Dedication of the Basilica of SS Peter and Paul – 18th November

What a beautiful comprehensive historical accounting of the final days of St. Peter and the aftermath of his work and then demise spanning over the centuries as history continued to be told bit by bit!  This made me cry and I feel so flooded with emotion by this history not just because I’m of a full blooded Italian ancestral heritage but most importantly because this is a continuance of the story of our Lord Jesus Christ as He said; with the continued crucifixion by the Roman Empire and how they who rejected Him for the most part is actually where Peter was to begin the process of building God’s Church as Jesus instructed Peter to do!  Peter’s turning away from Rome and subsequent turning back after speaking to our Lord was to me no doubt a special epiphany for Peter to do God’s will on earth and not fail Jesus again, so he gave his life and suffered crucifixion to do it, which no doubt displays his devotion to Jesus and total desire to do the Father’s will on earth and continue God’s plan for mankind!  WOW, I’m so amazed by how there is so much I don’t know, but, anything I learn that is truth from God like this, it makes me want to excel doing better than ever to follow Jesus and only be what my Father in heaven wills for me.  This inspiration has come at a wonderful time because just as they were being rejected or persecuted for their Christian religion and faith in Jesus back in those times of the rising up of the Church during its foundational years; we today are actually seeing a rejection of God and specifically Jesus by a new crucifixion if you will, to abolish the Church and faith even having a false prophet non-pope, imposter heretic who is now working against the Church and God!  I feel like the Ancient Roman Christians did in a sense; by my knowing that world governments are now turning a blind eye to the attacks upon Christians and allowing the hatred toward them to fester, all the while many governments or politicized agencies are embracing a false religion,rather a political ideology masquerading as one; Islam, even while the false pope is capitulating while in unison with its leaders and the United Nations pushing toward one world political church/religion; a replacement of God’s Church on earth to empower the antichrist upon his arrival when the Devil makes his move against humanity like never before, and the antichrist will assume control of the Church Peter founded as this universal church!  The enslavement of the human race is a close at hand reality now, with the digital age technology and the individuals behind it more than happy to accommodate such a dastardly, diabolically nefarious plan to control people like herd animals!  A most unprecedented time when humanity should have flourished as a beautiful reality for all of mankind; it is instead being ground down into the dust like so much useless chaff!  I just read how one of Biden’s inner circle picks a tech giant hero said, what use is it for any person to live past 75 years of age; so therein announcing their mindset that they have no use for older people in this future they are devising, and will I’m certain eradicate them like so much rubbish, just like they have treated and been doing to the unborn on the liberal Democrat Party side of the equation!  They of course talk the language of Satan the master of all lies within lies, because Biden is at that age now, and, so why should he be a President if we believe their sick depraved illogical thinking!
Very interesting that you have provided in this wonderful article and insightful look into our Church and its foundational period with its extremely difficult growth during that Ancient Roman Empire time, all of which has great value for anyone seeking the truth that’s unfolding in our current madcap world full of similar if not the same treachery and hatred!  We need to pray and fight harder than ever while looking inward like this, into the Church’s history, with a growing appreciation of the Church and seeing how much love, sacrifice with unyielding determination actually took place to bring us to this juncture; as I see it there’s a parallel now with the birth and rise of America as the Nation of the People under God; which is also being attacked simultaneously and ridiculed in order to ruin or abolish it outright!  There are many potent enemies or minions of hell all around us now looking to injure and cripple whomever they can; while the Devil roars like an angry starving lion in the wilderness!
God bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and Redeemer. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

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Christian tradition and historical writings tell us that the saints Peter and Paul journeyed to Rome where they preached Christ’s message during the Roman persecutions. An ancient Christian story relates that Peter fled Rome to escape Nero, whose persecution had escalated dramatically following the great fire, blamed on the Christians, who were deemed to be superstitious and troublesome to Roman comity. On his way out of Rome, along the Appian Way, it is said that Peter met Christ walking in the other direction, towards Rome. Peter asked the Lord: “Quo vadis?” (“Where are you going?”); to which Christ relied: “I am going to Rome to be crucified again”. Ashamed to have once again failed to defend Christ, Peter turned back to Rome and there met his fate. An ancient Roman church dating back to the 8th century, called Domine Quo…

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