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BIDEN CALLED THESE RIOTS MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS Monumental and hilarious political hypocrisy has been on full display in Washington DC this week as Democrats engage in political theater while pretending to revere the Capitol Building and its “symbolism.” (LMAO) Before I became an Independent Voter I spent most of…

Age of Hypocrites and Heathens; bottom of the Barrel!

It’s hard to believe it, as I never thought I would be living in the time to actually witness or suffer with so many others in a world that is seeking evil and destruction at an unprecedented rate that escalates by the year and even month at times! Now there are actually many citizens around us that praise evil and hoist up the immoral in order to worship them and the evil one! Just like many Leftist’s involved the “#Me Too” fakery along with “Planned Parenthood” and how many elitist celebrities like the whining Alyssa Milano the has-been actress along with Commie Minion AOC saying, “so what” even if Joe Biden did sexually assault Tara Reade they don’t support her, even with all of her vastly verified corroborating evidence; yet these dirty filthy hypocrites that were screaming bloody murder against Judge Kavanaugh during his appointment to the Supreme Court, when he was being accused by a soused, crony leftist, crazy woman Christine Blasey Ford who said 35 years ago when a teen, Kavanaugh raped her at a party, which she had zero credibility or corroboration of ever actually happening!



But her lie was bolstered by wicked Senator Diane Feinstein one of the highest ranking Democrats who is even nefariously connected to China, along with the crazy Wicked Witch of the West Nancy Pelosi, both of whom groomed Ford’s testimony before the Senate, while they constructed the narrative through the equally evil Main Stream Media Minions, and to this day Pelosi states, “Joe is just Joe,” as her position about his well-documented established inappropriate behavior toward women! Just the way Liar Shifty Adam Schiff carried out a fake story and complete lie of Russian Collusion between the Trump campaign through Russian operatives from the moment he was elected President; then when that failed he accused Trump with a supposed whistle blowers allegation that The President bribed the Ukraine’s President Zelinsky with a congressionally approved aid package threatening to hold the funds back if Zelinsky didn’t cooperate with Trumps Agenda; which was a complete hoax and failed coup d’ etat’ as we all know now after so much waste and damage done by such treasonous agents right here in the US Government at the highest levels, initiated by the previous Obama administration and Deep State Cronies; “Swamp Creatures!”




A time when we see a most Despicable, Lying Crony Career Politician of 50 years wheeling and dealing for kickbacks or money laundering backdoor deals, such as Creepy, Crazy, Hypocrite Joe Biden actually even as the now appointed Puppet POTUS of the greatest country on earth; that is of course until it sank into moral decay and deceit on an unimaginable scale to where there are now countless minions of diabolical evil that are actually cheering on this human devil of a man Biden as their leader, especially the entire Democrat Party that is a refuge of misfits, the worst sinners, liars, cheats, communists, perverts, murderers, backstabbing human scum of the earth, that to me are worse than what I’ve seen in cesspools over the course of my lifetime! A world where a dirty rotten wicked minion and cohort of hell Nancy Pelosi has lead the Democrat Communist Party for years toward the destruction of America with impunity with a thrill as she does it, wielding totally corrupted human earthy power, even as she claims to be a Catholic just like Biden does, while not even living in the slightest way in accordance with the teachings and tenets of the Church that follows strictly through thousands of years of theologian accurate deciphering of the Holy Scriptures; in order to live in the way that Jesus Christ Himself instructed the faithful to live. Everything they do is in complete opposition to any degree or fragment of what Jesus taught; but rather they blaspheme God! And, they are attempting to lead the world through America’s power and influence toward perdition, under a One World Leader within the guise of New World Order, which will usher in the Antichrist who will usurp all the powers and demonic forces of hell into this New World Construct, to enslave the human race in a world of sin and debauchery like the “good old earth” has never witnessed, in order to bring Armageddon upon God’s beautiful creation!

Dismas on cross docu

Repentant Thief Dismas next to Jesus at Calvary who was forgiven any sins by genuine belief!

This doesn’t shake my faith and absolute resolve to “Fight the Good Fight” to the end if necessary, as in fact it demands my ceaseless commitment to be in the thick of it, this spiritual and physical battle that I’ve learned to deal with all too well in recent years.

