These Deaths Truly Shake Me to My Core

“hear that chorus of manipulated crowds of thugs”

Yesterday I was a mass of jumbled up conflicted emotion and deep pain in my heart.

I had two massive Freight Trains colliding in my soul because one blog I wrote pertaining to the George Floyd MSM Event with its accompanying riots, looting, violence and mayhem I knew from the start was an orchestrated manipulated event with its many players and actions.  Then when truth and fact finally arrived that the MSM blocked out in order to continue the AGENDA I only wanted to post it in a reblog to help get the word out and inform people which led to me and my blog being attacked and put down.  But, that is nothing that I won’t stand up to, I can eat that load of crap for breakfast seven days a week!  What crushed me and brought a more important harsh reality and truth to my own lap was another blog a doctor and blogger presented which tells us of five month old slumbering babies in the wombs being surgically removed alive so their little beating hearts can be removed without any anesthetic which is, excuse me, I have to stop I’m about to cry again and want to smack somebody simultaneously; these innocent lives are being VIOLATED in the most unbelievable way and there is no huge outpouring of sorrow and pity for them but for George Floyd a man with a tainted past and record who helped make matters much worse for himself and then many others is supposed to be getting all this pity?  I’m not going to accept this bullshit no way no how! Look at this country what happened with all this carnage and ruin for what? For Shit!  This is all hypocrisy and lies, nothing but a dirty trick to ruin and destroy!

Liberty shocked by riots docu

Then I got a text message from a kind soul who has personal reasons to be more upset than me for a number of reasons one of which she is a mother and wife and has much to worry about in this climate of wickedness!  Her truth and genuine heart said very little by words but in those few words the trumpets of truth were playing to my soul immediately and I wrote a long reply.  I’m putting much of that and a few other words along with it here to hopefully dampen the madness running rampant and hopeful if God willing do some good in bringing enlightenment to others.  I try my best is all I can do; so please believe me.

God bless you and your family in these most trying times for the true of heart, which you are.  I can’t fully deal with the reality of what other human beings have become and how mechanical or even nonchalant it appears most people have become; about how they can ignore the cries and even screams of innocence all around them while they can insist and even be willing to riot and break all rule of law or civility, because one group or another says they should; especially over this recent Floyd death!  The MSM and many organizations along with elected officials or leaders immediately made it a Black against Whites or a racist matter that deserved retribution and violence the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in many decades with an added animosity and hatred tied into this vile arrogant contempt for authority and obedience, especially toward Law Enforcement, the people who risk their lives to protect!  They these wild rioters and so called social revolt groups are all being played and deceived by the powerful liars and most corrupt of this world, who take their marching orders from the master of all lies.

Divide and conquer docu

Its sickens me how so much destruction and evil violence has been perpetrated across this country and beyond; rather than all of those who did these things coming together in peace and prayer to address the real underlying issues that we all face living in a volatile corrupted world full of sin beyond measure now.  I’ve found lately for people like me to see things as they truly are and then repeat or spell out what I see brings hostility, and even hatred that I should dare to be so outspoken and honest; and what then?  Not follow the herd or mob mentality!  I stand out when I don’t go along to get along!

Another popular blogger says in affect, she just wants to ignore things and not let it ruin her day!  Can you believe that selfish, arrogant, useless attitude that some people sell themselves and then try pushing off on others!  Her words were so sickening and alien to me and I’m sure they would be to Jesus if He were here now hearing them firsthand. That as she put it, being impervious to the sporadic whims of life, or just roll with it and be unbothered by things that would have usually sent me into negativity, or I guess what she meant give her a bad hair day!  With the amount of debauchery and destruction that had already taken place across this Nation lately and then to speak in such a cavalier selfish way shows me a person is totally bonkers or lost! 

