Lights On Nobody Home?

“gibberish being center-pieced by the EVIL MSM”

The protesters, including Dakota and Ojibwe Indians, said they consider Columbus as a symbol of genocide against Native Americans.

People take turns stamping on the Christopher Columbus statue (Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via AP)

Columbus torn down web

Let’s ask all these complaining Nim-Rods apparently unhappy with their lives and got nothing better to do if they would like to be set-up on some remote island isolated from every modern convenience and no communication with the high tech world to live there as they please, which is all they would have today if the Europeans hadn’t come to the American Continent; and see how many take the offer!  They should be thankful people were brave and courageous enough to battle the elements and use their brains to accomplish great feats that led to a better world for all, like we have, instead of huddling in caves; if people would just take the good with the bad, it’s how this world works, there is no Shangri-La!

Columbus bburning web

What is all this malarkey from the PC world of liberals trying to rewrite history and say that something that happened was so wicked and these statue reminders are all bad and should be torn down!  WHAT?  It happened so get OVER IT!  Men traveled in sailing vessels exploring and finding new worlds or territories! To some of you out there that was an atrocity and so tearing down reminders of them you are changing history by doing so, or is it all about a feel good mission to try and pretend something never happened for the sake of a group of whiners who weren’t even there at the time?  It happened and its HISTORY in the PAST!   But I say, leave all the monuments and it encourages people to face reality and history head on; to LEARN from IT.  The socialists, ACLU COMMIES or whacked out left wing loonies are ruining the world!   With little minions like Greta, who was propped up and used like a tool by her parents and the MSM, now thinking she has some clout and great wisdom at her child age to advise the world?  They’ve damaged this young lady perhaps beyond repair!  And for what?

greta lost in space kid

If we listen to these obviously either deranged or stupid people we will see these history re-writers march into Rome and Athens to destroy the ancient statues and ruins like the Coliseum or Parthenon and so on there to protest the racism or oppression of all those ancient peoples that caused so much death to other peoples.  Or are these whacked-out people ready to head to Central America and level all of the ancient Mayan or Aztec ruins because of all the evil atrocities they actually committed like performing human sacrifices daily?

Apocalypto web

Apocalypto photo courtesy of ICON Productions/Mel Gibson

Then, we can all try to pretend history doesn’t exist, right?  What we fail to recognize here is that what we don’t learn from history or forget; we are bound to repeat it!  The old proverbial sweep the dirt under the carpet routine!  Perhaps all these law breakers and violent protesters throughout the country should now have statues erected to honor them for being criminals, who didn’t care what the law says or who they might offend and spit on by their outlandish criminal behavior; they got their way and that is all that matters, defiant and rebellious like little crybaby young adults or children that won’t take no for an answer; so now they can be honored for generations to come in place of people like Christopher Columbus who actually did something substantial in the Old World, while these jive-ass screamers and deviates like ANTIFA or BLM terrorist agitators, should be put on pedestals and have their lives enshrined as though they are great “PIONEERS!”

Antifa creep web

The crazy have nearly taken over and if we allow that; as a human race we will have “Helter-Skelter” madness and mayhem on earth which will lead to the greatest suffering this weary planet has ever witnessed, especially when the NWO government military forces go after all the masses and annihilate them like they are insects!  This will make what Hitler did look like a walk in the park!  I’m sick and tired of liberal, leftist (DEMENTED PEOPLE), and their gibberish being center-pieced by the EVIL MSM and programmers of the NEW WORLD ORDER, that are in the wings mass manipulating the human race to shape it into their own enslaved race of sheep!  Wake the HELL UP, all of you!!! We’ve all been lied to and screwed over for too long and its time to STAND UP and say; NO MORE!

Brave Heart photo courtesy of ICON Productions/Mel Gibson

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change…the Courage to change the things I can…and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Lawrence Morra  6/11/2020

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

30 thoughts on “Lights On Nobody Home?”