The underlying motivation for many of these incorrigibles is more wealth and earthly power or prestige, to be within the inner circle of favor and privilege that they basically swear an allegiance to, as they seek acceptance into this New Order of Totalitarian Power on earth; which is selling their souls to the devil! During the “Obama Administration,” he and his cronies promoted so many of the most unholy policies, conspiracies and anti-America agendas this country has ever had to such a degree, seeking to corrupt and ruin the actual fabric of this Nation under God of the People, by the People and for the People whose rights are inalienable and given by God the Creator of all things seen and unseen!


One a Hero-Soldier-Martyr for God-family and country; other Guilty as the Darkest Sins!

They are thoroughly networked and have many schemes up their sleeves to bring down their adversaries or anyone who opposes their evil and lies; pretty much anyone that poses any threat to them and won’t align with their program to gain total control!  We’ve all witnessed this firsthand on television and the internet or reading numerous articles about what trap or weaponized accusation the Democrats craft and spring upon the chosen target! Yet these same criminals using the old “Gestapo Rule Book” accused the Trump administration and its loving Christian supporters of the many wrongs that they the Democrats perpetrate! Like even voter suppression and other civil liberties as stated by the ACLU during the Trump administration in their campaign against him; when in fact it’s the Democrats who pretend and lie about supporting the people and their liberties, which factually they are always seeking ways to further “rob the citizens of these inalienable rights and freedom!”  They  are known to pick fights and instigate mayhem, but I like many of you should be willing to stand tall against them even if a fight to the finish as I’m willing to be a true “Brave Heart” who will march into the devils den to Fight the Good Fight for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the one true God Almighty, and the time draws ever near for His glorious return.



The horrendous Wuhan Corona Virus Pandemic was and is another component part of the nefarious plan that the renegade Democrat party has wanted to spring upon the citizens as opportunity presented itself, as they so boldly stated many times, albeit in a round about way!  A prime example was when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) a true communist and certifiable crazy among us told attendees at his “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York on Saturday October 19, 2019 that his movement aims to not only transform the U.S. but “create a new America” altogether,”( which as I see it, proves they have been and are along with foreign entities such as the Communist Chinese Party, directly responsible for hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths and countless numbers of suffering humans!  This while unfortunately many more are very likely to die ahead!  All as a direct result of this trap or snare they with others set for a Global Agenda!!! I had said for a while prior to the last general election that if these wicked and cheating liars among us were able to get anyone into office as President of these United States of America other than Donald J. Trump being reelected; that we would be seeing the suffering and climatic end of our civilization ramped up ferociously!  All to allow the “evil one” the “roaring lion” from the bowels of hell to rise up and devour many unworthy or foolish souls before the final judgment of this material world arrives!

1 Peter 5:8 (ASV) “Be sober, be watchful: your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”


Valais Blacknose Sheep one of the most beautiful and gentle of God’s creatures!


I hope and pray that more of you out there are wise and loving of your Creator than I could possibly imagine, and that you don’t want to allow this darkness to overshadow all of the good that God is going reclaim; because if you do believe and stand tall to these adversaries showing good faith, which God will allow to serve as a penance!   Thus in return His giving special graces to us, in order to soften and reduce much of the suffering that is on the way from the Evil One who is only seeking to destroy humanity once and for all! Please hear my plea and try your best to give up the things of this sick, corrupted sinful world and put all of your hopes and love in God, who loves you more than you can ever imagine!  He is only seeking to ask you, to remain by His side, then to take you home into your eternal life with Him and all that is good; to be in peace, love, joy and happiness for eternity!
God Bless You!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

Balladeer's Blog


Monumental and hilarious political hypocrisy has been on full display in Washington DC this week as Democrats engage in political theater while pretending to revere the Capitol Building and its “symbolism.” (LMAO) Before I became an Independent Voter I spent most of my life as a Democrat and believe me, they feel contempt for the Capitol and its “symbolism”, even calling it one of the “institutions of imperialist rule” and “the seat of White Supremacy and systemic racism in America.”

Nancy Pelosi demagogueBack in January a “mostly peaceful protest” (as Democrats described the MONTHS-LONG Antifa riots which terrorized the country) at the Capitol turned into a chaotic mass-trespassing incident with the Democrats of the Capitol Police even killing an unarmed woman. Suddenly, Democrat pretensions that they revered the Capitol poured from the mouths of the demagogues of the Democrat Party.

Hey, let’s rename it “the…

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