Exposing the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution

Reality check time coming at you full bore!

As I see it many of these cherry pickers that want to accept only the history that they approve of for one reason or another think that trying to rewrite history is the great panacea and problem solver when it’s nothing of the kind! It actually creates more friction and problems than you started out with and you will never get all people to agree on what the final bottom-line will have to be in sorting it all out.  A lot of Manifest Destiny at work throughout human history, and the proof is in the pudding; who said all the lands belonged to the Natives and even if they tried to claim it’s all theirs so everyone else scram, that would eventually be challenged by others that have a bigger stick or more manpower to take control; which is how it was since the dawn of civilization!  Some give and take, winners and losers!  Life was never meant nor can it be a bed of roses where everything in this world is fair and square or always feeling good about everything, but rather conflict is life’s middle name, and it’s always a matter of rising to the occasion to meet challenges head on, to hopefully achieve the most good in the long run!  And if you conflict with these facts or axioms, a fool’s errand; reality will come along soon enough to bite you in the ass!

Some of us are aware of the old film 2001 A Space Odyssey which does illustrate this point I make of how ancient humans and all apes were always at odds with each other in trying to claim territory and water holes or other resources!  That said the way it is; is here we are, after a form of evolution of civilization, and of course many of the brightest or best connivers are going to make bigger gains over the masses, by being shrewd and calculating over the next guy to watch out for his own bottom-line, which is all part of survival of the fittest!

This motion picture 2001 A Space Odyssey, which I just happened to watch this past Saturday night on a wide screen TV that was filmed with anamorphic lenses (Super Panavision) that provides that very wide full screen view in the shots; does parallel how we should look at the “big picture” in life as often as possible!  Curiously enough the method used in the cinematography of this particular film has interesting techniques and concepts applied to acquire the “best image humanly possible” to encompass the length and breadth of the visuals, giving dynamic grandiose and truly inspiring appeal!  More for the viewer to ponder and definitely way more bang for the buck!  Try our Best!

Camera and format: Mitchell BFC 65mm camera, 65mm Super Panavision Lenses (65mm)
Mitchell FC 65 Model, Super Panavision 70 Lenses.

“An anamorphic lens is a type of lens that can capture a wider field of view than the native dimensions of the camera’s sensor. The anamorphic lens is designed with additional glass elements inside that “squeeze” a wide rectangular image onto a mostly square celluloid film frame or digital camera sensor.” https://www.studiobinder.com/

“With an anamorphic lens, you can capture wide-angle images with a super shallow depth of field. This is what creates that epic cinematic “Hollywood-feeling” we so long for. This style can definitely make your photos stand out from the rest.”  https://expertphotography.com/anamorphic-lens/

I digress for good reason, but, getting back to what is really disastrous with this sort of going off on tangents about the past needing to be rewritten or those peoples of the past are now seen as wrong or bad is total insanity, because where will that sort of retrogression of civil rights end, and who will not be satisfied with any negotiated results, thus to just carry forward the same arguments that the latest retrograde historians come up with now, to only be challenged by others in the future claiming they were unjust or wrong in their assessments!  I think this is especially heinous and preposterous when practically all of the rabble-rouse complainers now are mostly people looking to get something for nothing, or at least the easy way; because they aren’t strong enough, lack backbone, moxie or intestinal fortitude to go bust their own hump and make something good happen from their own hard labors!

I think the American model of a Republic under God a Nation where a Bill of Rights and Constitution gives a fair number of protections and those famous inalienable God given rights, to all citizens and allows for each individual to eke out their own meager existence with a safety net of a government and society that affords at least some basic protections; is the best thing going. Outside of this American Way, we see that dictatorships and communism have been the rule of thumb and literally the people are under the thumb of the tyrants in those systems, to be used as pawns until they are no longer useful, needed or resist; then they must go, and go they do, to work camps, gulags or death! We’ve all heard whacky characters like Bernie Sanders rant about how the rich class, uh by the way he is in the ruling class that upper rich group or upper income folks so he’s actually talking about himself; need to give away a lot of their wealth, to redistribute he says! And then I guess we can all be good little communists he figures, one happy family; but in 2018 he earned over 1Mil and gave away 10K; so we know he is blowing smoke up our asses, and all said by a guy that never did an honest day’s work in his life, or even had to take a real job like most people do to work hard day in and day out! All he proves is “them that got it like to keep it;” and “get lots more!” That is where this county is headed with all the left wing radical and “liberal jabberwocky nonsense” going on now, while the “real tyrants” in our own government and in China even; make their plans to totally control all of us.  And because so many people seem to be sucked into the rewriting mode these days allowing these “kingpins” of the world to manipulate them to “divide and conquer,” we are in for a big nosedive up the road, or is that “up the creek without that proverbial paddle;” after they “get us where they want us;” right over that proverbial barrel!

Oh well, so many nitwits think they know so much and better, so they carry on burning cities last year “to make their statement” that they just won’t take this load of manure anymore; but fail to realize they were only allowed to carry on by political forces that were “using them,” which when the time comes to reign in these chuckle-heads it will be “no contest,” because all dissenters will be crushed like bugs by an elephant!

Reality check time coming at you full bore!
Lawrence Morra III


The Most Revolutionary Act

By S. Brian Willson
Global Research, March 15, 2021

Essentially property – in the form of stolen land, slave labor, and raw materials – serves as the foundation for our nation, along with the attendant desire for material prosperity. This is illustrated in an examination of the participants at the founding Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, May 25 to September 17, 1787, and the final document they authored, a convention held entirely in enforced secrecy during its 116-day duration.

Encroachments on Indian land was exacerbated by the amount of profit that was envisioned in acquiring this phenomenal resource.  The Ohio Company was formed in 1749 when the King granted the Virginia governors huge tracts of land that extended into the Ohio region.  It is noteworthy that many of the White men we call members of our “Founding Fathers” such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Morris, Patrick Henry, and…

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