Mr. President, It’s Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism

Mr. President, It’s Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism
Posted on June 8, 2020 by MyLegalHelpUSA Wayne Allyn Root Jun 07, 2020

Helter-Skelter or America on the Rise Again?
Couldn’t agree more and if the tide doesn’t continue to turn in favor of the Trump administration to really drain the swamp and put many high ranking Democrats and their allies around the globe behind bars, then I’m sorry to say I see no future for America as we grew up knowing it but more of a hellish nightmare that will be totally inescapable!
I’m going to reblog this superb article as my token gesture of appreciation to you for writing it, and for now spreading the word about the truth to those who aren’t aware of it and to reiterate it to those who are; hopefully inspiring them to do what they can do to take a stand! I’m leaving a few links to articles I wrote in case anyone wants to hear more of my thoughts.
God bless America!
Lawrence Morra


Wayne Allyn Root Jun 07, 2020

Mr. President, It's Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism

Mr. President, you’ve taken step one: declaring antifa a domestic terrorist organization. That was a brilliant move. Now it’s time for step No. 2: Cut the head off the snake. We’ve got to aggressively cut off the funding for domestic terrorism.

Those who provide funding are terrorists themselves. Who is providing the funding? There are many suspects. Suspect No. 1 is globalist billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. It starts there.

Is Soros guilty? That’s way above my pay grade. That’s why we need a global investigation.

 I’m sure there are many other millionaire and billionaire socialists and globalists involved. It’s time to make them run for their lives. If found guilty, it will be time to freeze their assets and hunt them down.

My fellow Americans, we are at war. We must face it head-on. Evil globalist and socialist elites are…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

13 thoughts on “Mr. President, It’s Time to Investigate George Soros for Funding Domestic Terrorism”

  1. Wayne’s advice to President Trump on how to fight this “war” is very astute.

    In his excellent article he states:
    “This is no amateur hour. This was planned, organized, coordinated and funded by our enemies.”

    He’s dead right, and many are starting to wake up to this grim reality. That George Soros, with his One World Order ambitions and army of satanical minions, are the puppet-masters moving the strings behind these extremely violent yet eerily well-organised attacks is becoming more evident every day that passes. This is a war between Good and Evil, and although it is being fought on American soil, we’re all finding ourselves in the midst of it. (I’m a European.)

    Please God, bless President Trump and give him courage as he faces this bitter, diabolical hatred of his masonic, communist enemies (who parade as “democrats”). Enemies of the USA too, and of Christendom.

