The Left just ramped up their war on the Catholic Church with an unbelievable attack

“Light will shine bright into the darkness” 

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Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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July 18, 2021

“Naomi Sayers, an Indigenous lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta and Ontario, tweeted:

It’s sad what’s happening to [Harsha Walia]. But let me be clear, I would help her burn it all down. And that would light our way forward. And also, I would help defend anyone charged with arson if they actually did burn things.” (culturewatchnews)


This madwoman Naomi Sayers along with Harsha Walia in the same fashion as Antifa and BLM take the law into their own hands and seek to cause ruin which is criminal and evil making them by their words and actions the antithesis or complete and absolute opposite of goodness and anything Holy from God!

These women are even encouraging Muslim Jihadists that are plentiful in Canada, now that Trudeau opened the floodgate of those emigrating from the Syrian/ISIS War; and they have burned Catholic Churches down in the Middle East and Europe when the opportunity or interest arose!


Church set alight in France!


Saint Kateri was and is a saint in comparison to these women, in how she lived her life and went on to heaven I’m sure for all the good that she was able to do for God during her short life with her suffering and humility!  This Holy Scripture tells us the Truth; and does anyone honestly think these two women live by a code even faintly resembling these words! “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” I say not a chance as they are riddled with rebellion and selfish hate; being quite vile, vulgar and wrong!

These people that rant this way are apostates of hell and evil forces that derive from Satan himself! What if these found skeletal remains were buried there by some worker at the school who was also a sinful evil person being influenced by the darkest of forces that did great harm then tried to hide the truth; all for a future time agenda which we are witnessing. Does that mean you condemn all that is good and has come from the many great and wonderful acts of kindness or giving to those in need children and adults whose lives were altered in a positive way over the centuries from the Church; and now this get even madness is appropriate and called for in the least?  Not at all, because who knows if the Devil himself caused those children to be harmed or murdered or then be buried this way for a future controversy against the Church because its Satan’s goal to destroy all  Churches and all believers in God in order to establish Hell on Earth and then take all souls to hell for eternity!  These people reacting in this way are committing atrocities and crimes that, Hate Crimes and are nothing but EVIL!  They will be held accountable for this by God Almighty but if I can help to make certain that they are held accountable by the Government for targeted Crimes of Hate I will join any such effort to put these wicked minded and horrible women behind bars for a long time!

In this high tech modern world the masters or tyrants see us the same way as many enslaved peoples were seen by the rulers of the ancient world and don’t have to send out the dogs to rip us apart they just manipulate and brainwash populations to push us around, to do what they will with us; like this to set us against each other and ourselves so we become a society of intolerance and injustice like Barbarians!   As for example, how now some scientists are being given carte blanche to use women as baby incubators, to then murder he innocent unborn after 40 days they say presently but now that is Pandora’s Box has been opened the age will become any, and to just use those new human beings for experiments like lab rats, selling the technology and only God knows what the powers behind all of this have planned for we humans down the road.  This alone tells me this is END TIME!

I’ve been getting sick watching what Hollyweird has become and it’s pretty much damned UGLY other than outside producers like a Mel Gibson or Kevin Sorbo and his wife who stay within the realm of normal and good; not involved with the demonically influenced Hollyweird!

These two women are no different to me; just a couple of stupid twisted insanely evil people, thinking their violent and wicked agenda is justified just because they say so!

You hear my heart speak here but now my anger must show itself as I’m only a simple man and can’t accept this evil all around me!  Biden and the whole Democrat party along with all the Leftist maniacs, Marxist’s to the core, all with the same agenda to have control by force, through manipulating the masses and the dismantling of societies by such violent acts, in order to break down the tried and tested institutions of Light and Goodness; so they can move in for the kill; taking complete control of our societies!  “Atheist Communism!”

A group of scientists have gotten some kind of approval to grow babies in the wombs of women for the soul purpose of killing them and removing alive or dead, 40 days later to experiment on them!!!