  1. I agree, it seems people got a new fashion to be offended, lots of them with no reason. If to keep past (which happened hundreds years ago) and live with that sadness, to blame current generations which has nothing to do with it, they are stupid and will never be happy, what ever opportunity they gonna get, they still will be unhappy. My nation was in slavery too, under Mongolians, so, should I go and destroy innocent people`s stores in the city and blame them in my own brain troubles, because their ancestors killed and tortured mine? No, I got over it, it is history, not current people did this, as a matter of fact, Ukraine still in war with Russia, so, if I hear Russian language, should I take a gun a shoot them? Or should I strike till US deport them from here? We live all together now. If somebody offended that did not get a job, but white person did, so maybe that Mexican or African american did not work that hard to get it, or maybe did, but somebody else is just a genius in this field. Why it always has to be about race or nation? I do not own anything to black people, my ancestors did not even know about their existence, I am not a racist and I do not understand why need to knock down statues. Why suddenly native Americans got offended? I know, there are racists and it is sad, but why the whole world suddenly responsible for the past?

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    1. Hello Nadiiag! Yes, all you said it quite accurate and true in my eyes and heart! We as humans can trace back thousands of years ago and find fault with other peoples and cultures that did horrible things to our own ancestors! This would be madness and evil because as you said that was way back then and we are not dealing with or doing that now! There are many confused and hostile people in this world today, I think mainly because they don’t see the great miracle of life and appreciate every little thing they have, meaning the air they breathe and a body to get out and do things with, because some persons are born with handicaps and will never enjoy things the same way, that these arrogant or spoiled rotten minded people can who obviously possess the physical capability to tear down statues and burn buildings to the ground; but if they will just shut up and make good things happen instead which doesn’t start with tearing down monuments of historical events that were and are very significant! Back then in the time of Christopher Columbus to cross an ocean and survive was epic, and why would someone leave the comfort of the village or town to take such chances with their own life, but to feel a motivation and purpose to make some big difference in the world that they were living in back then, which by the way was a hard world compared to now; but these idiots today are destructive stupid whiners that did nothing in their lives that matters to the world and never will! They are as my dad would always tell me as a teen, those kind of people are LOSERS, but they chose to be such, because as you said, skin color means nothing, it is the person on the inside who can decide to do the hard work to accomplish a good thing! Not destroy things but to do something worthy of recognition! I have met all kinds of people and found that some are exemplary and from a minority while some in that minority are never doing anything worthwhile and love to blame anyone but themselves. I know and have some relatives that are fine outstanding people while others chose to be losers and not try their best so the skin color has nothing to do with it at all; the same opportunities are out in the world for anyone who puts their mind to it or wants to work for it! Yes there are political factors always, and I may be the smartest of a group of men wanting a government job position but one of the candidates had an uncle that works for the same government so who will get this job opportunity! This actually happened to me, but then a year later I was called for a sudden opening and hired immediately! That’s just the way the world works! But, even so I can make an opportunity come my way which I did a few times in different fields, by being determined and working hard to prepare for opportunities and build my own reputation of being someone worth having around, then I may impress even those political persons and find I have a new job! These savage animals what job or good business would look at their behavior they just demonstrated, and even think for a second of hiring such a crazy out of control person? I sure wouldn’t and they can if they are lucky find a job shoveling horse shit in barns, even that would be above them,! These people are criminals because they want to be of their own choosing and belong locked up! As far as native Americans, I have met many over the years and worked with some, and the ones I knew didn’t think this way and were all nice people, I think there is major manipulation of the facts and “instigation” going on that causes some of the younger Native Americans or even a few older who see an opportunity to get money by shaming others into feeling guilty, or maybe still others develop animosity over some treatment or issue in current times, yet still, others maybe are just too confused to understand the simple dynamics of how these things all happened and just accept it for what it is, and move on making the best of the situation, and in so doing most assuredly make a better future by not finding fault or blaming others for what you perceive to be a rip-off or a disparaging place to be as a certain minority. Any of us could find some reason to be sad or think we got the bad deal in one thing or another; what would that prove and in the end do for a person at the end of the day? It’s called “wasting time complaining!” I think too many people in this world today just want to blame anybody they can for anything and not have to struggle! Look at all the dirt bags that make up false accusations then get a big lawyer and sue the pants off someone! Even the President had that happen as he ran for office which was all a dirty political thing, but, that woman is a disgusting person and she was looking to make millions with her lies and thank God it blew up in her face!
      My biggest take away from all of this mayhem is that people are lacking moral integrity and principles of virtue and honesty, they are a corrupted immoral people so this is the result! And, they are easy targets for the master manipulators which you certainly know more than many people here about, because of your having been in the real Communist environment knowing how brutal and one way the Russian government has been. Propaganda and coercive methods are employed there and these people here doing all this destruction don’t realize how good they have it! Let them go live in Russia and then see how happy they are. Better yet they should try China with that Communist party of brutes and they will be so sorry or dead! Well, thank you very much for this great comment of yours that was full of truth and great perspective especially being how you came from a difficult horrible situation and you know what it’s all about! You got me to write a comment that is much longerrrr than my initial blog! I like to talk and write, exchanging knowledge and truth; so you did a good thing, Nadiiag! Thank you very much and we will talk more!
      God bless you.

