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“Dump the Dead Dem Stump not Trump”

What a Difference a Year Makes=> China Rolls Out Red Carpet for Trump – Made Obama Exit from “Ass” of Plane

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August 20, 2020

“Dump the Dead Dem Stump not Trump”

Well now it’s either a comedy of errors or the man who wrote “The Art of The Deal” even knows how to get the bad guys to “get their minds right!”  What a joke that our own stupid ass Dem Commie Party can’t admit defeat and like spoiled rotten oversize punk-ass kids with a rotten attitude have tried their best to run the Trump Presidency into the ground, even if that meant taking the entire nation with it, a most contemptuous effort which they began as soon as the people elected Trump as the 45th President; and even now during an election year seizing upon a flu virus and doing what they do best, taking a lie or FALSE accusation, in this case a Corona Virus, then “weaponizing” it against their own citizens and country along with the whole world, so they might destroy the economy and ruin President Trump’s chance of reelection!  Even if it was a murderous thing to do as it turns out; killing off so many seniors and compromised fragile health human beings as well as causing people to commit suicide; they were out to get their way by hook or by crook!  And, all they proved is that they are just as evil and potentially much more than the “sinister atheist CCP;” being miles ahead in their schemes and plots, beating them in being extremely diabolical and demonic human beings; that have proven they serve one master, Satan.  All I can say is Pelosi and crew you can burn in hell you dammed wretched minions of the “pits of hell.”

Thank God that our Great President and the best most gracious First Lady we have ever seen have provided a platform for TRUTH and INTEGRITY for the two most opposing governments in the world to bring forth a needed capitulation by the one destructive side which has worked nefariously day and night the CCP, and assisted the Dem party with their nefarious undertakings; to perhaps awaken and suddenly dump the “Dead Stump” and not the “Trump!”  The expression “you’re dead to me” totally applies in this case as China had already indicated at the beginning of the Trump Presidency even if just said in so many words or deeds, and clearly by this example of contrast to the Dem party; that they are “Dead Wood!”

Looks like the rest of us, as in all of the United States citizens, should be on the same page by now and say; “Hasta La Vista Dem Baby Cakes!”  And, “don’t let the door hit you in the Ass, or is that your Head; on the way out!”


Lawrence Morra


What a difference a year makes!

China’s leaders snubbed Barack Obama during his last trip to Asia

The Chicoms refused to provide a staircase to Air Force one and forced him to exit from the “ass” of the plane.

But that was before Trump.

Candidate Donald Trump slammed Obama after the Chinese exit saying,

TRENDING: Goodyear Bans Employees From Wearing ‘All Lives Matter,’ ‘Blue Lives Matter’ or MAGA Slogans, But Says Black Lives Matter is Allowed

“If that happened I would say thank you very much. Close it up. I’m going back to Washington. Boom”

On Wednesday the Chinese rolled out the red carpet for Donald and Melania Trump.

The Daily Mail reported:

Chinese officials rolled a large set of stairs to the aircraft’s door on Wednesday, avoiding any appearance of the kind of insult that greeted former president Barack Obama in 2016.

Obama was denied use of an airport staircase when he deplaned Air Force One last September as he arrived in China for the annual Group of 20 summit – a move that was seen globally as a major snub.

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