wick” movies and now you got me in the mood to watch one tonight after I eat this dinner of sea scallops and tuna steak I just prepared for me and my dog! I like Keanu’s chill persona and manner, just a good personality which I admit I wish I could be that relaxed. Perhaps, after I watch the film I will have gotten some additional feelings about this concept of yours which I will of course promptly share with you! And don’t hesitate to bounce any ideas or questions back at me, I’m into discussion!
        Very cool Keza!
        Blessings. 🙏🙏

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      3. Keanus been a top favorite of mine for over 30 years now. As is Sydney Poitier and Sam Elliot. Enjoy ur movie. The new JW4 and TM4 r coming out on the same day in may of 2021…..I want him to make Constintine 2…..

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      4. Awesome Keza, and I like all of those guys too! As actors and just real people! I’ve watched many a movie with all three and listened to many of their interviews over the years and I have to say I wish I had pushed the envelope years ago and got to try some of the work I did with others with these guys instead! I love Sam’s work especially in the western genre stories or rugged outdoors-man! Sydney was someone I actually cried watching as a boy the first time I watched “To Sir with Love.” Keanu was spectacular in Constantine and I went to see that in the theater a view times, even once with my mother because she was intrigued with the idea of the movie knowing the actual history of Constantine and because of her being so religious; she loved it too!
        I had been fighting a cold this week and after eating and starting the movie I was dosing off but then after your “Black Angel Poem” had been circulating in my mind for some hours I suddenly realized I had some ideas all day and couldn’t sleep until I completed one of them fast before midnight; so I made it under the wire and did one! You helped boost my energy or determination to say something! I have plenty to say about the circumstances you described and I will get back to you about that.
        God Bless You. ❤🌻


      5. Hi Lawrence. That is why I adore those 3 movie fellas. I think they all brought something big to the entertainment business and fought really really hard to get there. The road was not paved and red carpetted for them in any means. I’m glad u got ideas after reading my post 🌻 it’s a real pity to think of things and just let them go …then forget about them😔 I’m glad we get to chat. Have a great sunday and stay well 🌬☃️❄

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      6. 🌻 Hi Keza! Oh we sure agree totally on all of that my friend! You said it perfectly! Those guys have my respect also and I was saying about Sydney how when I was a kid watching that movie on television for the first time with my sisters he got me to cry a bit because of the genuine goodness of the character he portrayed but I know now with more knowledge and insight that he was so visceral in his work because he is a very true down to earth man with integrity! I think he was meant to play that role and God was no doubt pleased with his effort! There are some very good ones but they are few and far between these days where as I know that in the old days it was much more prevalent because the world and people were better quality on many levels, and one huge factor was what you said how they didn’t get there easily and many worked very hard to earn it; paid their dues!
        Oh yes you definitely helped to stimulate my thinking which motivated me to not let the whole day slip by without trying to write, even if I’ve had a little cold. There were times in my past work experience where I had to drive commercially and work a 15 or more hour day when all said and done and driving a semi hundreds of miles when not feeling my best was something I could make up my mind to deal with as long as it was only a simple cold! Mind over matter and positive thinking kept me powered up for sure. Yes, it’s great to chat and feel free anytime as well if you want you can email too mine is listed on the home or profile page so if there is lots to discuss we can lay it all out that way easy!
        I’ll admit I’m like many persons who look around and see the sad sorry state of affairs and get a little down, in my case more because of the personal crud I was put through but whatever, I was always one who figures none ever got anywhere sitting around complaining so I just roll with it and make the best of it! Besides that, I know it’s all worth it eventually; so I’m just moving forward all the time even till the end!
        The light will always overcome the darkness forever! 🌬☃️❄💐 ❤️

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      7. I also enjoyed Harvey Kaytels work and Deniro and Pacinos early early work. Serpico and Cape Fear in mind. Humphrey Bogart and Earl Fylnn as an actor only. I know he was s player and played very dirty with underage girls

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      8. You said it all straight here again my friend you got them all sized up for how they are onscreen and off! I met Di Nero and always thought what a phenomenal actor but I actually am pretty disappointed with him as a person and he has some big issues with his big ego. Pacino I always saw as a fine actor and someone I know met him saying he was really down to earth and an OK guy so I think I would too. Harvey is a tremendous actor too and I suspect a decent guy! Bogart was a great talent and a good guy actually who died before his time, booze and smoking were detrimental I believe in his case like many others, like Bette Davis or Joan Crawford; yea a bit sad ending for Bogie. Errol was a very strange kinky fellow as it goes, so if I were around way back then and met him I probably wouldn’t have wanted to be too chummy! Issues sometimes creep into the best of talented people which is really unfortunate because anyone so blessed in the lottery of life as many of them were or are should kiss the ground they walk on every day!
        Well, that’s a wrap for now, and “here’s looking at you kid!” 😇