Riots docu

Then, to top it off this same person was part of the public outcry about poor George Floyd and jumped in on the bandwagon and media hoopla to say how this was “so unjust and I hear you all out there rioting and wanting to kill cops she basically said when all of this rampant insanity was playing out in the streets.  But, now to where she only says, I won’t let things bother me, and so this matter of a five month old human being in a womb slumbering that is suddenly ripped out and while feeling and living with its little beating heart and then having that heart surgically removed without any anesthetic isn’t worth getting all stirred up about; I reckon.  But, this woman of the cyber world is saying I’m not going to let things muss up my hair!  What a Hideous person she is to be so phony and two-faced while innocence is screaming out, but she don’t want to hear it; only when it comes to racial injustice because Al Sharpton came out of the cracks in the floor saying “it’s us against them again,” like he did all of his life making it a media spectacle, and she could only hear that chorus of manipulated crowds of thugs saying poor Floyd!  No humility in this wench I can tell you that, and I wouldn’t trust her with anything, who knows what kind of demonic forces play with her heart and soul.  So many are that self-centered and vain today, and we actually see people doing this to unborn innocence.  Which reminds me of the ritualistic sacrifices of babies made by ancient pagan idolaters and those people back then were, and, these today are, all motivated to do these things by Satan; just like those in the riots were of late, I do believe!

Apocalypse Now pagan human sacrafice docu.docx

photo courtesy of Touchstone Pictures and Icon Productions

These are atrocities being effectuated by the diabolical and some chick thinks she will just tune it out and that is fine, so, we should do the same! That would be the blind leading the blind and I’m not going to join that crowd.

Here were a few thoughts that came to mind immediately upon reading this attitude about self worship and ultimately not serving God, being displayed online that was all justified with, God loves me more than anything, so I can do and be fine with Him each day.  Apparently saying, I just have to worry about me and all those things out there, that’s not my problem!  But, only things that will boost my ego or favor with the world, then I’ll give some lip service, play the game; “the way of the world.”

Yes, Jesus Christ dies on the cross for our sins, but, that doesn’t mean we have a license to be phony hypocrites and enjoy the party while it lasts.  It’s up to each individual to produce a “genuine faith” full of humility and sorrow for what wrongs we have done; having a contrite heart full of love for Him which we show daily by being willing to pick up our own crosses and follow him, giving up the pleasures and vanities of this world, making our own ultimate sacrifice in order to be found truly worthy of forgiveness and eternal life, by not being lukewarm and a pretender, who gives plenty of lip service, but underneath all of that doesn’t do enough lifting of that cross that each of us has to carry until the day we drop.

Pslam 119 docu

God please help us we are in the worst of times on earth I believe, and we need you to return, dear Jesus. Amen.

After I wrote the above thoughts referring to the woman with an attitude that I shared here with this fine woman, I came upon the following verses of Scripture immediately.

“Those who love their own life will lose it; those who hate their own life in this world will keep it for life eternal.”

John 12:25


“For if you want to save your own life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for me and for the gospel, you will save it.”

Mark 8:35


“For if you want to save your own life, you will lose it; but if you lose your life for my sake, you will find it.”

Matthew 16:25

First John 2:15-16 says, “Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.  For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.”

Lawrence Morra


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

22 thoughts on “These Deaths Truly Shake Me to My Core”