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      1. Thank you too, it was great answer and I agree with every word. These people will never be happy, they never wore someone`s else`s shoes. They see some write guy is rich, but what cost might it be? Lot`s of rich people killed themselves. Lot`s of people work hard to be better version of themselves and still might not get dream job because there is always someone even better. These teens and criminals do not understand that someone dreaming about that what they have. I never been to University, still dreaming but cannot effort it, some black people went and they have high positions, wearing Cartier watch and blaming someone that some boy at school call her fat at school? Still not happy? I wear a 2 $ t-shirt from Walmart and understand that I still can be happy and I am thankful for what I have. Black nurse on TV said “You did not care about color of her skin when I saved your life..” Did she care about skin of someones color when he said her life? Or when said sorry when accidentally pushed her in the bus? They been harassed in the store because they are black or native american or mexican? I been too, security at the store was following me everywhere and even did not hide, no one said sorry and I am white, no one owns nothing to anybody, even husband do not have to cook you dinner if you are tired, it is all about respect and understanding. If I do not like a guy, so it is because he is an asshole, not because he is black or Turkish. Every race a nation has same shit, just some of them want attention, it is a fashion to be offended and to cry, complain. Did not get job, someones fault, did not get scholarship, it is them….I did not get scholarship in my college once too, so? I started work harder, did not sleep nights, if someone decideds to sleep at least one day during study, so there is always someone who stays up and he or she, maybe gonna win!

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      2. You said it right Nadiiag… it is about respect and understanding and try to put yourself in the other persons shoes then if we all do that we can see how nobody has it made in the shade and a perfect lucky life! Like you said many rich people lose hope because they have so much and can’t appreciate little things like watching a rabbit eating grass and thinking how beautiful, but they had so much and met so many rotten backstabbing people that they lost sight of what matters most and nothing satisfies them or they see no point to living, so they give up and kill themselves. If one builds a house on a solid foundation it will last a lifetime and withstand many storms but if one build their house on sand it will fall with the smallest storms undermining that weak foundation. I think to have too much can be a curse and is better to have what you need and maybe a little extra saved for an emergency or an investment to keep growing it so when we get old and need help we can afford some extras.
        These points you mention led me to remember a very important thing that I believe many of these destructive persons are not thinking about and can’t believe that there is a greater meaning and purpose to their lives here that are so short when compared to eternity! Jesus Christ asks, “What good it is for a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.” Matthew 16. It would be nice if all people would consider how their living only a sort time on earth and do they want to believe in the higher purpose and that having an immortal soul in our bodies which goes on after this life here ends; wouldn’t they want to be where God and all good is, to be at peace and happy forever? If they can really wrap their minds or heads around that, and see that they risk so much, maybe they would want to be living a better way and not blame or look for someone to hurt or attack, but instead they would want to do something good in this world and make a difference! I hope more people start to see and realize this! Then many more will find as you said; they can win!
        Thanks again for these thoughts and it all helps!

