The Black Tail That Wags The Dog

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By Burt Prelutsky ~ A climate in which a charge of “racist” can short circuit a career, especially that of a politician or a member of the media. If you merely went by how much attention is paid to 12% of the population, and then factored in their presence…

Dog Sitting on a Nail docu

Hey Burt, this is spot-on and to the point for sure! I was just talking to a family member this weekend who brought up the tiring point to most of us by now of how ridiculously the Blacks in general have depicted themselves with all of this wanting to rewrite history and complaining about how bad White people are when it was White people that for the most part advanced their cultures and civilization by at least hundreds of years or even thousands and by affording them the opportunity to assimilate over time into the advancing world which would have been the same thing happening now even if the roles were reversed and the Blacks had founded a New Nation under God here in America.


Now they have as much or more opportunity to be the people they want to be but so many are holding some anger or resentment for being taken away from the Tribal Chiefs of Africa that actually did sell off their own to make profit back then! Even our VP Harris had a great, great grandfather Hamilton Brown a slave trader lawyer and very nefarious character; but you don’t hear any Blacks putting him or her down, and actually they helped big time to put her in office! The Blacks that follow the Democrat party are being used as political instruments and the Democrats are actually the party members who back in the early Colonial Founding and Civil War times here in America, were actually the ones who owned the slaves not the Republicans like Abraham Lincoln! I think some people like to find excuses for their own failures and play the blame game; and in this case many Blacks just won’t be happy no matter what opportunities are starring them in the face!

Obama Devils Own

I just wrote an article that kind of ties into this which I share an excerpt from along with the link to the full article and a couple of others that certainly pertain to this matter!

Here is just an excerpt from one of these articles I refer to written last year.

“Kamala’s paternal ancestor Hamilton Brown was white
and a ‘typical’ slave master that we see depicted on the Hollywood
screen. He was Irish and recruited slaves among the Irish as well as the
coast of Africa. He was a ‘Big Daddy’ slave owner and trader and a
prominent town in Jamaica was named after him.”

Another article I wrote last year was a bit of a projection of what I saw coming as a possible byproduct of all the infighting going on in America during Trumps Presidency and then the ensuing contrived or manipulated pandemic, pushing toward the General Election Agenda, and possible subsequent aftermath which we do see happening to a large extent; with all of the Marxist rhetoric flying around and Biden’s totalitarian mindset!

“To me this crazy scene of the late 60’s pales in comparison to what is happening now on the American home front and around the globe, Manson’s wild insane fantasies of death and destruction were child’s play to what we are now living in with the “Global Pandemic” that was initiated and carried out by people WHO make Manson look like a Boy Scout! Hundreds of thousands of people have just died because the wicked and powerful are bringing the world to a cataclysmic juncture just up the road; let’s just say we are on the “Highway to Hell” in the fast lane and death, mayhem and destruction are looking for the great opportunity to make this world “Hell on Earth” and they have the vibe going strong! There are leaders running countries that are calculating and nefariously in the shadows planning the most diabolical moves inspired from Hell itself!”

“Manson’s anger grew and he turned to the lyrics in the “White Album” to bolster “the scheme that was forming inside his warped mind, a scheme that would involve the entire L.A. area involved in a race war.”

“There are many who think Socialism is more about diversity and power to the people when just the opposite is true; as this form of social order is the framework of totalitarian governance which brutally suppresses and rules over the people with an iron fist! I prefer to call it what it actually is, “COMMUNISM!”

“The problem as I see it is many of the youngest generations have no clue of the past or are being fed lies and propaganda in many liberal schools that are socialist incubators, with the double whammy being many of them are now becoming snowflakes that are so much putty to be used in the hands of future tyrants or nefarious politicians that could install another Hitler or Stalin as their leader and they will fall for it “hook-line-and-sinker!”

And now in regard to what I wrote yesterday I provide his except that brings us to my conclusion that we are well on the way to a massive collapse of our society and Nation!

“The MSM and Establishment have attacked President Trump incessantly who was admittedly the best President this country has had in many years; yet now some major figures, “Heavy Hitters” actually are comparing him to Adolph Hitler which Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley just did this week; and to some on the left even going as far as comparing Trump to Satan himself! Are these people all deranged and out to lunch; or just evil? I mean what is wrong with so many people; that they want the world to “hate” Trump when he actually loves America and all its citizens, truly wanting all of them to prosper and have a great country, which he actually produced great results in this regard, within many public and private sectors during his term in office; giving the Nation and its people a lift they hadn’t seen in over 50 years; what is wrong with that?”

“Democrats being hell-bent on toppling Trump from before he was elected all the way to the end of his term; so they ignored all the good just to accomplish their one malicious goal of ruin and evil, which paved the way for the actual global conspiracy that they were in on especially Biden with China, of a hoax pandemic to set the Marxist take over agenda in motion causing all this excessive debt and death; I’ve never seen that happen this way, which is absolutely insane and never going to get paid down!”

“Because of all the lies and schemes the Democrats were devising to get him out of office so they could finish the screw job that Obama and Hillary with that Leftist/Marxist administration had carried out with Biden as VP for eight years!”

“Do you all see the obvious here, the total corruption and evil of these Democrats and MSM Establishment? They have fringe elements in the party like the “Squad” that are just their “useful idiots” because they can be used as a minority shield and or a distraction making an weaponized accusation of racism; if anyone where to call them out and show them up for what they really are, as in the whole Democrat party is a “Giant Lie!” Joseph Goebbels and Hitler would be proud of them; performing like a well lubricated Nazi Gestapo Party Machine!”

“That screaming like a Banshee deceased congressman Lewis a complete corrupted loser himself doing some dipping in the money coffers over the years with his wife into the millions, but from day one of Trump’s Presidency kept screaming that Trump is an illegitimate President; but what we have here now as POTUS is the “actual illegitimate one,” the Democrat Professional Career Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer for 50 years! And a very dirty criminal; guilty of espionage, treason and RICO statute criminal activity over five decades, which long ago earned him the nickname “Scranton Joe!” But, the system is so corrupted and wicked that they prefer to protect him and boost him up as some iconic role model, while they all “take a dump on Trump” and his entire family; all they can! Why? Because so many government officials and media personalities are culpable and would have to be charged with serious crimes as well if Biden gets lassoed and sent to the clinker; where he truly deserves to be! It’s all about the bad guys protecting their own asses and each other now; from spending the rest of their lives in Federal Prison!”

We are teetering as a Nation on the brink of a complete catastrophe and if we ever needed miracles to save this Nation; its now!

God Bless America and Her People!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits International

By Burt Prelutsky ~

A climate in which a charge of “racist” can short circuit a career, especially that of a politician or a member of the media.

If you merely went by how much attention is paid to 12% of the population, and then factored in their presence in movies, TV and, especially, commercials, you might assume that black Americans constituted at least 50% of the 330 million inhabitants.

As it is, they enjoy the status of sacred cows, and any real or imagined slight of them is regarded as a hate crime, as close as it gets to being a capital offense in today’s political climate. A climate in which a charge of “racist” can short circuit a career, especially that of a politician or a member of the media.

What makes the situation all the more confounding is that, in 2021, blacks are deemed to hold the…

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