    1. Oh my dear friend Jeanne! That gesture is so kind and generous of being very much in line with your heart and character that I’ve recognized as I’ve learned about you over this period of time. I must tell you honestly I feel I don’t deserve any award or praise for anything I do, because this sentiment of myself doesn’t just come from my own feelings of my own unworthiness being a failed human being that can never do good enough in God’s eyes. And, because for any one worldly recognized act of accomplishment or success, between God and me I know there are many stupid mistakes or wanton sins as a human I’ve made throughout my life; perhaps it would be fair to say that when I was a little boy even before grammar school I can recall being a very good soul and boy for God and my parent, then the ways of the world and sin began early to creep into my perspective or interactions with that world and the people in it. Mind you, of course I know all children are going to want their own way or start fussing being brats even at times, but, my point is that though that is more excusable in those more innocent tender years, when we as individuals are grownup we should be much stronger in resisting temptations and sins of the world which I like most anyone I know made some stupid mistakes one time too often! I’ll try not to go on here which you know is easy for me to just write an essay about how and why I parked my car at the supermarket.
      The world corrupts us all and that is what bothers me, that it corrupted me from what I was sort of precious and I see how it must have felt in a tiny way when Adam and Eve knew they screwed up big time, and I know we can’t help making mistakes, but, I feel lousy and guilty just the same about it and really wish in my heart of hearts I didn’t have to be a failure for God. I know He forgives us though Jesus Christ, but, I just wish I was more powerful in doing His will all through life, maybe so I could say, see Father I did super good right! I guess I feel terrible that I disappointed Him who is all good and love. But, I just realized how your very kind gesture may very well be God Himself talking through you, and I do actually think that is what is happening; as God does want us to not do what I do to myself, but, to instead recognize the past as just that, when mistakes and trials happened but a greater good is going to be reached by going through this difficult journey; and even the little innocent lives being destroyed that I can’t take or get over at times, is going to be reconciled in God’s perfect glory and love! I think taking the pain and asking Him what can I do with this for you Lord to help make things better is the right focus and maybe I’m doing it, so God is letting me know through you and the kindly award! I don’t even recall getting any awards that stand out in my memory at the moment, so I guess that was how I see myself just plain me, but this will really be standing out now; as I feel that in my heart! Thank You Very Much. God bless you, your Husband and entire family, even all the four legged members of course too!
      This will clarify my view I hope.
      38Then saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me. 39And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me:
      nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. 40And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour? 41Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. 42He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done. 43And he came and found them asleep again: for their eyes were heavy. 44And he left them, and went away again, and prayed the third time, saying the same words.


      1. YOU are way too hard on yourself! Stop. Look around you. There are a lot of very GOOD people and a lot of very good things in this world. Yes, there are a lot of BAD things going on in this world right now, and there are a lot of BAD people out there, but YOU ARE NOT one of them. You are HUMAN. We make mistakes. We are designed to make mistakes. It’s part of our DNA. But you learn from those mistakes and you carry on, making things better next time. We are all here as part of our journey, and we ALL have lessons we need to learn; every single one of us. Our mistakes are part of the learning process we need in order to grow. So STOP beating yourself up and berating yourself. learn to appreciate all the good that you are and the god that you do. Don’t focus on the bad.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yea I get what you’re saying Jeanne…. and I appreciate that, really! But, I’ve assessed things too much for too long to not be sure of what I see. Yes I see the grandiose and magnificence of life and the miracles that are happing every moment of every day. But, call it a fatalist outlook if you will, but I know that it won’t ever get to any fluffy hunky-dory situation in this world and will only get much worse, because all the signs are evident! I go by Biblical Scripture verbatim and we are not going to see things suddenly do a 180 and all will be peace and happiness and nirvana! This deal here is screwed and people don’t like to hear people like me talk harsh reality, and, want to concoct their own version or designer religion or philosophy of life, thinking that I’ll just kinda go along to get along and do my thing as long as I’m not hurting anyone I should be good to get through some pearly gate; ah-ah not so easy; but sorry folks it is what it is! I got poked a few times too many by sinister bad ugly evil people to now not see what I see wrong here! It’s tragically flawed and I know saying this can piss people off, because they don’t want to face that truth or can’t! I can, and will. I can learn all the lessons I want to cram into a day, every day, but it won’t buy me another minute of time on this God forsaken hell ride! I learned even from the innocent Dove suffering and me looking at the aftermath knowing that we are that Dove too! Jesus Christ told us straight out if you love your life in this world then you aren’t going to heaven. You need to say I don’t like my life being in this place, messed up place, it’s not heaven or the Holy Place where God is, and not even close; because I know there is much better place to be that is more real than this and more than I could ever imagine; so it’s like cutting the cord, and relinquishing all that is lost and a forgone conclusion, and to then not live for this world, but to live for what is beyond this existence! In other words I could be a billionaire and live for this world in spades doing and seeing it all and giving it my all, but, that won’t mean diddly-squat when this shell I’m in bites the dust and it will in one unbelievable moment! So, then all that fantastic stuff I did here and invested all my energies and psyche into was the wrong things to invest in, garbage in and garbage out! This is a losing proposition and thinking that I can keep picking up pieces and move on to some great ACIEVEMENT is a fool’s errand! People are totally helpless and powerless to alter the course of things in any significant way, and, it’s only possible with Jesus Christ, who told us all of this already! As I say, some have high confidence and belief in that; and many or even most today give lip service and talk poppycock, there is no middle ground or lukewarm territory that will cut the mustard when we are dead, nothing else will do, except Jesus Christ, who is God Almighty, PERIOD! We’re in a constant state of conflict here, and not going to ever come close to bliss! And, I want BLISS, Eternally! If not then this life wasn’t worth JACK! It isn’t here and not even close; no cigar for this guy here! Jesus showed us all of this and some see and believe, and others do not. Simple game plan, this is a short hop living here, it’s over before we know it! I’m focused on the Good the VERY good and it’s not here dear! I hope you get my meaning, and, know I say my mind always! This world here and now is never going to deceive this character. When I was younger I heard old timers say “all that glitters is not gold,” but, then I said yea I hear ya and just went off letting the world titillate and mesmerize me into my own self-imposed delusion, while ignoring the stark realities of what I should be doing over what I was doing, Basically, wasted a lot of time, and, sure I got the job done and then some, or accomplished certain duties and survived, but, at the end of the day where will that ultimately place me or get me to? I’m too much of a realist for most people to handle, so don’t feel bad if you want to hit me upside the head, its par for the course with me! Hasta La Vista Baby! I used to do a good Arnold and a Sly Stallone, but they could break me like a pretzel, I was a more silly side kick or Dana Carvy Clown. Maybe I missed the boat and should have joined the Circus! Hahahahaha!