This is the kind of evil that is running rampant in our world now; so when I tell you abortion has been an evil destroying humanity on earth, basically the human race cancelling itself out, and is actually going to get exponentially worse in terms of some of the most ugly and diabolical things happening, even including these violent acts of destruction on civilization’s order, violence against long standing helpful moral, ethical and sound principled standards! You really need to not let yourselves slip into complacency or apathy, actually not caring or putting these massive destructive behaviors out of your mind to leave them for others to act upon; while you stand-by and watch the rapid disintegration of our societies and civilization!

People should be trying very hard now to be in God’s good graces because that is the ticket, not burning churches down; so we should work hard to please God not ourselves or anything else, trying to be like St. Kateri or so many other saintly persons who have lived or are living now and try to be more selfless!

“St. Kateri Tekakwitha is the first Native American to be recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. She was born in 1656, in the Mohawk village of Ossernenon. Her mother was an Algonquin, who was captured by the Mohawks and who took a Mohawk chief for her husband.

Saint Kateri statue docu

She contracted smallpox as a four-year-old child which scarred her skin. The scars were a source of humiliation in her youth. She was commonly seen wearing a blanket to hide her face. Worse, her entire family died during the outbreak. Kateri Tekakwitha was subsequently raised by her uncle, who was the chief of a Mohawk clan.

Kateri was known as a skilled worker, who was diligent and patient. However, she refused to marry. When her adoptive parents proposed a suitor to her, she refused to entertain the proposal. They punished her by giving her more work to do, but she did not give in. Instead, she remained quiet and diligent. Eventually they were forced to relent and accept that she had no interest in marriage.

Screenshot_2021-05-25 St Kateri Tekakwitha HD (2)

At age 19, Kateri Tekakwitha converted to Catholicism, taking a vow of chastity and pledging to marry only Jesus Christ. Her decision was very unpopular with her adoptive parents and their neighbors. Some of her neighbors started rumors of sorcery. To avoid persecution, she traveled to a Christian native community south of Montreal.

According to legend, Kateri was very devout and would put thorns on her sleeping mat. She often prayed for the conversion of her fellow Mohawks. According to the Jesuit missionaries that served the community where Kateri lived, she often fasted and when she would eat, she would taint her food to diminish its flavor. On at least one occasion, she burned herself. Such self-mortification was common among the Mohawk.

Kateri was very devout and was known for her steadfast devotion. She was also very sickly. Her practices of self-mortification and denial may not have helped her health. Sadly, just five years after her conversion to Catholicism, she became ill and passed away at age 24, on April 17, 1680.

Her name, Kateri, is the Mohawk form of Catherine, which she took from St. Catherine of Siena.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on Oct. 21, 2012. She is the patroness of ecology and the environment, people in exile and Native Americans.” (

Saint Kateri Shrine sm print

All those rioters that were actually encouraged by MSM media and government officials who promoted the entire George Floyd evil media circus of debauchery as though a good thing; have condemned themselves to great suffering here and in the next world; I assure you by the humble saintly name of St. Kateri Tekakwitha!  They should all be cowering in shame and fear of God’s judgment, but they have none; as they have been touched and given the mark of not just sin but evil!  Now these attacks upon the Catholic Church by these women and many other perpetrators are just as heinous and criminal!

Let’s consider these facts I quote from the article; “Since 1973 in America there have been over sixty-one million abortions. In the 1950s there were 72 serial killers reported and by the 1980s there were 768.”  Keep in mind now in many locales abortions are allowed full term day of delivery which is actually the murder of an innocent human being; a little human baby!!!

Now these self pronounced Banshees give themselves and each other license to be savages and destructive hateful attackers of Churches that are for the better of people throughout the world but these pagan minded heathens would rather destroy these Churches to replace all of that good with what; their “firebrand of wanton destructive hate and violence” against a group of people and their faith! These are acts of pure evil, Hate Crimes; there is no other way to classify these horrendous evil acts!