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  2. You are spot on! I completely agree. I DO NOT want to live under the NWO. It’s an absolute disgrace. And now with CHAZ, in Seattle, this is exactly WHAT WE DO NOT want! WAKE UP people!!!!! Wake up NOW or society and civilization as we know it will be gone forever.

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    1. Yeah Jeanne I got you covered! Slowly they have worked behind the scenes rigging the system and planting operatives like double agent spy stuff which we used to expect in the Cold War with Russia but this is the worst evil on the planet that want America ruined and turned into a totalitarian hell-hole then they will crush anyone that tries to resist. That’s why they for years have allowed leftist radicals or some pretty demented people to get promoted right into high office to build the network. That along with teaching kids from an early age the socialist mindset Yup people have to start waking up and be willing to say NO and not vote these despots into office; or at least keep themselves on the straight and narrow.
      I try painting pictures with words and some graphics to get people thinking and I know that you definitely saw this but maybe others will hat didn’t when I posted it.

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      1. We all know they saying, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. I find it to be so true too.

        All this stuff that is going on has been planned and in the works for quite some time. It is like it was a master plan. Fingers are crossed and a lot of prayers are needed to get us through these very difficult, crazy and chaotic times.

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      2. Jeanne… it was in the works a long time; so some people like us are becoming much more aware while others are ignoring pure truth and facts right in their faces. I’m not just picking on Liberals and Democrats but I’ve had talks with some online and in person; and they will not accept any of what I expose, they talk in circles or just try to blow me off and or fight! That is bad because if there are too many mixed up people like that then, this is going to become more of a pressure cooker; and you know about those!
        Praying is a big part of the problem too not enough people believe in it or do it and mean it. Also unless they are praying through Jesus Christ it may as well be gibberish because it’s pointless. Check that new blog I posted and if you have time gradually check all of the back article links I provided. I warn you, when you have time, I listed many. ️🙏 🙂
        Hasta la vista!

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      3. Once again, Lawrence, I totally agree. So many people just don;t want to hear or see ANYTHING that goes against their narrative. I have been praying harder than I have in years. We are in a very, very bad way right now. We are so totally lost.

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      4. Hey Jeanne… you and me are on the same page like you said before! We are as a race totally screwed when you examine the facts! Truth be known; God is our only hope, and if people can’t accept that and ask for His help then they are the problem! Humility; and it’s just as they say; “Let Go and Let God!” “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path.” That’s just one that shoots out of my head because my Mom made me memorize it, not twisting my arm but saying it to me in certain circumstances often over the years! Thank God for Moms! So many people are totally lacking in any faith or desire to seek our maker! Even Einstein who saw into reality and matter like people can’t imagine said, “God doesn’t roll dice,” and he called Him “The Old One!” Said he was “in awe every day!” How can we not be in complete awe and get humble and just say, Oh Dear God, please help me understand and protect me from all this madness. But, you’re cool and I’m glad to see that to be honest about it! Maybe the “Great Chef Cook” in you did something to make you see right; like all my older aunts and grandmothers did they never doubted God and had faith and character; good souls! The ones that are gone I truly miss and I know they belong to God, but, those were great days when I had them all around to count on seeing often and eating like a spoiled pampered brat, LOL!
        Let’s remember to say a prayer for the multitudes of people that don’t have a clue or who are reactionary and angry, they need God in a huge way, some are being led by evil. I know that I’ve got a decent chance of making it upstairs but nothing is a done deal until we finish the race, and that’s why we have to remain vigilant always, doing our best, and I know I haven’t and still don’t always do my best, yet I at times say I’m not worried if I drop anytime, I’ll be fine; but the more I think of it I can use more time to perfect and improve this sack of potatoes much more yet; at least before I slip out of it forever! 😉 👍 🇺🇸 🙏 🙏