      3. Oh-Oh; you have this affliction too?! I’d have to be in one of my more Dana Carvy moods if you were around being you realist self, or visa-versa! I think two or more true realists in a room together let alone a car would be as bad almost as my article about being locked in a 10X10 room with a Democrat, I know i must rile-up Dems saying that but nobody’s perfect and it’s only the truth for me anyway that is a bad thought for me to be in that predicament where i can’t leave, like a Twilight Zone episode or some ghoulish horror movie with Vincent Price as the host in some house of horrors maybe the old Pit and the Pendulum movie even! Just fooling you know that it’s an exaggeration but it would be annoying to be bantering with another realist and wanting to at least smile a little more; but, being with the Democrat could be painful or a least a hardship for me.
        Hey and I knew what you meant by all that fine perspective of wisdom and truth friend, it actually charged me up why else did I write on and on and start expanding on purpose and salvation! That is always welcome anything to fire up the furnace and get my thinking and speaking engine going is essential or I would implode with all this stuff that needs a spark to ignite it or a dose of water to get it to grow. And, Jeanne i really appreciate you caring that much to be absolutely clear here! Actually if you want to ever fire back with agreeable or disagreeable food for thought and let me have it go for it because i like that much more than silence or wishy-washy tidbits coming at me! Just let me have it say it like it is and I’m good for sure!
        Thank you again Jeanne for everything and I’m way behind on catching up so much to dig through I’ll be back at you soon, even tons of emails to sort out!
        🖖🙏 🙏🖖🐕😁😉👍 🇺🇸 😇 🌟🌟✨💫🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 🙏🐕🖖🙏 🙏🖖

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      4. Oh and I was so caught up in how you were feeling my pain I almost forgot to say goodbye, Jeanne.
        This little text to someone else should explain well enough I should think!
        “I’ve been watching you for a while learning as I go what the straight dope is and unfortunately I should have known when you stole one of my longer articles, Pandemic to Pandemonium and said that no mention of my name was an oversight; that was a serious indication of something being wrong and now I know I was right! You don’t stand on your own two feet you use others and stand on them, a parasite! Deception and Exploitation are woeful sins and you got them in full color!
        If there is anything I don’t like as much as deception it’s self-serving, bigoted snakes and leeches; and there are many on this media!”


