Lovely Birds

WOW!!! Sister Suma!!!

Wite Dove doc

This is all so beautiful from start to finish! Everything about it is rejoicing and God’s love in motion! But what is so breath taking for me especially is the fact of the birds, and what they represent! Even the beautiful Pigeon a form of Dove is amazing to me! And early in the morning today more than 70 of them visited me at my property because over time they have known me to be the man that will leave many seeds for them regardless of weather. Because this poem and in a sense prayer was so timely and converged with my experiences today in that special God given way of Dots being Connected, I thought of course I should reblog this one for sure!

Intense Love doc

You and I know for sure that God does work in mysterious ways and He is always offering to strengthen our faith if we are listening to Him with our hearts.

I’ve rescued many injured Pigeons and Doves so I have a little something to share here in that regard, and will also leave the link to Converging Conversations one of four postings of mine that fit nicely!

The photos I add here were all grouped next to one another in a file that I had not even remembered having any of them nor had I used them before! I just entered a key word to search, Dove, and I was brought to these all side by side; very profound to me as I Think they will be to you also!


God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III


The video of “Two beautiful birds” received from my friend made me to pend down this beautiful piece of a poem! Please do read and watch it. You may like it.

This breezy morning 
The clock is ticking
Flowers are blooming
Magically charming

By folding wings
Two beautiful birds
Flown to the yard
Fetching the food
As the caressing fed

They drank some dew
One among gently flew
Trees are singing
The bird is swinging
That's so darling
My heart is starring

My clipped wings unfolded

Flying to the sky over the cities

Saying hai to the green scenaries

Looking at the beautiful wallpapers of the clouds

Feeling the nature's nameless places

With this joy, I feel more power to refresh the heart and soul to restore the strength to rise up the sky

My thoughts are ripped off
Oh! If I could talk to the Moon!
If I…

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