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      5. You are way to harsh on yourself. You are HUMAN. We all are, and God knows this. We will fall, and we will make mistakes. it is all part of being human. But you are a good, moral person, and you do far more good and right than you make mistakes or have moments of weakness.

        M parents raised me the best the could, and I think they did a pretty darn good job. I was raised to live my life by The Golden Rule, and I still do to this day. But believe me, I make plenty of mistakes; all the time. You just have to get up and dust yourself off start over.

        I think the biggest problem we are facing today is that people have lost their way. I have never been an overly religious person, not through lack of trying on my mom’s part, but I have always been a spiritual person, and have always believed in God. So many people today do not though, and that is our biggest obstacle we are facing in these tough times.

        As your grandmothers and aunts would say “Mangia! I’ll make you something to eat and you’ll feel better”. 🙂

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      6. Hey that is what they said Jeanne!…..especially my mother’s mom. That’s great how your mom was making you a religious young lady, seems to you took to it well hey! I was back and forth with the practice of religion but like you always sure I kept the basic tenets or Golden Rule and that could be as basic as living by the Ten Commandments. But, Scriptures explain that we are either trying to be all in or a person is not because there is no lukewarm. And Jesus with the New Testament and Covenant advanced the plan from the Old Testament which wouldn’t cut the mustard by itself anymore. The half and half approach, what we call today wishy-washy is what I’m talking about. These days many people lack real genuine morals or integrity, so forget about them being virtuous; and as the Scriptures state, “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.” Romans 3:10 That’s what I’m getting at, not just having a license to sin so we can say, ah well I’ll go party this weekend and whatever comes up, oh well I’ll just take a forgive pill after the hangover and I’m all good with God again. God knows if we are bullshitting and as Dad always said about me and him, don’t try to bullshit the bullshitter! You know, been there done that, know you like a book! Dad was trying to give me a leg up that God will know if you ever really meant what you said or promised, and if you were not faithful you’re shit out of luck is how I’m seeing this world. That maybe, is why I seem to be hard on myself and how people don’t give a rat’s ass until they are really into it, thinking then, they just need to say; please God help me! Too little too late maybe huh! Don’t get me wrong I’m no devil but I’m not a saintly human either, but that is the side to try swigging toward mostly as much as you really can, not half halfheartedly. We have to be careful saying we are spiritual too, because that can mean many different things and many of them not so good and maybe even off the rails. There’s a lot of deception; in this upside down world today. Even this current Pope is saying a more blending or homogenizing of Christianity with say Buddhism and Islam a maybe joining of these different human philosophies with the one and only pathway to God who came along and said I’m God and I’m proving it to you through all the prophecies and being crucified, dying and being resurrected , and all of this to save our sorry butts that are nowhere good enough to be in God’s Holy presence, meaning we have no way to enter into that Holy perfect place heaven unless we are transformed from say like being a maggot, then through a metamorphosis completely transformed into an angelic butterfly! This is what I mean when I say only what Scripture says, that we are either all in or we aren’t, no pulling the wool over any eyes especially God’s. I mean people to keep their jobs will follow all the rules and bend over backwards to please the boss in most cases, but, so God doesn’t seem present and accounted for, people think they can say sure I believe and I’m a good person when they really are giving a snow job to everyone, maybe even themselves. See Jeanne, I’m a bit weary of the people in this world, I have dealt with too many ugly on the inside ones, that are as wicked as they come, who pretend very well but they stuck it in the back as soon as they had the chance to do it; and I did nothing to them, not one damn thing, except being myself and too honest for my own good, or open and a bit vulnerable! So this gave me the low down or reality check about people and it isn’t