How the Fall of Rome Led to the Global Explosion of Slavery

Excellent! What the heck are they teaching young people in schools these days; obviously not TRUTH or REAL HISTORY! All this CRT and BLM or Antifa running hog wild in the society causing massive damage and suffering are wicked depots doing nothing more than causing harm to others something all the CRT complain happened to segments of civilization in the past and somebody needs to pay for that! No they don’t the world history is riddled with misery brought upon one group of people by another because human beings are tragically flawed with corrupt sinful hearts and being imperfect they do many bad acts in a tumultuous world of life, struggle and death!

Kamala slave routes docu

Many of these trouble makers need to be taught lessons themselves and then maybe they would want to contribute in a humanitarian way something worthwhile in this world besides trying to point fingers and complain all of the time. They are lucky they can complain because here in the US they are in a free society not a say Iranian Regime where doing so gets you killed or locked away in a hell hole prison.

Last year I posted this article about the then VP candidate Kamala Harris and how her great grandfather Hamilton Brown was a huge slave trader of Whites and Blacks and we sure weren’t getting any of this passed around on the MSM! The hypocrisy of her and the whole Democrat party always calling President Trump a racist and all vile things when they are the vile ones with so many lies and evils in their own closets!
Lawrence Morra III

Kamala Fraud docu


The Most Revolutionary Act

Slavery Routes: A Short History of Human Trafficking

Part 1 476 AD -1375 AD: Beyond the Desert

DW (2020)

This series explores slave trading that followed the fall of the western Roman empire in 476 AD. Although debt and conquest-related slavery clearly occur in ancient Greece and prehistoric civilizations, wholesale slave trafficking to remote locations only began after the fall of Rome.

Following the fall of Rome, the barbarian societies that replaced Roman civilization (the Goths, Visigoths, Slavs in the Northeast, Byzantine Empire, Berbers and Nubian and Arab tribes). For several centuries Slavs from Eurasia were the preferred slaves. This would cause their ethnic label to be confused with the Greek word for slave.

As Arab armies began expanding into Egypt after 641, the economy and demand for slaves increased exponentially. As oil wouldn’t be discovered for another 1200 years, slaves would serve as an essential source of energy for…

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