The Power of Tears

I’m starting to cry just thinking of what I’m about to say! For years now I watch the Mel Gibson film “The Passion of The Christ” which even Saint John Paul the II said at the time of its release, “that is how it was,” and I know for a fact it’s true, because God chose Mel to make that film when he did! And every Easter I watch it alone which makes me cry or actually weep like a child throughout the entire film, I just got a woozy stomach and started to tear saying this here to you. “Peter denied Him a first time but did not shed a tear because the Lord’s gaze did not meet his.” I think for me and perhaps all humans that really care they spend their whole life practically doing what Saint Peter did, denying Jesus, even if we think we don’t because don’t forget Peter was right there living with Jesus and was His first or lead disciple; and he did!

But when I watch that true to life depiction of Christ, I shudder and cry with my guilt, as I’m starting to do already again and just with the memory of the film while knowing and seeing my guilt! Oh my God! I’m sorry! Please forgive me for being so wrong and not appreciating every minute you have given me in this fallen world; to come to terms with my sin knowing I don’t deserve you, but yet you love me this much that you wait as long as it takes to call me home, and I follow your call to your heart of hearts!
Thank you Jesus! I cry now again; because I see your endless love!
God bless. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

A meditation by St Ambrose of Milan

The Penitent Saint Peter – Guido Reni

Peter became saddened and cried because he erred like all men. I cannot find what he said; I find only that he cried. I read his tears; I do not read what he gave in recompense. But what cannot be excused, can be cleansed.

Tears speak of the offence without horrifying. Tears recignise the sin without causing one to blush. Tears do not ask forgiveness, but they merit it. I discovered why Peter remained silent, so that asking for forgiveness so quickly he would not further increase his guilt.

First we must cry, then we must pray; excellent tears so that they cleanse the guilt. Indeed, those who see Christ’s gaze begin to cry. Peter denied Him a first time but did not shed a tear because the Lord’s gaze did not meet his. He denied…

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