So where is this all coming from; easy answer to that question, the only place it could be coming from; and that is the Prince of this world, the master of all lies and evil, Satan!  So we all better wise up, this is crunch time; and though we can’t stop it all we can keep our hearts and minds full of God’s love and His will! Be strong in faith and belief in Him, so that we are living in accordance with His will and plan; regardless of how much wrong is going on around us!  We must believe and know in our hearts that Good will always overcome evil, and the “Light will shine bright into the darkness!”


“If the history of the world proves anything about the future stability of a civilization, it is the fact that its success must be rooted in highly moral and disciplined family structure. Without these, peace and order soon begin to unravel. History provides many examples of what I call “Cultural Self Genocide”. This process is always the same: honored values and religious beliefs which had defined a civilization for centuries suddenly become the topic of social/cultural ridicule. Other values or beliefs are accepted with little scrutiny and even turned into a culturally fashionable campaign. A wise old Greek said thousands of years ago, “Custom is King”. Morals, norms, traditions, religious beliefs are the true foundation of a civilization, and if that template is broken, violence and chaos will soon follow.

There are many types of violence which taken as an aggregate are exponentially greater. Violent crime nearly quadrupled between 1960 and 1991. Since 1973 in America there have been over sixty-one million abortions. In the 1950s there were 72 serial killers reported and by the 1980s there were 768. The rate of suicide increased 33% between 1999 and 2017 and Human Trafficking is increasing in every state.” (William D. Howard)

Our societies are imploding around us because of the nefarious persons ruling our planet but this violence and hate is all coming from the prince of this world, the “Master of all Lies, Satan.”  Far too many people are being puppets and minions of his evil plans; and I tell you these women are active participants in that evil Agenda!


God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

A now wonderful Catholic Saint and former earthly servant of Jesus Christ.

mother teresa with children docu

Catholic Church in Canada sm print

The Left just ramped up their war on the Catholic Church with an unbelievable attack

The Left’s insane ideas can only truly take hold in a Godless society.

True believers in the Word of God standing together is the best way to stop that from happening.

So it isn’t surprising that the Left has waged all-out war on churches, targeting Catholic Churches in particular.

In Canada, that war has moved from being one of words, to one of all-out physical attacks.

For the past few weeks, Catholic churches across Canada have been set ablaze.

The string of arson cases began following the discovery of unmarked graves at now-closed indigenous residential schools once run by the Church.

As the fires continue to rage on, high-profile left-wing figures have been fanning the flames.

Harsha Walia, executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, openly called for violence against Catholic parishes, tweeting “Burn it all down” during the height of the arson spree.

After she faced backlash, a high-profile Canadian lawyer went to bat for her, along with defending anybody charged with arson.

Naomi Sayers, an Indigenous lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta and Ontario, tweeted:

“It’s sad what’s happening to [Harsha Walia]. But let me be clear, I would help her burn it all down. And that would light our way forward. And also, I would help defend anyone charged with arson if they actually did burn things.”

While these statements should horrify Catholics everywhere, they are from people with no direct government power.

The most horrifying development out of Canada is that government officials are now pushing anti-Catholic bigotry.

Kenny Bell, the mayor of Iqaluit, the capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut, is pushing for the Catholic Church to be taxed.

Mayor Bell threatened to remove the church’s exemption from paying municipal property taxes, claiming they don’t deserve the exemption.

“We’re not retaliating against them; they literally killed thousands of children,” he said during an interview with Nunatsiaq News.

“Tax exemptions, as a whole, are supposed to be for groups that do the community good. It’s very clear that the Catholic Church hasn’t done the community any good,” he continued.

At a time where the Catholic Church is facing serious attacks across Canada, officials like Mayor Kenny Bell are only fanning the flames.