  2. I just had to insert this comment I made on another Blog; a great case in point to my Blog here, which was referencing how the Hollywood Elite like Rob Reiner or the self-induced Disgraced, twisted, evil comedian Kathy Griffin and many others how they are going ballistic now that the Trump fraudulent sham impeachment isn’t going to do what they the leftist elite have all been hell-bent on accomplishing since Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of these United States!
    All leftists and the elitists in this case particularly are over the top, demented wicked dirt bags who love living in their gated communities with walls surrounding them while they pontificate to the rest of America how things are going to hell in a hand basket, because of why? Because we finally have a great President for a change over that POS OBOZO we had leading from what he called BEHIND? Did he mean he is a behind; like as in an ASS? The economy for the eight years that moron liar in chief had the reins was barely making a 1% GDP and more people were out of work and not even looking for any since the Great Depression; but these elite ass-wipes had big enough bankrolls to still live it up and eat fillet mignon every day of the week and tool around Hollywood in their Mercedes! The problem as I see it is these screamers and the nearly whole Dem party are out of their minds berserk because they were so used to living the corrupted decadent ruling class lives of the rich and famous and now they have to take a backseat or become inconsequential and WRONG in so many ways which they can’t face at all; being such spoiled easy life brats. Time to face the music you losers, you’re all going to get your damn reward when God Almighty gets on your cases! They are no longer relevant and are being relegated to the scrap heap of the snake pit where all devious parasites belong; you can’t suck and feed off the blood of America anymore you political vampires!
    I just had to get that off my chest! These Hollywood types some of which I had met and worked with, make me so sick just like OBOZO does, and they just loved hobnobbing with him for those eight Darkest Years in America while he was the Liar in Chief, didn’t they!


  3. I live in Canada and put up with our so called Prime minister…..hmmmm…..seems that we r getting bombarded with immigrants from certain countries that came here for refuge. Now they want to stay. They have taken the lord’s prayer out of catholic schools….cant wear a poppy in court as u might offend someone…no Christmas tree in the court house as u might offend someone…can wear a turban now if a police or opposition officer…and no more merry Christmas greetings should day happy holidays.
    If they came for refuge…fine. But what is going on in their country now?. Why dont they go back and rebuild? Make it better for themselves. Now their wealthy and elite are sitting on their parchments….lol I guess they better not get u or I started 🤔🤬🤢 I just feel I’ll about it all

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    1. I just sent you a long comment and will have dinner then before I watch Keanu in John Wick will tap back into your scene here! This is all very stirring to me and I have to give this much thought and prayer because you are onto something for sure!
      Very important matters you bring to the fore and I’m very compelled!

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    2. Your leadership is corrupted and leading your Nation to perdition, he and those in power care little if at all for the Citizens who have made Canada a good and great nation. To me his being a trust fund boy reminds me of what our former Senator John McCain was like up to the bitter end a two-faced rotten scoundrel that his father the great Navy Admiral enabled all his life which made for a twisted weak man that wasn’t leadership material at all let alone being a US Senator; just like the wicked Senator Joe Biden has done with his son Hunter.
      I’m going to say this which I’ve said many times to many people over the last few years, the secular New World Order conspiracy is hard at work to break down traditional values and mores in order to produce a people that will be easier to mold into a herd mentality under a totalitarian rule. This is of course an evil plan designed by organized highly political, power gloated nefarious persons, but they are being manipulated by the ultimate evil, the fallen angel and serpent of darkness and all that is unholy. Taking advantage of this NWO secular thrust in our societies are the Muslims who have been hell-bent to conquer the rest of the human race since 632 AD when their prophet a heretic led them astray when he had his supposed last vision which says all those who don’t follow Islam are infidels and must convert or die! Is it any wonder then that they have scattered to many lands outside of their homelands that they devastate with feuds among themselves; then once in another land seek to have those same corrupted ways be what they live by in the host country instead of acclimating, and now through capitulation by weak or foolish and even wicked leaders they are accommodated and all the rest of us must be politically correct and change our traditions and philosophies or ultimately our belief in God! Bit by bit good is being extracted from our culture and heritage to be replaced by this foreign madness in the West and being replaced with secular, even heathen dogma to ruin minds and then hearts to allow the most devious to manipulate our societies into enslavement. You are right; things are changing and not for the better but for the eventual nightmare that is coming. I believe the good is going to win out as it should, but there will need to be an awakening and much pain before that can happen.


      1. And thus we have this “Corona virus” that seems to be seeping into the cracks and folds of other countries already. They say it can take up to 2 years to have a vaccine for it…..2 years???? That will lead to a body drop of very very very many….it could wipe out our weak ..the elderly..children..pregnant woman..oh my 🤦‍♀️. Just like a certain leader once said….we will infantrate and take over the world…slowly u will see. I feel like it’s happening already. People r not ready for a doomsday. They have a hard enough time living day to day. Never mind having extras put away and a big stash of cash just in case. I feel like the earth is tilting and something wicked this way comes. Whether u have barricades around ur dwellings or living day to day. I feel it in my bones.

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      2. I know Keza, I think about these maters quite a lot and its not looking good at all I couldn’t agree with you more! I also know faith is being tested to the limit and that the separating the good from the bad is mandatory in order for as many truly worthy or deserving souls to end up with God in heaven, so in general the best thing we can do is to always hang in there doing the best we can while remaining faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and when I think this way I know it’s not so bad really; because this is a short very temporary trial for any of us but what comes after is forever and is well worth our dealing with everything we must here on earth.
        Tell me more if you like about your ideas or challenges with all of this via email so perhaps we can give each other some ideas to put into our work, or even better to build up the confidence for facing these worldly difficulties ahead!
        You have a great evening too and I’ll look forward to more chat as soon as it happens! 🌬☃️❄💐


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