NFL player Cole Beasley vows not to take Covid-19 jab or follow league’s draconian rules, even if he has to RETIRE

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Good for him having some intestinal fortitude and not being a fool! They make so much money he has to have plenty stashed away so he can do it no sweat but the smaller income people get desperate like over a barrel! What would be great is if most of the team members would refuse and then they could have the damn owners over a barrel and send a powerful message for all of society and stop this BS! We need many more like him with a moral conscience that care not just about self!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Is Cole Beasley in line for a contract extension with the ...


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley has declared that he won’t be inoculated against Covid-19 or abide by new NFL restrictions on unvaccinated players, and would sooner be forced into retirement than betray his beliefs.

“I’ll play for free this year to live life how I’ve lived it from day one,” Beasley said Friday on Twitter. “If I’m forced into retirement, so be it. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve had. I’ll get to live freely with my wife, kids and extended family forever.”

The message, which Beasley called a “public service announcement,” came after the National Football League sent out a memo earlier this week announcing that players who weren’t fully vaccinated would be required to be tested daily for Covid-19, wear masks, and refrain from leaving the team hotel or interacting with anyone outside the team…

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2 thoughts on “NFL player Cole Beasley vows not to take Covid-19 jab or follow league’s draconian rules, even if he has to RETIRE”

    1. I was shocked to be honest Pam! I gave up on pro athletes years back with all of the one sided and getting twisted mindsets of many it just seemed like they are too self-serving and establishment for my liking not like the ones of old that worked for far less money and had a real passion for sportsmanship and loved their fans, real people! Lately they made me sick to look at them. This guy I would love to meet and shake his hand and tell him thank you for having the moral courage and dignity to stand up for what’s right and be counted! God bless him and I pray that many will follow his lead!!! Thank you very much for saying so Pam!
      God bless you and yours too!


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