    1. Hi Sally…Thanks for saying that I got directed to this blog which spoke to this horrible procedure which freaked me out and as you know I was really paining and not taking it well when the Dove died and I took totally blame and still miss it and feel sorry. But, God shifted my attention away I believe by bringing to my attention this article with the doctor and blogger explaining this crazy practice! I believe God wanted me to get over the Dove and learn what I can from the whole experience and remember the good that occurred between me and the Dove but that much more horrific endings are taking place with unborn as you said innocent brothers and sisters who are growing in their mothers wombs and then not accidentally dying like the Dove did but by deliberate exploitative assaults upon these innocent human beings which is too mind boggling for me to ever be settled about! The Dove I can resolve somewhat and keep the good thoughts and memories burning alive in my heart but these precious human unborn children meeting their demise this way is a travesty and I think it was important for me to write about it both to try helping in a little way sharing the information and perhaps as a release to get some of the angst I’ve been suffering from off my chest and get back to a better balanced condition. Again, God knows what He is doing always as long as we trust Him, which I told that man thinking God could have been Black, he figures. That’s a subject that perturbs me how so many ridiculous people seem to be running loose in the world trying to ignore tradition, facts and history and just make up their own versions tossing the other tried and proven or respected accountings by historical scholars that have put the forensics together over centuries, but, now some stubborn persons want to think they can rewrite history or say everyone is wrong! 🌷

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      1. It is obvious that you are very kind-hearted, Lawrence. This is evidenced through your writings.
        The many strange things happening in the world are unsettling, for sure.
        A group of ladies and I have prayed , each week, in our little chapel, in front of the blessed Sacrament, for the protection of the unborn, who are in danger in the womb. We have met for 10 years.
        In addition I contribute, every month, through automatic bank deduction, to Campaign Life, a Cannadian Organization which lobbies to protect the unborn.
        And I pray, as you do, for hearts everywhere to be changed, so that everyone can see the importance of every life.
        Thanks for being a defender of the vulnerable precious pre-born babies. 🌷🤗

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      2. 🌷🤗 WOW again Sally! That is so precious and forthright that you and those other fine ladies do that praying for the pre-born human babies that is a virtue to do it in my eyes and I’m confident that God will and does bestow graces to all who do it. The donations you’re making to contribute the campaigning by the Campaign Life in their lobbying efforts to protect the pre-born baby human beings is powerful tool in doing God’s will in this vital most imperative fight for the sanctity of life, now facing the human race. Again, thank you for all you’re doing it means so very much to me to know this is being done and it obviously means way more to the babies and ultimately our Father in heaven. Take care and many more blessings to you and yours. Amen. 🌷🤗

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  1. Reblogged this on The Searchlight and commented:
    Such deaths are scary and repulsive to say the least. No man has the power to create life and therefore has not been vested with the power to take it. That is the evil which the deliberate killing of the unborn has metamorphosed into. A sad reality which all of humanity should be united in prayer to see to its end.

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    1. Thank you and you’re right this is an outright abomination and atrocity beyond measure to see this kind of diabolical action being conducted by so called human beings upon the most innocent and precious life of Unborn Children of God’s! I’m sure the punishment will be appropriate and swift when the guilty face our Maker for each of their personal judgments. As my mother always said when she when on pro-life marches and spoke to this horror how she wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of one of these doctors and others for anything in the world, nothing could get her to do such a thing. I’ll be candid and say this that I wish so deeply in my heart of hearts that this terrible thing would stop right now this second but truth be told in my humble opinion I don’t see this stopping and this whole matter has gotten worse over the decades to where agencies are selling parts of what were living babies for profit and mad science? Now some people are doing this totally evil procedure to five moth old pre-born babies and so they honestly think they will not be punished most severely for some as blasphemous act? Not to be cliché but there will be hell to pay I’m sure of it in my bones.
      1″Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offenses will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! 2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:1-2
      To me this modern development has shades of the past when pagans sacrificed babies for all sorts of flights of fancy and madness; but, this to me if it can be differentiated to me is even pushing the insult in God’s face more because we are highly sophisticated and have modern science with the accompanying knowledge of what is really going on basically on all levels of this and to me there can be no excuse but only sheer abject condemnation to the deepest pits of hell. So very sad beyond my ability to put it away from me, but in this we know God saves those new souls in whatever way He will; being God! Amen.