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    1. Hi Kathleen! Thank God for people like you who see and know truth and have not fallen victim to the enormous mass manipulation that has and is still transpiring! Everything you said is spot-on and sadly the dark truth that the most diabolical of evil is working feverishly to undo the good and wipe out humanity with an eventual complete division and annihilation of ourselves. Your comment came in at just the right moment with another that I just responded to and this women is a fine Christian like you so I want to share a good portion of what I said to her regarding a long comment I made to her about Archbishop Vigano open letter to President Trump mentioning the Children of the Light of the Church butt how I said they are not the only ones needing enlightenment but the lost lambs or all sinners and even unbelievers is more precisely what Archbishop Vigano may be intending to emphasis with Trump. Deceptions have been going on since right after Jesus died and was risen. Nothing is 100% spot on but the Archbishop is right to reach out to the President and the gesture is appreciated by many especially in light of the fact that a Heretic Pope occupies the Pontificate of the Roman Catholic church, and many are not speaking out about it just like in our nation nobody was really speaking out about all of the lies and corruption or more importantly doing anything about it while that traitor Obama and his backer Biden were running the Nation off the rails into socialism and destruction which we are all suffering for now! Taking a stand is critical also not just saying we will be good and read our Scriptures which is of course imperative for all Christians regardless of what denomination they hail from, but just like in WWII it took politics on the righteous side and blood and guts to make things happen because God doesn’t just wave the wand and fix all the crap we bring on ourselves! End Time I’m thinking is a relative term that can be not so clearly defined as to a fairly close approximation of it happening in our lifetimes or many more down the road, because as Holy Scripture states no one will know the appointed time and Jesus will come like a thief in the night! What we can be certain of so far is the time is growing near like never before because of all the right factors being in place for the appearance of the antichrist which before this modern time were not available. Perhaps if many others like the Archbishop would get busy and resist and speak up or do more to help alter the direction things have been going since the Obama years and had sooner, much of this would not be as bad as it is, but this is the time to act and do it boldly in my humble opinion. We need many authoritative figures like the Archbishop and our President Trump taking a final stand because it’s do or die to avoid the bigger calamities that are fast approaching with the current trajectory we are all on in this helter-skelter of madness throughout! The big problem as I see it was as the lying politicians were shining us all on playing both ends against the middle the public at large has broken up into too many camps of twisted agendas that all clash with one another and the monsters at the top aided by the crooked MSM are not interested in God, our safety or peace on earth but only more power as they are satanic souls. I give the Archbishop A+ for sticking his neck out when the corruption in the Church and World politics is so snake invested most people are afraid to say anything that points to truth. What good have any of the European nations been in this mess over the last dozen years. Too much more of the same kicking the can down the road and let someone else worry about it mantra it’s not my problem; just so long as I get mine! I happened upon this long explanation of some factual history and politics regarding prophesy and who may or may not be pulling the wool over some people’s eyes. I hope as we move forward that we as the faithful and determined are able to sift out the TRUTH and stand ready and tall for anything, not worried in the least about even dying for God! I say this because we are in a spiritual warfare now but also a real time physical world war that thus far has been metered out in doses going back to before 911 and since then only escalated on many fronts not just a conventional war battle front. They have happy hour the drag queen reading in elementary schools now for kids to lean what? EVIL! It’s permeated our whole culture and civilization making us barely better than the Mayans that sacrificed babies and others daily!
      I say we are headed to hell in a hand basket no two ways about it! I hope more key figures and strong leaders step up and take a stand putting it all on the line! If not; it’s done for! Then it’s every man for himself and no point to doing anything other than sit quietly reading and praying!
      I hope this is helpful to someone out there as I see this opportunity to converse with you as being just such a platform to reach others! Today I add to that speech yesterday this.
      Mainly I was thinking how what I said about the Archbishop being more conservative in what he said and especially perhaps what he didn’t say relates to what I’ve been thinking lately about how George Bush and Colin Powell came right out and said Trump is out and they won’t lift a finger for him and his candidacy which proves what I knew all along they are evil Deep State cronies out totally for the NWO and others are weighing in with the same attitude especially that evil Mitt Romney who is no Christian with the tactics and power monger illusions he has. All the dirty devils are out to destroy Trump! They all hate Trump because he exposed the plan and went against the status-quo of the military industrial complex which George and Cheney the former head of Halliburton, loved applying that programmed agenda during the Iraq war to make fortunes! And as you know George Sr. was a member of Skull and Bones Freemason conspirators long before he was the CIA director! These people will not let up and don’t care one Iota about you and me or the rest of the world for that matter making them the most hideous creatures walking this earth in my eyes, outside of the Devil himself. What I mean to say here is this situation is so fluid and complicated that people in high positions of authority by default are forced to thread carefully and be very cautious what they say and how they say it or even when. I wonder how I would do in such turmoil if all this was on my shoulders; dear Lord I shudder, thinking of what a scary prospect that would be to have such worries and pressure on me! My hope is that we with anyone out there who truly cares; to pray for all of these people and mean it, asking God in heaven through our dear Lord to guide the good men and women in facing the extreme challenges now and ahead of them. Colin Powell and the rest with the fake-out WMD being the green light to attack Iraq and George saying mission accomplished at the beginning from the flight deck was so evil, look what followed all those years and total mayhem. Saddam was a megalomaniac but kept all the terror instigators in his own backyard under control with his brutal iron fist and all we did was remove him and stir up the hornets’ nest and they gladly took the freedom to act boldly and did all the harm they could, while our own devils were making hundreds of billions to add to their deep pockets! Is the Middle East even a tiny bit safer and more peaceful from what they did? Only because Trump got in and did the right thing to mop up what Obama had 8 years to deal with and only fed into it and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihadists to gain a huge Caliphate which is telling in itself; because Georgie loves Obama and spits on Trump! The truth is before our own eyes and they all want Trump out to gain the upper hand again and continue the Agenda which more importantly we know leads right to the antichrist. But listen, if you have anything at all to correct me about or give me a leg up on something I’m missing; I’m all ears to you, I mean it, just please let me know! 💞🤗❤️ 🌟🌟✨💫🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏
      Brother in Christ Jesus,
      Kathleen of course all I say to her applies to you as you know full well we are in the third world war like none that came before this one! This is to enslave the human race and devour it and we know who or what wants that more than anything!
      Lord have mercy on us all please I ask for your forgiveness Lord and in in His Holy Name Jesus I ask this, as your lowly humble servant, Lawrence.
      God bless you Kathleen. ✝️ 💗🙏

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      1. Thanks Lawrence and God bless you too for the great work you are doing to inform, instruct and encourage fellow Catholics and all good Christians, wherever they may be. That’s a great, insightful comment you wrote, and I agree with everything you say. No time to reply to each point you make, but it is a blessing indeed that these truths on the evil we are facing in the world (and even in the Holy Catholic Church where Her enemies have infiltrated) have been revealed to us. It is causing us great suffering, but better to know the truth and get briused and wounded in fight against it than to be hoodwinked and then sucked up into the giant tornado of Evil.

