“Sign of the Times and Prophecy Unfolding”

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Exterior shot of the Vatican. (photo: Edward Pentin / NCRegister) Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020 VATICAN CITY — “I had no rights,” said Eugenio Hasler, a former lay official who worked at the highest levels of the Governorate of Vatican City State, the Vatican’s principal administrative office.…

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Vatican’s management culture creates tension and insecurity

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Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020
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“Sign of the Times and Prophecy Unfolding”
by Lawrence Morra

Yes indeed; this concise well written article goes straight to the heart of the matter before us all, in a teetering civilization that seems on the brink, but, more importantly should go to the hearts of the Lord’s faithful who by their faith recognize the urgency of the situation of unprecedented corruption throughout; therefore we must pray that this epidemic trend whereby rule of law is disintegrating before our eyes in this present age of transgression and conflict on all levels of human endeavor; will be reversed before it’s too late.
Over the last several months I’ve written in effect what I’ve observed like anyone else that is mindful how askew societal mores have slipped into a darkness drawing more people all the time into the web of sin or temptations that are wreaking havoc upon, religion, culture, governance and the sanctity of human life.  The corruption being so widespread and rampant that we have politicians that pass legislation approving the utter destruction and infanticide of unborn human beings, children of God full term day of delivery and in some cases delivered. 

We are truly looking at a civilization that is totally going out of control in my opinion, not far off now in terms of immorality from where ancient Mayans were before their civilization collapsed when they were sacrificing humans of any age for insane pagan evil superstitions.  America has always been a blessed nation in many regards and a desired permanent destination for peoples all around the globe; because I know it was the nation that was blessed by God as One Nation under God being founded by good Christian men and women that made it perfectly clear this nation was in their humble thoughts being raised up by God Himself, and in order to sustain it would always need the supporting pillars of Religion and Morality. Both have been dissipating vastly across America and the result is what we see now; a governance that is nearly totally corrupted like some organized crime syndicate and churchgoers who are people of faith in Almighty God first and foremost making Him their bedrock of support as a people, knowing full well it is only God that provides all good things; have been leaving the Church in droves!  Still while this is happening there are many others who are awakening to their absolute need for faith and are turning to Jesus Christ for help, which is a message of hope, because those who are faithful know it is God’s will that will be done on earth ultimately, and not the crooked ways of the world, the Devil’s way, which is the deadly spiritual poison that has infiltrated even the inner sanctum of the Holy Church.
Here is a portion of what I said in a recent blog. “We are at the precipice no doubt; this is nearly full blown hell on earth!”
“The world today has become way too fake and full of self-serving bigots and liars or outright meaningless gibberish behaviors like all of the video clips on net sites, or on TV, of young people doing stunts and making their pets or other farm animals behave for a video to accomplish what?” Is that meaningful entertainment? People don’t have better things to do? I say this because; I see a serious amount of regressive behavior in society at a time when we very much need the opposite!  School systems have used dumb down as the preferred way.
I had this to say beginning another blog I wrote back on May 12th about this present time being the Age of Hypocrites and Heathens. “It’s hard to believe it, as I never thought I would be living in the time to actually witness or suffer with so many others in a world that is seeking evil and destruction at an unprecedented rate that escalates by the year!  Now there are actually many citizens around us that praise evil and hoist up the immoral in order to worship them and the evil one!” I had to say that in reference to how so many out of control partisans in Washington, D.C. and around America are putting a scoundrel like Joe Biden on a pedestal and want him to be the figurehead for their corrupt political machine, in order to further destroy America, and, I believe that the evil behind it would love this infection of utter debauchery being facilitated by absolute corrupt power to even destroy the entire human race.  I went on to say in that blog the following, “Everything they do is in complete opposition to any degree or fragment of what Jesus taught; but rather they blaspheme God! 

This doesn’t shake my faith and absolute resolve to “Fight the Good Fight.” “I hope and pray that more of you out there are wise and loving of your Creator than I could possibly imagine, and that you don’t want to allow this darkness to overshadow all of the good that still is out there in or on God’s beautiful earth; because if you do believe and stand tall to these adversaries showing good faith, which God will allow to serve as a penance, giving special graces to us to soften and reduce much of the suffering; that is on the way to destroy humanity once and for all!  Please hear my plea and try your best to give up the things of this sick, corrupted sinful world and put all of your hopes and love in God, who loves you more than you can ever imagine, who is only seeking to ask you to remain by His side, in order to take you home to your eternal life with Him and all that is good; to be in peace, love, joy and happiness for eternity!”

God Bless You!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra


Catholicism Pure & Simple

Exterior shot of the Vatican.
Exterior shot of the Vatican. (photo: Edward Pentin / NCRegister)

Edward Pentin, Vatican, September 16, 2020

VATICAN CITY — “I had no rights,” said Eugenio Hasler, a former lay official who worked at the highest levels of the Governorate of Vatican City State, the Vatican’s principal administrative office.

A respected official, dismissed in 2017 for no formal reason after a decade of service, Hasler was allegedly let go because he called attention to alleged corruption of his superior. He was summoned to the Pope’s Santa Marta residence where the Holy Father asked him several questions before dismissing him and awarding Hasler’s superior more responsibility the following day.

“In an absolute monarchy, unfortunately, what can be done?” Hasler told the Register.

Others have received similarly abrupt treatment, including the former papal physician, Patrizio Polisca, whom Pope Francisdismissedsuddenly and without reason in 2015, as well as three officials…

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