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      1. Exactly. Those are my thoughts too. Modern paganism; a rekindling of evil practices which christianity brought to an end. Of course, it is worse now because those who practiced christianity in the past and sold their souls to the devil will be more evil.
        I used to work with the Human Life International with one Fr. Paul Max (late). In Nigeria, we carried out series of rallies and demonstrations and picket government houses in the states in 1981 when a Senator with medical background sponsored a bill to legalize abortion. God intervened and the bill was thrown out at the second reading.
        Obama government tried to forced down lesbianism and homosexuality on Nigeria when the government sought to purchase some special arms to facilitate the war against the Boko Haram terrorism in the country. The Senate President, a practicing Catholic, convinced his colleagues that those are unnatural practices alien to our culture; they refused it and the President at the time and God fearing christian, also refused to bend to it. Obama admin consequently refused the sale of those military hardware to Nigeria. It is really sad, exporting unnatural practices as part of foreign policy.

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      2. I agree with all you said and it is extremely sad it’s gotten this bad where a leader would be so corrupt so as to promote and sponsor abhorrent beliefs and practices and attempt to force them on the will of the people to further corrupt and ruin. Evil had a strong hand in the personage of Obama who is a cohort of Satan himself, but, what followed him in the Dem party is just as bad and in some ways more blatant now that they’ve shown their hand and don’t care anymore what anyone thinks, now they force their way with such vitriol and hate the likes of which I never witnessed in my government since I was a boy. It’s frightening what has happened to our once beloved country and I see the same for yours with all of that insurgency and evil killing. It is so terribly sad I cry. God help us soon I ask.

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      3. You’re absolutely right. Evil was further unleashed in our country since 2015 when Obama helped the heartless people to power here. A known military dictator finding favor with the President of America to be foisted on our people was terrible. I am not surprised because his acolyte Hillary was the worst woman with so much blood on her hands. She pushed for regime change in many countries which brought about woes to an otherwise cohesive people. She got her pay in the loss of the 2016 election. It is sad. The world hurts. You aptly captured the sadness in my heart about America “…they force their way with such vitriol and hate the likes of which I never witnessed in my government since I was a boy”.

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      4. Thank you and you said it concisely! Obama and Hillary are both agents of Satan who sold their souls to him and all they did was to further distort, confuse, contaminate, corrupt and ruin for the coming antichrist! You say very well how Hillary, “She got her pay in the loss of the 2016 election.” But her true payment is coming when God will send her to the pits of hell for all this evil she is part of and helped to unleash. I watched in my own locale how during Obama’s eight illegitimate years as the Liar in Chief not only ushered in more heartless persons here too, but he injected his venom into government and society alongside his and the devils many minions, which translated into very heartless wicked people in my home area ruining many things with impunity and pleasure, not caring one iota all the suffering and destruction they caused; just for more power and money, dirty filthy lucre! That is all another reason my life went haywire and I still suffer repercussions from all of this horror, it has nearly ruined me in some ways, but, I must stand tall to it and if I should die then so be it! God knows my heart and those that did all of this harm here and there are going to have much more to fear when they die than I.

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      5. Oh my God! Nothing more to add, Larry. That you didn’t die at their hands at the time was, in my view, God’s victory over those demons. They will live to see their end even before their death – the most horrific.
        You know what! I saw Collin Powell praising the ongoing unconstitutional rioting and shamelessly warning that Trump must not be reelected. It’s already signaling their defeat and end of their hegemonic influence. God, please steady the hearts and minds of Americans to reelect Trump so as to scatter the covens of witches holding the country hostage.

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  2. Well said about the ongoing rioting and Powell who turned in his Patriotic duty along with his faith in Jesus to be a minion and servant to the NWO! Sold his soul to the Devil. I saw him on television speaking similar outcries and putting down Trump the President and Commander in Chief yet this once honorable defender of this Republic sold out to the evil covens of witches as you named them correctly. I have to check into it but a couple of days ago supposedly a city council meeting in a town in Florida commenced the meeting with a prayer to Allah and Satan. This if true is a new low point and would also prove what I said all along that Islam is only a political ideology that worships Satan; was wholly based on the false teachings of Muhammad who took the previous Old Testament following of the Muslims and concocted this blasphemous ideology to do just what it is and has been doing, which is to attack Christianity and usher in the antichrist. If you heard anything about this city council meeting let me know.


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