good, the consensus is most are at least jerks and many out there are loser’s big time. Look at all the garbage on TV or the tabloid nonsense and is it any wonder I blew off Hollywood! I have a keen sense of what deception looks and smells like, so I saw too much wrong and not enough right and said adios Muchachos. And why, because I’m just a guy like most and could fall into all kinds of traps or one way doors and then what? Too late ya screwed. I’ve seen personally and read many more of the stories of the dudes that thought they had it licked then they got kicked, in the teeth and then some; never to return again. So all in all I’m a happy camper to be honest, why? Because I think I know the score and that’s a lot today in this Helter-Skelter world rat race of all manner of deceptions looking to mess up the next victim. I was doing an actual job and got raked over the coals, an important visible job that involved multiple government agencies for oversight, but dirty politics being what it is today like an octopus with long tentacles throughout the system, if you ain’t in then you’re out; and nothing is going to save you when the machine says you have to go one way or the other. And nothing like the Blondie tune have her get me one way or the other wouldn’t have been too bad back in her Hey Day. We’re talking ugly bullies worse than the Mob because they have even more clout and power, with many more minions or slaves throughout to pull the trigger on a given person in a manner of speaking, set-up for a fall; conspiracies galore, big payoffs, moola, cashola talks if some is a perceived threat and needs to go! That is why I see how the world has turned into an ugly trick and its nothing to do with helping people but rather eliminating them. I hear all this crap about politically correct and diversity and I want to slap them in the head; it’s a ruse and all propaganda I know because where were any of those whiners or do goodies when the bastards decided to mop the floor with me and I had to even handle my own legal battles and become a lawyer overnight, hurt and ill, but nobody would give a rat’s ass to help! Did it myself; which it was that or fold up and crawl away or die. I said I’ll go down fighting thank you very much you bums. Kinda like the High Noon Gary Cooper standing up to all the bad guys alone. So there is where the hard comes from. I took on and fought not just the law and won, but the whole dam system and survived; but don’t think they weren’t dreaming up ways to get me to trip up like the fool or instigating a confrontation. These humans are the ones President Trump mentioned in an address on TV in the last couple of weeks, calling them human scum. He is damn well right. Hey, I have almost two legs up; at least I’m not one of them!!! Fancy that, if that don’t beat all! Now I could have had it the other way and been a millionaire, but then I would have been one of them for sure! Yea, we can say in conclusion that I don’t go along to get along, I say to them take a freaking hike dirt bag! 😂😂😂😜🤣👍 🇺🇸 🙏 🙏

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      7. You are preaching to the choir my friend. I will NEVER succumb. I will die fighting, and I will die with my boots on. I may go down, but my opponent will too. I cannot be bought nor can I be pressured into doing something I don’t believe in. Keep fighting the good fight. That’s all we can do. Hang in there. 🙂

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      8. Awesome! Totally awesome to the max!!! I hear that and I’m with you all the way to the end of the ride! We’ll be fighting that good fight together with many others I’m sure of it; so these fear tactics and divide and conquer nefarious schemers are going down, not us good guys my dear friend and sister in Christ, Jeanne! 🙂 We truly value what is worth fighting for and fight for what has value! God is going to deliver us I’m positive!

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      9. Hi Jeanne! Absolutely and so good that you inspire and support like you do my friend! I know you are going to like this and if not watch the movie, that will be at least one thing I did to help you get a kick! I need more kicks in the butt, but you just need the fun kind like most nice ladies! 🙂 Talk to you later!

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      10. All good; take your time of course you have plenty to do, but I just wanted you to not miss it because it should give you a chuckle to see me let my hair down as hey sayand not beat myself up but face the music, LOL! We all have our own idiosyncrasies; while some are just plain idioti….🤣😜😉 👍 🇺🇸 🙏 🙏


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