NEW MONEY WILL TOTALLY CONTROL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! So, What Is the Great MONETARY Reset? | (World Economic Forum) — America On Coffee

“How could this still be happening in America”

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Spot-On! People have been lazy and too busy being stupid Sheeple! Now the top elite power mongers have decided the hundreds of billions each of them have isn’t enough, so it’s time for winner take all and to hell with all the dumb ass sheeple; they want us crushed under foot or dead!

But, there are billions of us and small groups of them so if most of the People will say enough already and we have had this crap too long and be ready to do what it takes to topple the tyrants; then we can CRUSH them or make them run and hide in the very least! Problem is we have too many people that don’t have a clue what it really takes to hold onto freedom; too many are wishy-washy complaining, mixed-up leftist thinking crybabies with their heads into LGBTQ BS that want someone to wipe their noses; not even useful idiots!

An Illinois school district is under fire after they confiscated a little girl’s Bible while she was reading during recess, the American Center for Law and Justice alleges.
“How could this still be happening in America,” the ACLJ asked in a statement.

Of course take a child’s personal Bible like its some pornographic material away, but, allow Drag Queen Story Hour for the children by some immoral antichrist demented fringe creep man in a dress and high heels during class time, to make sure the children get a wholesome well rounded diversified outlook, but, any mention of God Almighty even during recess in the schoolyard is heinous and totally taboo!!

Christians founded this Nation under God not some freak show Drag Queen Transvestites!  The commie ACLU got away with too much!
Separation of Church and State to me doesn’t mean God wasn’t an integral part of the formation of this Nation, so God is part of the very factual fabric “core values or framework” of this Nation’s very existence and its survival.

These United States of America Founded under God part II

If people don’t see and want to stop what is going on, and how this is Satan himself destroying lives and ruining their souls through countless minions; then they deserve every bit of what is coming!

Don’t forget scum like Soros are behind this totalitarian NWO to collapse economies and subdue the masses into abject poverty, and he actually sold out Jewish families to the Nazis during WWII just to get some of their belongings after they were taken away to death camps; then decades later he sabotages and crashes businesses by political manipulation for a hostile takeover by him to get richer! That is a Devil; so we have to go after them as such; our useless politicians aren’t doing it!

Lawrence Morra III

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