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      2. Hi Kathleen, and thank you for this encouraging from the heart comment; its surely a blessing and I appreciate it very much! Fighting the good fight is never easy; just what this adage points to or implies is that it’s a fight; and always because there is ominous even overwhelming bad that must be challenged in this world! So it won’t be easy but nothing worth achieving ever is, that is why the criminals do what they do, getting what they want the easiest way possible; just like many current politicians who amassed enormous fortunes taking advantage of the people and system as supposed public servants! I say now the fight is on, and its take a stand time, or sit in the corner and cower, but if a person isn’t willing to speak out for truth then that person is part of the problem and reason we got where we are now! Complacency has never been a virtue in this conflicted world yet there are those that try to appease or be a snake charmer, thinking they can take the easy way or fool others to play along just being good pretenders, and half heartened always, but never taking a stand one way or the other. God said, lukewarm is no answer so you’re either all in or you’re out! Our faith is that important and too many have watered down or faked it for too long, and now we have a society in shambles, one where the far leftist destructors are making a shambles of our civilization on many fronts! Perfect analogy of the “tornado of evil” you mention here; I love that, because that is exactly what it’s like and the evil one has been busy spinning this tornado for some time drawing in all the easily led or those who won’t stand up for what is right and building its power throughout the world of earthly minions all over the planet, that are now serving the beast, making their allegiance with the master of all lies; the evil one. Going along to get along didn’t cut the mustard and it never will. Sadly, it’s do or die in this half-baked nightmare of chaos, that people have brought on themselves! But, waking up to the TRUTH is always helpful and going to do some good in the final analysis, saving many souls from eternal damnation. Keep the faith Sister in Christ Jesus!
        God bless you.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        PS I don’t know but perhaps you will find this interesting. I was upset when it came to me, and it came from my gut and heart.


    1. Absolutely pure evil; and working directly for the evil one, I’m sure of it! He is going to get much more than that, his days are so very numbered but he acts like he has all the time in the world and that is a dead giveaway that a man his age behaving in such a way reveals the total contempt in his heart, how he thinks himself above God or as a god; which is from the pits of hell. Thank you for being vigilant and for the great comment here and throughout!
      God bless you and yours!

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      1. I am trying to be vigilant, but I have to confess, I am feeling a little powerless right now. Yesterday, my heart was just breaking because of all the stuff that is happening, not just in the USA, but in the world. I just wanted to cry.

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      2. Hi Sister Jeanne in Christ Jesus! I cried yesterday and today; will I tomorrow most likely unless He comes down to us and says no more! Other than that crying is a regular piece of my life now! I have so much to cry about which I have many times cried about already but it doesn’t go away the deep pain and sorrow is too real and only God will take it all away! You’re right there is more and more to cry about here in the USA and around the World; more each day because the despots are evil and add to the misery all they can that is how sinister and maligned they are and they know it along with realizing for them there is no going back; past the point of no return they are doomed to oblivion so they throw out misery into this suffering world! Their days are numbered and the demise of all evil is closer at hand each hour! I know howyou are feeling so you just cry and let it out and then talk to Jesus He is listening; our Creator loves you so much and is going to save you from it all when the time arrives. I am always willing to listen to these feelings that come from the depth of your heart and soul so just remember that you have another friend and brother but Jesus is the focus and He must be front and center in our lives. I have to make an early dinner and the cherries are amazing but now is the chance to make the tart so soon it will be yummy time!!! Thanks for that Jeanne Chef! 🌟🌟✨💫🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏

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      3. Just dug in and almost in heaven because I bet up there this kind of sensation and happy feeling is beyond imagination but this will be part of the experience there; all the good goes with us! I’m glad it helped and you are a Great Master Chef and that is so important in this world; God only knows how important you are Jeanne!!! Thank you again! 🙂

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      4. Just dug in and almost in heaven because I bet up there this kind of sensation and happy feeling is beyond imagination but this will be pat of the experience thee all the good goes with us! I’m glad it helped and you are a Great Master Chef and that is so important in this world; God only knows how important you are Jeanne!!!

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