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

12 thoughts on “The Left just ramped up their war on the Catholic Church with an unbelievable attack”

    1. No doubt about it! Seen this coming for a long while now; but so hard to accept and believe people can do this against God and humanity!
      This is after-all the Master of all Lies game!
      God’s Blessings and Mercy! Amen.

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  1. They should be arrested under hate speech laws Lawrence. We would be if we invited hate against any religion 💜✝️💜🙏🌷💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly right and I was thinking how the leftists do hateful acts like this violence or speech and nothing happens; but any of us talk one word of racism or hate speech to a few particular minorities it’s a federal crime and jail! Our Lord is very unpleased with all of these evil hypocrites but like dad always said give them enough rope to prove themselves wrong; and the guilty do it every time! God’s plan not ours! Amen.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes is like the Twilight Zone; all is upside down! Like the way the Democrat party committed actual Insurrection and Mutiny along with Treason, but not one official is locked up not even little minions like AOC.

      They are all entitled and enabled corrupt officials! None serve the people anymore or care about the Nation; they serve only self!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. According to Kennedy report. They are lying. Most died of diseases and were given a Christian burial. They couldn’t afford to send the bodies home or a tombstone so used wooden crosses which rotted away over time so no murder happened. Also they received a good education and became doctors and lawyers. Kennedy said they pulled this out of bag to distract from government corruption.💜✝️💜✝️💜✝️💕🙏🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I know you’re right I don’t have all of the facts but I spoke about the worst case scenario just to be plain but the odds are truly in favor of the school and church being fine; these Leftist Loonies are very sick or demented, even diabolical people! I don’t care, I call them out on their atrocities they are being evil!

      I agree with Kennedy 100% look at all the crazy situations like Floyd and the Riots last summer, how that was all orchestrated and allowed even the January 6th rally was manipulated by operatives right in the CIA along with the Capital Police and the devil that blasted Ashli Babbit at point blank range a little woman who was unarmed and not displaying any threat at all but then they hide the truth and facts from the public even his name until it just leaked out this week!

      The left are evil; I have no problem calling them out for what they are; demonic! This is why they hate the Catholic Church and anything decent they are a bunch of Banshees and evil doers!

      Thank you for your strong faith and comment! ✝️💕🙏🌷

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    1. Dear, Biden is America’s Man of Perdition who had done that in spades and got away with all of them, for 50 years even treason, espionage and rape! The man is diabolical and Satan owns him; nothing will change my mind! Shows you what is going on when Bergoglio backs him up 100%; both cut from the same cloth! We know who gives them their marching orders✝

      Liked by 1 person

  3. To derkamerad, thank you for the interest and your article about White Privilege is so perfectly true! I want to leave the comment I sent you there on my posting here as it all fits into the same underlying problems and issues!
    Ref your article:

    Exactly! The advances that came through ingenuity, tried, tested and proven principles based on damn hard work and never quitting; got the world to evolve from the stone age which is where it would still be if all of these minorities that complain so much would have us all right now living in squalor and disease like a bunch of apes! They are just trouble making malcontents no matter how many opportunities they have in front of them; or they are insane! They should shut the hell up as far as I’m concerned I’m sick and tired of BLM and Antifa or the whole George Floyd narrative LIE! The guy was a bum and loser because he wanted to be a thug dope addict and criminal! They made a saint out of that? I’ll take a thousand Christopher Columbus’s over people like that all day long!

    These sorts of people are the lowest common denominator and ingrates who never worked as hard as I have, and even suffered doing it being severally injured in my work, almost killed, but they think they have it so bad huh! I get sick when I see these crazies tearing apart cities or burning them; because that is criminal and they all belong locked away! But the globalist and leftist agenda is to push the whole human race toward communism and so they are allowed to get away with crime for now, until the society is shaped and molded, then the crack downs and cracked skulls will come; so that the top 2% can rule us all with an iron fist! These stupid people have no concept of reality!
    Thank you for the great article and blog site!
    God bless you an yours.


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